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Selling All

Glowstone Amulet of the Stalker - offer
Wyldgrove Ring of the River - offer
Mighty Sunfire Charm of Flames - offer

Freezing Axe of Triumph - 260k
Ring of Haste - 260k
Master's Grimoire - 140k
Wyrmbone Dagger - 90k
Godly Bracer of Vitality - 70k
Godly Bracer of Dexterity - 70k
Godly Firefang Ring - 40k
Imperial Coldsteel Ring - 35k

Purple Barding - 15k
Purple Shaman Mantle - 9k
Purple Shaman Leggings - 9k
Purple Shaman Headdress - 9k
Purple Shaman Boots - 9k
Purple Shaman Wristwraps - 9k

Yellow Gloves token - 7k
Yellow Top token - 7k
Yellow Charm token - 7k
Yellow Shaman Mantle - 6k
Yellow Shaman Boots - 6k
Yellow Shaman Headdress - 6k
Yellow Shaman Leggings - 6k

Particle Red Gloves token - 10k
Red Top token - 5k
Red Boots token - 5k
Red Leggings token - 5k
Red Hat token - 5k

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