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Selling quest and novelty’s UPDATED

Posted: Sat Jul 20, 2019 7:52 pm
by be0wulf
x8 purple gems
x6 purple urns
x16 purple idols
x9 purple eggs

X5 water obsidian
X5 fire obsidian
X5 earth obsidian
X4 air obsidian
x6 mind obsidian

X2 purple serpent
X1 purple stag
X6 purple bear
X2 purple lion

X3 blue earth
X4 blue rock

X1 blue serpent
X1 blue hound
X1 blue hawk
X2 blue stag
X1 blue lion

X3 water marble
X5 earth marble
X8 air marble
X1 mind marble

X6 red earth
X5 red metal
X4 red stars
X1 red space

X1 water slate
X3 earth slate
X2 fire slate
X2 air slate
X1 mind slate

X1 red hound
X2 red hawk
X2 red stag

X4 Green earth
X1 Green stars
X4 Green metal

X3 water granite
X7 fire granite

X1 Green hound
X1 Green hawk
X1 Green stag
X1 Green bear

X1 Green gem
X1 Green urn

X1 Green unknown
X1 Green incantations

X3 water basalt
X3 earth basalt
X5 fire basalt
X2 air basalt
X5 mind basalt

X3 yellow earth
X4 yellow metal
X2 yellow stars
X3 yellow space

X2 yellow serpent
X4 yellow hound
X2 yellow stag

X3 yellow gem
X1 yellow egg
X1 yellow idol


X1 Wintry harp of ice
X1 crystal harp of ice
X1 crisp harp of ice
X2 frosty harp
X4 air harp of awakening
X1 breezy harp of awakening
X1 bright harp of awakening
X1 vibrant harp of awakening

X3 shrouded horn of spiders
X1 crisp horn of ice
X1 frozen warhorn
X1 frosty warhorn
X2 airy horn of awakening
X2 bright horn of awakening
X2 breezy horn of awakening
X1 vibrant horn of awakening

X2 frosty lute
X1 crisp lute of ice
X1 frozen lute
X1 airy lute of awakening
X1 vibrant lute of awakening
X1 Shrouded lute of spiders

X2 frost flute
X1 icy flute
X1 minstrel flute
X2 Crisp flute of ice
X2 shrouded flute of spiders
X1 airy flute of awakening

X3 airy drums of awakening
X2 bright drums of awakening

X2 airy bagpipes of awakening
X1 breezy bagpipes of awakening
X1 bright bagpipes of awakening
X1 gleaming bagpipes
X1 brilliant bagpipes

X4 Minor banshee blade
X5 Lesser banshee blade
X6 Grand banshee blade
X1 Majestic banshee blade
X2 Imperial banshee blade
X1 Godly banshee blade

Winter staves

X1 Pink
X11 Red
X3 Orange
X4 yellow
X3 Green
X2 turquoise
X1 Sparkling turquoise
X2 Black

Party hats 2012

X1 pink
X1 orange
X1 yellow
X2 Green
X1 turquoise
X1 blue
X1 purple

Party crowns

X4 pink
X1 red
X5 orange
X2 yellow
X2 turquoise
X2 Green

Lugh masks

X1 pink
X1 orange

Phoenix masks
X2 pink
X2 red
X1 orange
X3 yellow
X8 Green
X1 Blazing green
X1 blazing turquoise
X1 turquoise
X1 Purple

Huntsman masks

X1 red
X4 pink
X1 blue
X1 purple

Connacht charms

X1 shadow
X1 guilded
X4 rose
X2 blazing
X5 auburn
X4 wild
X3 verdant
X1 azure
X1 aqua
X1 beryl

Witch masks

X1 red ensorcelled
X1 Green
X1 Ghostly green
X1 Purple ensorcelled
X1 purple spectral

Santa hats

X1 Blue winterlord
X1 blue winterguard
X1 Green snowbringers
X1 Green sleighmaster
X1 Red Yulemaster
X2 red Yulebringer
X1 red Yuleringers festive hat
X1 red festive hat 2013
X3 Yuletide hat 2012
X1 Yuletide hat 2011

Top hats

X3 Pink
X8 Red
X4 Orange
X1 Yellow
X1 Green
X1 Turquoise
X1 Black stardust
X1 White


X1 Black top
X1 Black legs
X2 Black gloves


X2 pink
X1 orange
X2 yellow

Yuletide helper hats

X1 pink
X1 red
X2 yellow
X2 Green

Nithsteed Guise

X1 pink
X1 red
X1 orange
X1 yellow
X1 Green
X1 turquoise

Mail panther for any item requests, have many items not listed.