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Danu players, introduce yourself!

A few other servers did this so I thought, why not? How about it? :D It would be a great way for new players to know who to go to if they need help!
Even though I'm not playing currently I'll start it off. I'll be back soon tho
I'm Hogana, I have been playing since 2012, I know my way around and am not a major grinder.
The clans i have been in are...
FinalBoss (faded away was my clan for most of the time)
Unbreakable (very short time)
Honor (before merge)
And a few other smaller clans.
Thats me :D
(btw don't make this topic into a clan war)
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Re: Danu players, introduce yourself!

Im Genisis18. I am a lvl 168 ranger atm. I have been playing game since the beginning of Beltane 2013. I tend to take it easy on the grinding since I am not a plat buyer which is why i am often left in the dust by dedicated levelers.
The clans I have been in:
Honour- before merge
Prime- before conversion
Ascension- present clan
Genisis18 - 195+ Ranger
Proud Member of Ascension

Re: Danu players, introduce yourself!

Hi I'm devilstab, I'm currently lvl 103. I first joined in the christmas event of 2011, when they had snow and also many glitches including changing the color of the chat. I used to be an on off player, I also created many alts, devilstab being the first to lvl 100, I'm very lazy when it comes to lvling, but I am proud that my first character made it to lvl 80(not 100% sure this is correct, my account was scammed) in christmas event which was amazing at that time. Being a player from 2011 i been in many clans including (not in order)
Unbreakable (starting up)
Black rose
Omega triad (when they were good)
Lvl 105

Re: Danu players, introduce yourself!

Arachnid lvl 182 rogue. Playing since 2011. One of the most hated players by Ascension. I feel strongly about fighting for my clan in anyway possible, which results in Ascension getting pissed, and i dont blame them. Im not angry all the time like ppl say, I'm actually a very chilled guy. My best friends in game over my playing career would be Confuzzled and Lonewolf.
Firstblood (CozaKillers Clan)
And some others within that i cant remember.
Arachnid 226 Rogue
Clan: Ascension
World: Danu

Re: Danu players, introduce yourself!

Eiji,Lvl 76 Ranger been playing since the summer of 2012,but played for a month then took a 3 month break for the majority of my time here.Used to be in OmegaTriad,Nitro,and Bloods,but now I've joined PreAscension as this clan has many friendly members,allowing for a better gaming experience. Fun fact:I have gotten a rare witch drop mount twice in the Samhain 2014 event,but sold both my nightflyers I got as the drop.
Level 220+ Ranger - est. 2012

Clan: Ascension

Server: Danu

Re: Danu players, introduce yourself!

Hello everybody,
I am the real Lordy if you know me. I started my main character (LordyIsBack) sometime in 2013, and he still stands. I rarely level, and am usually on my my mage Antarctic duelling people! :twisted:

Antarctic (Pvp Ice mage. Deadly Illusionist :) )

Clans I've been in:
Federation (will rejoin as soon as Dieu logs in)
A few others I think.

If there's anything you need help in, I'll be there as soon as possible :)
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LordyIsBack - Lvl 121+ Warrior
Clan Prophecy (World Danu)
I'm taking a break from CH until the next questline is released. Possibly this next beta.

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