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Apply to join Ascension Today!


Join Ascension via our website :
(Click Recruitment on the Nav bar)

Our website has gone very well with way over 100 users and around 20+ Applications to join our clan.

Our clan is the top clan on danu with the most geared, high leveled and maturest players.
At the moment the level requirement stands at level 140 but will for sure be lifted soon as the tower update has hit (Better apply now)

Thankyou adventurers.
-Guardian of Ascension -
Rogue : Noodle - 196
Druid : Pasta 170


Re: Apply to join Ascension Today!

Lvl req changed to lvl170 but druids have lvl140
Req to join
Clan: Kindred
MasterSK - Level 223 - Warrior Tank
SaintsRow - Level 224 - Rouge
MizzDruid - Level 200 - Druid
SubwayMelt - Level 220 - Ranger


Re: Apply to join Ascension Today!

xxFireMercxx wrote:E i haven't seen you on in a very long time. Mind acually lvling and prove that point? Lol

What You on about I was just on :) we doing a pretty good bossing grp and I'm 1 bar off (doesn't help shadow is borrowing my set till he is 140)
E3: Rogue (223)
Annihilate: Rogue (200)

Shadow9: Warrior (222)
36O: Ranger (220)
On Ice: Ice Mage (201)
On Fire: Ice Fire (201)


Instagram: @celtic_tavern (I do daily uploads, feel free to come say hi)

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