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Introducing myslef

Hi guys,I'm from epona and I don't think I'm felling epona anymore. It's very anoying with all this high lvl drama going around and such. Well im bringing a friend over as well so it's me and her. We have done some scouting and this world seems filled with lots of love. I can't wait to meet y'all.
My new name is drastic,my friends inf1ni. I'll be willing to trade all my warrior stuff on epona like full diomond armor wep full warden meteroric sword and some astral pieces plus my lix items for some here.

Ps. Ive never started an account over again so I don't know how hard it is without rejuvs and stuff any tips?
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Re: Introducing myslef

Welcome to Gwydion! There are people who you should advoid, and I don't want to mention them on here..... But my name is Xsieg, and if you ever need anything, lemme know! And you shoulda posted this earlier.... :/ I just sold my bronze ammulet of energy. I could of gived it to you... Well lemme know if you need help, will always be happy to take my time and help new members!
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Re: Introducing myslef

Like Cteria said welcome to Gwydion! You should avoid the bad people like Ct said and enjoy playing here, good luck!
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Re: Introducing myslef

Hey Drastic welcome to gwyd :D If u need any help ask me please im always wiling to help everyone(if they are nice of course) :) Looking forward to meet ya in game send me a friend request as soon as u find me
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Re: Introducing myslef

Yep xyeig is nice . Shep is nice . Loads. Are nice . A lot of high lvls Re nice.....not all.... Just saying.
Welcome to GWYDION . My name is jack. I can give u some stuff like armour to help u lvl up. If u want some advice as to how to lvl when u start ask some low levels they are same as you now..only u have experience of game. :D

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