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Good grief

Nothing good about the title. Everybody knows my stance on grieving people, bosses, messing with peeps Elix etc etc. But im not about to lecture people on how to play the game either, play it how you want . A comment I made to an ascension member seems to be doing the rounds around danu, stating that ink and myself are fed up with all the grieving and I wouldn't be suprised if a third high level clan emerged. Firstly these are not inks words they were mine, I know ink has worked hard for months trying to stop it but it has fallen on deaf ears, so I can imagine he's cheesed off ( like I said an observation from me not inks words) my views are i don't wanna be apart of it and I know a lot of others don't either, but kudos and asc don't seem to be moving forward to stop it,,,soooo it wouldn't suprise ME if a third clan emerged,,,I didn't state that i would be part of that clan,,,,,,,so please guys don't twist my words,,,,,im very open with everyone in danu , but now I feel im gonna have to stop the friendly chat.

Re: Good grief

Our private groups seem to be pointless these days :?
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Re: Good grief

Just a heads up to all in Kudos who support what Ink is trying to do.
If you wish to stay in Kudos, i suggest you stay true to yourself and know you are doing the right thing.
NEVER try and educate the large population of Kudos (mainly the leaders) to do the same. It is impossible, trust me i have tried to the point of exhaustion. It's like talking to a brick wall. They dont like to hear the truth.
Remember... Imj has little problem solving abilities, however is excellent at kicking people who are trying to do good things.
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Re: Good grief

just curious cyprus, if a 3rd clan popped up, who would consist of it? both kudos and ascension?
im wondering if they would work together.
some may be fed up with the stuff but might not be willing to work together with eachother.
whats your view? ;)
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Re: Good grief

Cyprus that was my fault, didnt know u wernt serious about finally looking for peace. Since update ascension had pretty much stopped all griefing, even though there exp mobs and training mobs have been getting griefed with. Then when a few showed to mordis and started griefing our clannies had decided they had enough of the one way street, and yes the griefing restarted. Like ive told both u and ink ascension will talk about a treaty with u but not if certain people benefit. I truely hope u make your own clan and leave the trouble makers behind. Then we can try and get things moving foward. I'll take the blame for posting the ss. I just get upset when certain players try and say i lie, and as far as me talking to xeops (raza)as he was griefing once again instead of leveling. I was basically telling him what he was doing to his clan. But the leaders dont want change on that side. Tbh griefing is hurting you guys more than us, so im not sure what they trying to prove. Once again sorry and good luck with your choices.
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Re: Good grief

I wonder what it's gonna be like stuck on floor 1? :P :0
CLAN (Ascension) was but its full of sh*t

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