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Druid considering clans

So I'm a Druid currently at level 71 (no alts, really only been playing for the past few weeks). I've mostly been playing solo, but group up every now and then to get some of the 5* and 6* bosses as well as to level, and help lower levels complete quests and level. I'm getting to the point where I'd be looking to join a clan in the near future, but I'm not sure what the benefits are other than for hitting bosses (Epona seems pretty friendly and I regularly see people from different clans working together, so I'm not sure that is necessary), or what the ideal clans would be. Who is out there? What are you looking for from a Druid and what benefits can you provide?

I've been able to manage healing a group of four or five people reasonably well as long as everybody has an acceptable amount of health. What are clans usually looking for skills and ability wise from a Druid? What level do Druids typically become useful to clans? I do intend to see this through to end of game, so I'd be looking for a clan that plays somewhat seriously (without relying strictly on platinum), or at least approaches higher level bosses with a strategy instead of just grinding to level and hitting lower level bosses for quick drops and payouts (useful, but looking for more of a challenge long term).

Or should I just keep going at it unaffiliated until I am higher and get approached by the higher clans? If so, who would that be?


Re: Druid considering clans

Oh yea thats just normal, i do remember when i once was clanless, one of the 'best' players whisperd me : 'Dil, you are of my Fav players on Epona :)))) i wish you could join my clan hehehehe'
(And i did never talk to that person before)
Since that day i Know there's people who just sweettalk you untill you join them so they gain powerful!
Thats how i got all my Members, just fyi
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Re: Druid considering clans

Although when considering a clan you might want to look at top clans like Anarchy and Goonies among others. But as an up and coming player I suggest joining a clan with members around the same level as you, so you can train and progress together. It is nice to get all free quest items from the top players in the best clans tho :lol:

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