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in honor of zenoid

A very nice player and one who inspired many to become a mage has quit. He was sick of all the drama and stuff that everyone complained about. Also all the begging because he was a high lvl. We miss u zenoid wish u would come back and forget all the drama. :(

Re: in honor of zenoid

Game hasn't been the same for me not playing without him.One of my closest friends and miss him playing.I want him back on, just block and play.Zen if u see this there are many who wish u well and hope u come back. Miss u on :(

Re: in honor of zenoid

Yo Z if your seein this bud you should pop back on. If not to play just to chat. Game just isnt quite the same. Ya there are ***, asses, beggers. Just block em all man. All ya need are friends dont worry bout the rest
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Re: in honor of zenoid

I don't think it was the beggers and the spamming, we all get that.It was the arguements, accusations and conflict between clans.Things are different now and things are pretty much calm.I went to other worlds and i love Epona.Zen come back and love Epona like u use to.

Re: in honor of zenoid

and no, he didn't quit, hes just taking a break for a while till things cooled down. When he left there was many clan fights and people arguing.
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