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Epona Rules!

The Sacred Book of Epona's Rules v2.1 updated 10/27/2018

General Notice: Please read everything below to ensure both you and those you game with are having a fun and fair experience on Epona. Please keep in mind this is a living document and therefore is subject to change.

1. EPONA'S OPERATION (How it works!)

Epona is a famously free server. We get a lot of transfers from other servers, so to ensure that players have an adequate knowledge of the rules, I've written this guide. We are able to down any boss in the game by working collectively among the clans. How does Epona work? It's simple:

a) Epona runs on a roll-based system, highest rolls win the loot. This makes it's random and fair. Anyone can get drops as long as they play fairly by Epona's Bossing/General rules.

b) The community holds the power on this server, not just clan chiefs or gens. This means that what you have to say matters. Speak to someone in-game to be invited to our WeChat chatrooms and get your voice heard.

c) People here want it to stay the same, we see it as a fair way to play, so rules were created to reduce players with ill intentions from getting to end game. Even end game players will be banned if they refuse to follow the server’s rules.

d) Players who won't play by our rules receive server bans, meaning we won't group them at bosses and we won't count their rolls as valid.

e) Most bosses are camped, so getting drops on a banned toon will be nearly impossible.

f) Epona uses class rolls to help gear appropriate toons. So (for some bosses) only rangers will roll for a ranger item. This helps keep gear in the hands of people who can use it. So, for example, a godly blood ring won't go to druid or anything like that, but instead to a valid rogue.

g) Usually anything can be sold, some clans have restrictions for their members so it is good to research and ask the clan before joining.

DISCLAIMER: any mention of a "ban" refers to a server ban where an individual is excluded from participating in bosses and other activities in the server. Epona majority approves all bans directly (by vote) or through indirect means (epona rules) and is responsible for enforcing them. Any mention of a "ban" in these rules, do not refer to a ban from VR and does not represent the opinion of VR or VR policy.


a) Don't scam. Scamming will result in a permanent ban. Only a majority vote by the server can un-ban a banned player. To this day, no perma banned player has been unbanned.

b) Epona is full of all kinds of players. Please be respectful to all ages, races, religions, and genders. Extreme rudeness/insulting can result in a temporary server ban if agreed on by the majority of the server. Repeat offenders will be perma-banned. Treat others how you would like to be treated.

c) Follow ALL bossing rules listed.

d) Selling your account will result in your toon being permanently banned and will be reported directly to the VR team.

e) Selling your items for real life currency will result in your toon being permanently banned.

f) Don't share your account information.

g) Don't kill steal mobs from other players. Doing so is rude, and gives the Epona community the right to temporarily ban the offender if it persists. Respect other people's lixing areas, if someone is lixing, don't lix up and try to take the mobs from them.

H) Epona holds the right to come together and blacklist a clan (tempararily disallow them from rolling at bosses) should evidence be brought to public attention that the particular clan in question is attempting to dominate the server and/or is actively against the rules agreed upon by majority eponian vote. The objective is to break up the clan. Any members not on the official eponian ban list, may begin rolling immediately after leaving the blacklisted clan. Should the individual leave, roll, and rejoin, epona reserves the right to place a server ban on the individual. Additionally any known leaders will be instantly server banned. Any individuals who assist the clan (ignore the blacklist) will be temp banned and if it is found the individual purposefully ignored the blacklist, severe measures will be implemented on the individual including the possibility of a perma ban. Upon commencement of a blacklist, an announcement will be made on one or more of the epona wechat groups and this will signify the official begining of the backlist.

Reasons for blacklisting: actively recruiting known banned players, actively opposing eponian rules voted on by eponian majority, and attempting to become dominant.

Blacklist defined: no members of the clan are to be grouped when bossing, no rolls are to be counted for their members upon boss completion, it is recommended that no trades are conducted with these individuals.

Objective: to see the dissolution of the dominant clan to ensure eponian democracy prevails.

It is recommended that all players actively seek to inform the clan members of the above and assist them in understanding the above. We do not wish to negatively effect the non banned members but to dissolve the clan as a whole. Please pm for any questions or ask in a epona general chat.

Epona does not condone or approve any kill steal attempt upon the clan members beyond the outlocking of bosses.


Certain bosses have certain rules that may not be mentioned below, here are basic requirements for those bosses:

• Generally, when an issue arises at a boss, it is the “main tank’s” responsibility to clear the issue. With that said, the server community has veto power for all MT decisions.

