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returning to og to danu

So after a long 2 years of crap with real life coma lung fails, I got new lungs almost a year ago, I come back to wrong password wrong email...... no clue I got in contact with support to get my account back which happen today just to learn ascension leader hates me.... idk why tbh don’t care, but this is really bullsht, I played since the very start spent 1000 apon 1000s on the game, just to have my account hacked and everything taken, but I’m back to play not looking for any beef with anyone or anything just an og that’s returning to a game he use to love playing, I had allot of goldy elixs and everything on the account fashion 2012 Yule hats snowball Yule wands it’s all gone everything, want more info private message me here
CLAN (Ascension) was but its full of sh*t

Mage(BeAtTz) lv 228 badass mage DPS
first 220 mage
First 200 mage
first 190 mage

mage 220+ asc soon to be sold XD

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