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Selling and Buying

Selling these items (PM or mail to LVRogue):

-pet tokens 40k ea
-white particle top token 80k
-golden blade of fire 100k
-royal shield of the mountain 170k
-particle blue charm token

Buying these Items :

-100 chests 25k ea
- any lux ranging from 200k to 2mil
-30 orbs of frostweaving
-all purple crests
LVRogue, retired Android scammer

Re: Selling and Buying

LVRogue...fancy seeing you here, you scamming little blight on the server.

No one should trade with this person, it seems he scams compulsively. He will change items or amounts of gold last second, hoping that you don't notice and complete the trade. Sometimes he also has help from people spamming the chat log to obscure his trade changes.

Don't even bother trading him, not worth the risk.
Eachan Boyd, Warrior - 150
Wrath of Fingal

Re: Selling and Buying

ManMadeGodz wrote:This is against rules..

But consistently trying to cheat people out of items and gold isn't apparently... I've literally never seen you try to trade legitimately - every single time I have traded you, you remove a 0 from your offer in the hope that I don't notice. It's not just me, you do this with everyone...
Eachan Boyd, Warrior - 150
Wrath of Fingal

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