• Necro- DL aura is Required! Haste may be required depending on dps present. The “main tank” is responsible for this decision.

• Proteus- DL aura is required! Haste is required for rogues, rangers, and dps warriors.

• Gelebron- EDL aura is Required! All must help on crystals (except tanks and druids), not helping will result being no rolled (excluded from rolling for all drops from that specific boss fight). Haste required for rogues, rangers, dps warriors.

• Bloodthorn- EDL aura is Required! Level 210 minimum. 4-5 potions of purification are needed. All (except main tank, druids, and vine rangers) must help on roots, not helping will result in being no rolled. Haste required for rogues, rangers, dps warriors.

• Some bosses are designated as All-roll while others are class-roll. If a boss is class roll all players get to roll for all drops. Example: Mord is currently all roll, everyone rolls for everything regardless of class. For a class-roll boss, the player can call a class of any of his alts that meet the boss requirements. Example: I bring my druid to necro (which is a class-roll boss) but I want to roll for my rogue. Provided my rogue has DL aura and has adequate gear, I can play my druid at necro and say “rogue” in either general chat or shout during the boss. At the end of the boss, I will roll for anything that a rogue can equip. It will take time to learn which boss is all-roll and which are class-roll, it is best to ask an eg if one is present. I will provide a brief reference guide at the end of this to assist you. Proof that your toon meets the requirements may be requested and must be submitted, failure to do so may result in you being unable to roll for that specific class at that boss. Simply list your characters name and that you affirm you meet the requirements. Lying about this will be considered drop stealing and the violator will be subjective to those consequences.

a) Epona is a free server, to decide on who gets what drop we roll after the boss dies. Usually rolls occur at the closest ley or on spot after boss dies (the latter is mostly for legacies), the MT will decide. The highest rolls get drops. Highest rolling player picks the first drop, second highest gets next pick, and so on, if players roll a number that ties with another, then they will re-roll. The highest of the re-roll will pick their drop and the lowest of the re-roll will get next pick. (Ex: Yurian rolls 100, so first pick, unless another 100 is rolled. If Faile rolls 100, both Yurian and Faile would re-roll, the higher re-rolled number gets first pick, and the other player gets second pick. Dismay rolls 85, third pick. Cloud rolls 84, fourth pick. Elayne rolls 36, fifth pick, etc).

b) When a boss dies (unless only one group is present) the drops will go to the main tank. He/she will shout what the drops are and then proceed to shout “All Roll” if an All-Roll boss or he/she will shout a specific class to roll such as “Rogue”. If the boss contains both class and all roll items, the tank will typically perform the all roll first, note who won the item(s) and give out the drop(s), the MT will then shout a class for the class req items in the order of the MTs choosing, note the winners, and give out the drops in accordance to section A of Epona Boss Rules.

c) To participate at any boss, your level must be at least within 10 levels of the said bosses' level. (Ex: Cragskor is level 205, to participate and earn a roll, you must be at least level 195). This rule applies to all bosses.

d) Your character must be geared with equipment that will be effective at killing the boss. If your gear is not appropriate another player can ask for you to be "no-rolled", meaning your roll will not count for that boss if the majority present agree that you are not geared fairly. Usually the participating players at the boss will be able to decide if your gear is appropriate. (Ex: players at necro need dl aura, players at gelebron need edl aura, players at any boss need to be fairly geared with jewels/weapons/armor for the boss or a player can ask for you to be no-rolled). Exampole: Don’t come to gele wearing a lvl35 hero ammy.

e) Bosses such as gele drop items that are both class restricted (druid totem) and free to be used by anyone. When rolling for your class, you will roll (when directed by the MT) for the class restricted items of the class you called for. You can only call ONE class each boss fight. You will also have the opportunity to roll for any item that is not class restricted: such as a pure from gele and an attack brac from prot.
Brief example of this: Gele drops a pure (all), fable (ranger), dark dagger (rogue), imp nature touch ring (druid), and mighty ingen brac (rogue). The MT will gather all drops listed and shout “All roll for Pure”. Yuri rolls a 98 and is highest roll so MT says “Yuri” and gives him the pure. MT then shouts “Roll Rogues”. All rogues roll for the drops (2 this particular boss) and the highest winner will pick their drop, second person gets whats left. This process continues till all drops are given out.

