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Before I get started..

Hello Danu,

I've recently joined your server and a very kind person has very kindly helped me out to get started, so before I waste anything I'd like to know, what class is this server needing the most? I'm really hoping for endgame. but from other games I know how things can be, so say since I'm new and I join a clan now and it's not an endgame clan am I penalized by those other clans, meaning will I always be shunned because I was in a certain clan? I've seen it in other games where someone couldn't reach their full potential in the game cause the clan didn't progress, so I'm worried if I join a clan will it be held against me and will all my efforts be for nothing if im in a clan and decide to move on will this cause me from being in an endgame clan? (Tryna make as much sense as I can sorry)

I've been interested in trying a druid. Just looking for some general feedback and some cool people to get to know in game. Thanks

Re: Before I get started..

Greetings from Lugh!
I'm an outsider myself, so I can't say anything about the clans, but I do know that if you're a nice person and don't build a bad rep, no sane clan will refuse you entrance no matter your history. A good rule of thumb is to gravitate toward those who you appreciate; like attracts like.

Class-wise I can tell you that the druid is the hardest to level, but is very valued by any smart clan (if you can find a good leveling partner/group it will go a long way).
To summarize the others: (these are sweeping generalizations, there are exceptions to all of these depending upon your build and clan)
Ranger and warrior are cheap and easy, but slow to level.
Rogue and mage are expensive to gear as the game goes on, and are generally glass-cannons (high damage/low health), but are fun and quick to level.

Good luck and have fun!

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Re: Before I get started..

Hey bud.

Personally I'd say pick a class you like and are comfortable with using. As a first toon the "endgame" barrier can be abit tough! But of course if druid is what you feel most comfortable with using theres no complaints by me ;)
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