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Xfer from Lir to Nuada

Looking to xfer 1 mil gold from Lir to Nuada. Find me at a bunch of item selling toons under the clan Str8Godly on Lir or at BrightLight on Nuada. Could PM me here too.

PS: gold amount will increase as time goes by o.o
Nuada: Retired full DG rogue

Sulis: Toxic blessed by the Dino slayer
Enlightenment - 224 full DG + BT helm DPS Druid
+ an army of toons (1 lvl 224, 1 lvl 223, 2 lvl 220, 1 lvl 216, 1 lvl 200, 1 lvl 134, 1 lvl 56)

AKA "Bright"

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