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Best ranger on danu

Best ranger on danu is recruiting for mockingjay a clan to help people kill bosses and get geared a bit before they apply to ascension (no affiliation) because on danu no point in fighting against them danu has become a one clan server and after tower update a clan cannot succeed if to compete against asc biut I'm looking for temporary members to just boss and chill with til one day I get into asc or I quit cause noway in hell id ever go back kudos or join the nitro rebirth (Phoenix)

Re: Best ranger on danu

By the way the clan had no banks and every kill drops are distributed following the games pre rolling whoever gets the drop can keep it/sell it do what they want with it I encourage clannies to help each other's out but I base the clan off free will only time a drop should be rolled on is if outside of kill group help is required

Re: Best ranger on danu

Can't be done lmao even with bark once Ur bolas misses Ur screwed and instant death even by adds gonna be a mess don't even thimk u can beat rage tbh
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Re: Best ranger on danu

Ummmmmm Phoenix is defo not the nitro rebirth,,,any clan with low levels in it always seem to be connected to notro,,,well we are not,, we encourage are members to boss , help whoever they want. We help them level, if they want to stay with us when they have learnt the game, great, if they want to apply to ascension also great,,,,if they feel like trying kudos out,,great too. We are not biased to any of the high level clans. Just because tiger and myself have been in kudos/ nitro, don't mean we have made a feeder clan. I actually encourage our druids to go and heal quin at 210 to get an idea on bossing properly. Soooooo pris please think before you type. ........believe it or not we are a clan that just wants to have fun,,,,,,,,,,we lose a lock,,,,we carry on helping the lock winners. And u ain't met 3am eternal yet,,,,best ranger ever,,,,,one of danus finest.

Re: Best ranger on danu

Prism saying your the best Ranger in game makes me laugh, thats like saying im the best druid in Danu (I'll admit I'm not) saying your the best at something is self arrogance. I can name 5 better rangers then you (Nightbreed,Plum,3am,Edogg,and Genesis18) im plenty sure there are plenty more but those are off the old head :/ anyyyyywayyyy good luck soloing Snorri roots don't help btw the adds will overweening your druid easy and you will be 3 shot at a Snorri Rage. Tyvm good luck with your clan. Arrogance can only get you so far but in the end it will be your downfall. Sorry i speak truth and self Experience.
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