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Re: Some memories

XxDiabloxX wrote:
E3D wrote:I remember on my old account taking Ymir with infamous boss I am death and the rest of omega triad

Good times

Who's your old account?

Somthing like night owl
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Re: Some memories

Hogana wrote:no no they were completely black and were near where falgreen used to spawn.

They still spawn but yeah I remember
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Re: Some memories

Sailormoon wrote:
Hogana wrote:oh do yall remember those ow harbringer? that thing was weird.

Noticed you play Avabel! :D just started playing that a couple days ago how the heck do you lvl fast in there :?:

The answer is you dont... The fastest way is to get quests from quest dungeon and grind but its still pretty slow took me forever to get to lvl 30 when i played but I wasnt very active

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