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Selling Fashion

I need gold cause of some unfortunate gambling problems lol
Selling in sets:
Dark Rider
-full red
-full pink
-orange no hat
-yellow no hat
-green full
-turq no gloves or boots
-blue full
-purple no top
-black legs and hat only

Sacred (new fash)
- red full with frost top
-pink no boots
-orange no gloves
-yellow full
-green full
-turq no hat
-blue no top or gloves
-purple no top or gloves
- white no gloves or boots

-yellow full
-blue no wig
-purple no legs or wig

Red wyldwood full
Red spidersilk no mask

-pink no wrists
-turq no mask or legs
-white full (don't wanna sell so has to be good)

Please pm in game with offer or mail me offer. I'll get back to you asap. I play a lot.

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