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Re: Changes on danu

Hogana wrote:
Skyler14SCHS wrote:Me along with many others always find ourselves talking about missing the "old" days but I feel like it isn't necessarily changing just higher levels have a greater level of responsability compared to being a nub and being free to do whatever you want and thats what people miss is the freedom.

I'm literally the only 4 year player thats below level 100. :lol:
But i still yearn for the old days, even at a low level.

Welcome to chill club 101, where we learn how to sit back, relax, and chill.

- Solid, lvl 130 after 3.5 years

As for main topic, that's true, much has changed, I was overwhelmed with content when I came back but at the same time felt nostalgic when I went through my friend list, full of good friends, many of whom no longer active.

I want that 6* lvl 2 fraerie boss standing at the entrance of the cute little farcrag castle to return again so I could one hit her for pulverizing me and my friends (back when we were like lvl 5) over and over, when we first started CH in Yuletide 2011. ._.

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