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Epona WeChat groups famous "billboard list"


Answer towards Kami/dynas comment
Em I ..
The main problem in epona o.O
You Kami/dyna one of 3 eg dictators Miranda/prevail on top of eponas closed WeChat group main problem?
XD am pleased to get that title hahahaha...
Guess what we all still play epona and enjoying our ch journey daily. Isn't it depressing having private grp in one app with 180+ players in epona...daily dealing with arguments and votings to bann players 24.7.... now just be clear on am against scammers. But buy and sell $ no issue no one get harmed for it.
Celtic heroes is free to play. And u Mir,prevail doesn't get paid to get folks on bann list is like doll game xd...
Sounds like high school group of the "cool kids acting dumb towards others....
Get yourself life and enjoy it rather than running after epona players ....
We aren't going away just because our names on the billboard list.
You know moste players are happy to see one player stand against u guys openly....and keep playing....
Your system is corrupt where eg players gets away with breaking rules because they're admins deepest friends" and the list will get longer trust me. And more sellers and buyers will join epona daily.
And if I whanted I could snitch and give out alot eg toons names who do buy and sell also..moste has alot of k...but no am not that type of amigo.

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