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My journey ends here..

Noodle here,

With big problems in real life and myself losing interest in the game I have decided to quit the game after a long 3 years of playing.
Makes me very sad having to leave.
Thank you to all of Ascension/Prime for being on this journey with me.

May Ascension live long and kudos perish.
Big love to those in kudos who know its just a game.

Ive seen many of my old friends from the start quit and i thought I'd never say this but my time has come.
I will be popping in every so often to catch up with friends.

Special thanks to QuinLanVos (you know why)
Thanks to Smeagle (sticking with clan for so long as general/guardian big respect.

So many people to thank.
So much love from me to you guys.
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Re: My journey ends here..

Hey noodle,

Glad that you are concentrating on what's important, there are a lot of people that get way too immersed in games and forget what is truly important.
Good luck.

QMagnet wrote:Good Luck with everything noodle, quitting this damn game after so many years isn't easy by any means. I try to keep myself as far away from it as I can now but still have the urge to play.

And listen to Q, it will be hard to start with especially when you think back to what you have put into the game, but it is honestly much more rewarding not logging on for hours a day to do the same thing over and over.
Enjoy your new found free time.

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Re: My journey ends here..

Goodbye old friend make sure u pop around sometime maybe you would see me at LVL 210 soon :) but Ya if u ever want to come back ascension arms are open :D
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