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Atari, Who are we?

Who are we?
We are a group of friends who came together to make our own clan. This is something some of us have wanted to do for a while but never had the motivation to do it until recent events. One of our goals is to unite players together for a more enjoyable and sociable experience

What are our plans?

Clan Plan
-Atari will be a serious clan in the sense of productivity but relaxed in the sense of the players freedom, Our aim is to create an environment where you feel free to play the game however you wish (within game/server rules).

-We will be using a recruitment clan called Astari, this is to help us recruit suitable players, and we will consistently keep track of all new recruits with the use of spreadsheets.

-We will also have a discord server for social purposes, also this may turn out useful for clan kills.

-There will be a flos timer app. Hopefully soon we can manage to get our own custom timers server which provides notifications.

-In the future we would also plan to host clan events for fun.

What kind of rules do we have in place?

Clan Rules
-All alts must be in the clan, either in main or the Recruitment.

-Try not to share clan timers outside of clan.

-New players under 180 will join the recruitment clan Astari, although it’s not hard to work yourself through the beginner ranks.

-if you have time try help players in the feeder clan Astari.

-You do not have to give drops to clan members for free, although it’s nice to offer the items you are selling to clan members first. After a day if no one in clan wants to buy or if they are not offering something you want you are welcome to sell out of the clan.

-Try to put in as much effort as the next person if possible.

-Don’t attention seek, and don’t be annoying just play the game for what it is and enjoy yourself.

How do we deal with clan progression/ranks

Clan Promotions (Ranking System)


-To join Atari you must go through Astari first (unless you are already 180+), you must get through the beginner roles which is actually pretty easy and it shouldn’t take you too long.

-You must be at least level 20 to join and your activity will be recorded on a spreadsheet.
-Although it’s important to know to join Atari you must be of at least level 180.


-Once you become clansman you gain access to the main timers in our timers group. (You won’t be restricted to certain bosses)

-Once you reach Guardian you get access to the discussion chat.

-Generals decide when people gain access to the main clan.


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