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Look, I logged in and heard from a friend of mine (cant mention name due to rules reguarding privacy) about 2 weeks ago that there is still a stir in game. Yes I know, I royally messed up; a mistake. I'm in the process of making amends. I committed a crime in allowing myself to give into my lustful wantings. Just know I regret my actions and be sure I am returning the ring. I did'nt sell it for a reason...was the only item that was lent to me. I understand everything else belong to the clan but I was more okay with it since i felt I had some ownership to them. People make mistakes, it has been done plenty of times by others in that very same clan. I'm not asking for a second chance, just some acknowledgment to why I did what I did...yes the hate aswell. Feel free to post your comments about me.

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