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Re: 2,000,000 GiveAway!

Fighter, 166

Hope you keep logging to talk was fun talking with u :), are u sure u want to do this? Will sure miss ya even know we didnt talk that much but the times we did where fun :)
Fighter, rogue
Clan: Anarchy

Proud owner of epona's first doch gul bp :D

Re: 2,000,000 GiveAway!

Espada wrote:Unfortunatly, i don't play this game as much as i used to, that being said, i will be giving away my:

Bountiful Broom Of Embers.
500k New Event Mount. * Forgot name *
Heroic Lux Set.
Golden Blade.
And More.

Liked or disliked, everyone has same chance to get.
If you want a chance to get somthing,
Comment your name Below, and your level.
Don't forget me guys, great times here.
I will be saying the winners in a week,
so watch this topic. Good Luck !

You already know me. Zexale 144.
I'm not here because im interested in your stuff...im interested as to why you're quitting. Why would you quit all of a sudden? Ill miss you even though we only talked for a bit. :(


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