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Anybody know about this guy?

This guy shaikster, I was standing by king gotspew for 20 minutes to finish quest. He was first person that came to crookback so I asked him to help me kill gotspew.Instead he comes,rejects my party request, kills king gotspew then demands 700g for skull tht I don't need. I was just very suprised.
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Re: Anybody know about this guy?

Ok shaik was in my clan. At first he was nice and helpful as time went on he became mean and needy. Eventually his negative attitude ie telling me to go f myself cause I couldn't group him that second, waiting for an elixir to burn up. Or someone not feeling like making the trade he wants t got extreme. We had to kick him.
He then went to ledgendary heroes I believe who we're nice enough to taken him in then stole a mighty crown shield of spirits an heroic ammy etc. don't trust him

Re: Anybody know about this guy?

I heard people say he hacks. That he uses jailbreak to walk through walls and etc. It has to do something with a word that start with C or something, and you go on that file and you turn everything off except the last one. Honestly don't remember. After that, BAM you can walk through stuff. The reason why I know how to do this, is because Tropduc told me. I believe Shaikster told Tropduc how to do this.
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