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Items For Sale!

*mail me saying the items that you want, or post it in forums.
*the person with the highest offer can get it and forums will be updated

Things that i'm selling:
Star dust white glenmore hat (min: 40k)
Turquoise Glenmore Crest (hat) (min: 15k)
Wnsorcelled Purple Witch Mask (min: 30k)
Golden blade of magic (min: 190k)
White winterstave (min: 12k)
40% nightflier (min: 90k)
+4 lightning strike ring (4k)
+4 distract ring (4k)
Mystic Frostiron Ring of the Mountain level req: 80 (min 15k)
Red nature mask (offer)
*Trading golden blade of magic for Golden trident!
Lvl 220 Danu
Lvl 212 Danu

Former Morrigan

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