f) For class bosses: If an item drops and there are no players of the particular class at the boss (or if no players called that class), then the item will be subjected to an all-roll. (Ex: A Druid totem drops at Necro, but no Druid is at the boss, or if the druid called a different class, then the totem will be rolled for by all the bosses' valid participants).

g) You may ONLY ROLL ONCE for all-roll bosses (Ex: At mord, each player will only be allowed one roll, no more). You may roll twice if there is a drop of your class and an all-roll item at class bosses (Ex: At Gelebron, I'm rolling the ranger class, I get 1 roll for any ranger item, and 1 roll for the Conflux of Pureness).

h) When the main tank pulls the boss, everyone near the boss is on time, all others will be considered late and will not receive a roll. Some exceptions may apply, but only if the main tank decides they can be counted because they were close enough to the boss’s location.

i) If a player in lock group decides to unfairly take a drop, they will be banned until the drop is returned. If it happens repeatedly, this will result in a permanent server ban for that player.

j) If there is only one group present, then no one will roll, unless it's a class boss in which case players will still roll for the items of their class. Otherwise the drops will remain with the players they drop on, because the drops are already randomly given to the participants.
• Note 1: If a valid player (valid would mean at the boss, of proper level, and fairly geared) sends a group request and you refuse to group the player AND refuse to roll for the drop after the boss dies, you will be temporarily banned. If you don't group up, a roll MUST take place.
• Note 2: if there is only one group and a class item drops on a participant of that class, then that player would keep the drop instead of subjecting it to a roll (Ex: If there is only 1 group at 215, and a yellow arc drops on a ranger, then that ranger would keep even if other rangers are in the group. (No roll will occur).

k )If you have solo locked a boss while other people are present and meet the boss requirements, a screenshot of the complete text of you getting the kill is required to be posted on Epona's general chat WeChat group. If you do not have wechat and do not wish to group up, you cannot attack the boss until it has been locked. If you are solo and lock the boss AND do not post an ss on wechat, you will receive a warning on the first offense, a weeks long temp ban on the second, and finally a perma ban on the third offense. The process to discover the solo locker, should they not make themselves known, is a process of elimination through a screenshot showing the group you are at the boss. Each group should appoint an individual within their group to take a screenshot for the whole group and post it in Epona WeChat group.

I) Dual logging is always helpful. Feel free to do so, but two participating toons does not mean you get two rolls. Anyone caught double rolling on toons will be permanently banned.

m) IF you can't stay for the rolling ceremony after the boss for some reason, you have two options: You can say, "I have to go. My roll for (insert class)" then you roll. Or you can say, "I have to go, (insert name) will be rolling for me".

n) Do not under any circumstance invite banned players to your boss groups. Server banned players are banned for a reason. They aren't allowed to participate at any boss.

o) If you feel any wrongdoing happened at a boss, collect as much evidence for your case via screen shots, witnesses, video, etc and present it to the server through our WeChat groups. Review the rules and make sure you have a strong case before presenting any evidence.

p) Have fun and play fair!

4. Boss roll reference guide as of 4/7/2019

a) All Warden Bosses: All Roll
b) All Meteoric Bosses: All Roll
c) All Frozen Bosses: All Roll
d) DL Bosses 155, 160, 165, and 170: All Roll (last voted on 4/6/2019, 30 for class rolls / 68 against)
e) DL Boss 180: Class Roll
f) All EDL Bosses: Class Roll
g) Hrung: All Roll
h) Mord: All Roll
i) Necro: Class Roll
j) Proteus (Base/Prime): Class Roll’
k) Gele: Class Roll
l) BT: Class Roll
m) Majority of Legacy Bosses: Class Roll (this can be changed by the majority at the boss)

Author's Note: My name is Trevor and I have been playing epona for many many years. I have made some great friends along the way, one in particular is Yurian. I am proud to pick up where he left off and continue the work he started: Documenting Epona’s rules for Pros and Noobs alike. All credits for the above go to YURI and the hundreds of eponians that have made it possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask myself or another end game eponian.

Change Log:
Jun 26, 2018 – v1 Yuri creates The Sacred Book of Epona's Rules
Oct 27, 2018 – v2.1 Modifies document and creates first draft for eponian review.
Nov 09, 2018 - v2.2 Added multipule new rules voted on by epona community. Epona ratifies document.
Mar 11, 2019 - v2.3 Adding a guideline for blacklisting clans.
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