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Continuous Propaganda!!


I want to just clear some lies and bs a certain someone in game has created, that has eventually spilt outside the game!

Firstly i open it up to any questions you have about Kudos, our values and thoughts about the game, players, or rules on how we run our structure!

We have received a lot of bashing over the last year with no voice to bother trying to defend ourself as we didnt believe anyone would believe the outlandish claims people made!

Playing the game like a game is what we are about, having fun and been the underdog in a fight where everyone tells you, "you cant succeed" or "you wont even come close" Kudos find a way!! We always have survived always will!

People say our leaders have left, yet they dont know who our leaders are!! Our leadership group controls our clan! Its not Ink or Airees, we are split into classes each having its own leader! This allows us to help and focus on our own groups!! Noone is just a number, noone is forgotten about, everyone has a voice!

This works! This is Kudos and we are not going anywhere!

Dont believe everything you hear!! @smeagpropaganda
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Re: Continuous Propaganda!!

agreed kudos is a nice clan nice ppl no forcing to boss or anything pretty smooth how Asc on the other hand yes they get everything but what's the point if your getting yelled at or threatened for demotion or anything in my eyes Asc too bossy kudos chill. They do almost the same amount of bosses but then again who cares it's just a game to have fun :-)
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Re: Continuous Propaganda!!

Dont be a fully geared toon ignoring full bosses (for weeks), yet asking to be handed gear from bank to gear an alt - same alt being brought to Skain, skilling to grief your own clan.... no end game clan in their right mind would be "chill" with that.
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Re: Continuous Propaganda!!

Rocksteady wrote:Go check aggy. It might be up.

Hahaha, love it, best comment I've read for a while.
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Re: Continuous Propaganda!!

From an ex kudos member this post is propaganda. You do have leaders, an yes they did leave. As for class leaders everyone reporting to imjamin to discuss which would make him next leader. Or how about just accept the clan is **** an get over it. As for your last statement no one is ignored that's complete c***. All kudos is good for is stirring the pot. I wouldn't sell rich my hat so he cussed me out an that's the image you want so can't be that fun or great.
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Re: Continuous Propaganda!!

U say don't believe everything you hear
I hear kudos lets scammers in the clan
I hear kudos has no rules or consequences for there members actions
I hear kudos loosing members because of certain players
I hear kudos griefs bosses they can't kill
I shall stop there lemme know if I shouldn't believe what I hear

I think this posts trying to clear their name of everything they've done knowing they f***ed up over time coz they're becoming a dieing clan
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