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RIP sophea2

Just found out she died in real life months ago as said on her facebook and the news. I am very much saddened that my first clan leader has died sophea2 i dearly miss you :cry:

This topic is out of respect and in memory of sophea2

Re: RIP sophea2

It's really depressing about the pass of amernath (sophea2)
R.I.P soph..haven't had the chance to actually get to know you but sure are missed.
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Re: RIP sophea2

Matthew25 wrote:Flo she really did pass away. Truly sad on how it happened as well.

I wasn't saying she didn't I was saying, who uses her account now?
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Re: RIP sophea2

Sophea seemed to me to be a sweet person. hard to deal with senseless events in the world so best to just remember the good things about people.
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