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Re: Continuous Propaganda!!

All the hate posts are from Asc members....

Act like you are so innocent and have all the knowledge... How do we gear clannies... How do we take down edl bosses.... You say we are dieing yet you grief every boss we attempt! Yet we still enjoy been the underdog! You steal, lie and create the chaos....

You are scared of other clans.. Look into the past and remember that you made your issue go away by merges and other attempts to destroy other clans by causing frustration to others with resets, abuse and personal griefs... Offering our players items to join you just to try to get an advantage!

Its filthy and all of you probably need to relax and smile. Enjoy the game. Have fun and dont act so institutionalised that you freak out if you dont get what you want!

Im sure you cant remember a time when you have had fun! Its usually involving achievements that you are satisfied with the results... And none of you are satisfied! Thats sucks for you :( unlucky.....
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Re: Continuous Propaganda!!

So much hypocrisy in one post, it's amazing really :roll:

Griefing every boss you attempt? Not even close to the truth there ....we get griefed by the almighty chosen tank on everything we lock (daily)...from bosses to lix mobs ...we tried to tell you guys to do something about him, they didn't care - so I stopped caring when ours started griefing again in return - which has pretty much toned down recently, especially since the biggest griefer we had is now a KUDOS.

Scared? Not even. Merges? Isn't Kudos itself a merge between two clans that feared Prime/Ascension on DL..
Steal? No one has stolen anything from you all - you're the one bossing with scammers, liars and the bigges dbag in All of Danu - literally cancer to the sever, and you all refuse to acknowledge it. Offering Kudos items?? More hypocrisy with your own propaganda there....we don't buy members, why would we? Anyone that can be bought can't be trusted.

But At least I will admit we can play dirty by resetting and griefing - yet you all have always sat on a high and mighty self righteous thrown, playing the victim, acting like kudos members haven't done anything to fual the on going animosity between the clans... You're all either incredibly blind or flat out liars, but certainly never innocent.

Kudos resets, kudos has members that abuses, and personally griefs....only difference is that Ascension is still on top, even among the chaos you all help perpetrate. ..so glad you all enjoy being the underdog ...now stop with this nonsense and go teach your tanks how to bash Hrung.
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Re: Continuous Propaganda!!

*sigh* be honest here mate both clans have their good dudes/Gals and bad dudes/gals don't try to speak as Kudos is a Holy Grail of Danu. I'm pretty sure you aint doing a good job of leadership aswell. So also to your post saying Smeags are bad? Look at yours and compare it mate. Basicly the same so please for the sake of the Hoildays Shut up.
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