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Re: Sup Epona

Allpashion wrote:Hey, I've decided to make a straight up post.
Don't cry over a game, if i don't like you deal with it, many don't like me
If I harmed you then you probably deserved it
If you had a problem with my clan or were in it and you had a bad experience don't cry to everyone else when you took no effort to come to me with your problems and let me settle them in a appropriate manner.

Honestly I am extremely nice and will give anyone a second third fourth.... twentieth chance but if your a idiot. or you do something dumb I will call you out. Its just me and sorry but you gotta deal with it.

To the ones that like think Im to mean; welcome to the real world, thats how it is and kiddies im just getting you ready for it.

If im most hated let it be. Ill take that crown and wear it proud because I.D.G.A.F. its a game kiddies. Lol if i have a problem with you or ur clan.. Il just kill you in arena

Good night and Goodbye, I pity anyone that comments mad or takes emotion to this post.
See you in the Tunnels

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