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Danu, I might make an account again in 2015.

So, most of you don't know me. Only the old players really know me, and I can assure y'all I have changed a lot since 2013 when I left hehe. This is Confuzzled, the only player on Danu that loves havoc and corruption. I heard a lot about wars there lately, if any of my friends need me there let me know. Might dump some money, level up and help crush enemies. I'll only help my old friends, sorry for all you newer guys.

Re: Danu, I might make an account again in 2015.

Fuzzzzzzzzzzz!!!! I really hope you come back! I havent had a decent bloke to talk to in years!!! I remmeber the times we had when I was playing Gorilla, it would be awesome if we could team up again and tear unfathomable up :)))
After you left, i made an account on ur new world and tryed to find you, but unfortunately you were not on://
Hope to see u in 2015 :)
Arachnid 226 Rogue
Clan: Ascension
World: Danu

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