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Re: Ascension/Kudos clan war

Baison, there are many things we share in common. Aside from our mutual friend, there are also similarities to our outlook on certain things.
I have never used lix's outside of those gained via quests. I have passed on countless drops, and to date have refrained from rolling on a single Mordris drop, despite the many times I could have tried my hand at one. Indeed, I would surely have been given a few from the bank, had I but asked.
One difference, I would say though, is that rather than being put out at not attaining a rank in clan, I have actively passed on such things. In the same manner, I have never 'dinged' for any of my hard gained levels either, as prefer to go about my business quietly.
But this is not a 'see who can pious the highest' competition (bad pun accepted). Quite the contrary, I do not mention these things ordinarily, as I do not believe they make me any better than anyone else. They are simply a part of who I am.
Your journals, on the other hand, started out by portraying you as the future hero and saviour of Danu, and despite you bringing your literary work to an abrupt end, it seems a narrative you are still caught up in.
You do have a lot of potential, and could even effect real change in the future, but at the moment your recent posts are only serving as a negative and divisive force that undermine anything you once hoped to achieve.
In the history of Danu, your stay here, whilst certainly eventful, has been relatively brief, yet equally fast are you to write her off and turn an eye to pastures new (despite the ongoing mantra of true grit, repeated throughout your journals).
The people of Danu are more than the peripheral characters your tale would have them be. They are actual people, and if they fail to follow your script and recognise you as the hero of the piece, then you cannot force it with a pen turned sword.
Your recent posts have been condescending, and patronising, as well as seeped in hypocrisy.
Whether claiming to be more emotionally evolved, or intellectually resolved, you are constantly raising your self-made pedestal higher and higher, until losing sight of all that is around you.
It is claimed by you that others are blind, yet you have become blind to the work of your own hand.
You have cited occasions when the loss of our mutual friend has been used to beat you, and for which I have the utmost sympathy. Yet you should also understand, that to constantly make his name a cosh with which to wage your own wars, maybe hurtful to those of us who equally called him friend.
You are not the only person who cared for the man, yet by the manner in which you speak, it is almost as though you zealously claim some rite of apostolic succession regarding his views.
It was in fact during one of my chats with him, that he logged to compile his 'the turning away' post, something I also have heretofore not wished to give mention as it is a private thing. And you will perhaps also note me among his most ardent defenders, when his tread and views were challenged.
Let's us not forget also, that Airees has perhaps a greater claim upon his friendship than either of us do (not to mention others), and should be spared a thought when writing as well.
I think the fact that you promote his post, is truly wonderful, but it should be done in a responsible and positive way, in-keeping with it's spirit.
It is thing of peace, not war, after all.
I will not speak for the man, himself, I will leave that to you. But before you do so, it might yet be worth considering how he might view your recent entries.
I do not speak to my friendship often, as is a personal hurt and it is not easy to do so. Hopefully therefore this shall be the last time I am compelled write on the matter.
Despite our recent forum differences, I still consider we have a common bond, and you shall have my ear in game, and for as long as you want it.
That said, and as a final point, I would also just say to you, in your new found role as self-appointed and sole determiner of legends, that the only person that seems to have sought the accolade of hero (or legend) is in fact yourself.
For most of us mere mortals, a better aspiration  and the one we should concern ourselves with most, is to simply to be kinder to each other.

Re: Ascension/Kudos clan war

Baison wrote:While I expected this from you Queefmagnet, I cannot blame you. This confirms that you are so blinded by clan bias you cannot see the truth. Here your ignorance serves a comforting blanket a child uses when faced of the fear of the dark while trying to go to sleep.

This is probably one of the most condescending posts I have ever read. It is right up there with Aileron's view from the mountain. For someone whom has never taken 5 mins to talk to me without trying to indicate that he is of a far superior intelligence, I guess I shouldn't have expected much else. You claim I am blinded and ignorant due to clan bias, yet you have no basis for this. I have no issue admitting my role in this clan drama, nor do I claim that it is one sided by any means. You called us political pundits, yet you are the only person I ever see standing on his soap box.

Baison wrote:That being said, at the risk of sound arrogant, I will show you what I believe you are blinded by seeing, and what Blaz and Cheech who ruled before you could see.

This does sound arrogant, especially considering you never played under or with cheech as a leader of prime. Blaz and my views on many things were the same, some did differ though. I see more aspects of this war than you probably imagine, but to say that I am blinded because I don't have the same overall view as you is not only arrogant, but it is extremely ignorant.

Baison wrote: The Macro Scale of Danu is the migration of players between the two competing clans, both using resets for their own reasons. Someone who is deeply rooted in clan bias does not have eyes for this. Lvling without lix for so long made it so it was easy to see these migration waves back and forth. That being said, you should not be angry at my faction, you should be grateful, as Airees and Ink has providing you more members than you have and preprime has combine. Look at your clan roster and count how many Nitros are in your faction.

You claim to have no clan bias, yet in this section it rears it's ugly head. A good number of our core players at the moment have made their way to our clan from Honour and Kudos, yet to thank Ink or Airees for this is laughable. Especially when these two individuals claim their goal is to have fun in the game yet pull a veil over their members' eyes. Any of our ex honour or kudos members can attest to this. From the day people join Nitro/Honour/Kudos, they are fed the anti Prime/Ascension propaganda. This vastly limits their ability to make the choice to join the only true endgame clan in Danu. As soon as anyone from either of these clans joins Ascension, they are ridiculed and ostracized by people they once considered their friends, all due to a choice they made in what they may view as an attempt to better their playing experience.

I have never once claimed that this sort of competition is healthy for Danu, but for the time being I play the hand that was dealt. Many mistakes were made, on both sides, in the past that have put us in this state. I will agree to your point that if the older players set the example, some of the younger players will follow. To echo some of what Magustra said in the above post, building your own personal pedestal is counterproductive. I'll be perfectly honest, I usually don't read your posts as they tend to be long winded and serve as a personal means for satisfaction. That being said, you made some good points in this one, but many of your points missed the mark in my opinion.
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Re: Ascension/Kudos clan war

Have you ever thought about merging? Or having mutual agreements to kick any who resets. Or what about agreeing to a boss schedules?
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Re: Ascension/Kudos clan war

TheWind wrote:Have you ever thought about merging? Or having mutual agreements to kick any who resets. Or what about agreeing to a boss schedules?

All of these are valid suggestions. Prime has kicked trouble makers in the past to have them welcomed with open arms into Kudos. This doesn't work the same if members are kicked from Kudos. Those members are usually not welcome in Ascension. I say usually because I am sure exceptions would be made in some situations
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Re: Ascension/Kudos clan war

ay caramba....... I remember as a total noob (2012) when it was prime, not everybody liked them but they respected them. Respect each other y'all! :D
treat others as you would want them to treat you!
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Re: Ascension/Kudos clan war

QMagnet wrote:This is probably one of the most condescending posts I have ever read. It is right up there with Aileron's view from the mountain. For someone whom has never taken 5 mins to talk to me....

Who the hell are you? You dont even know me. For someone talking about condescending posts and not taking time to get to know anyone and making comments like this, makes you a hypocrite. Im not even on your screwed up server.

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Re: Ascension/Kudos clan war

Aileron wrote:
QMagnet wrote:This is probably one of the most condescending posts I have ever read. It is right up there with Aileron's view from the mountain. For someone whom has never taken 5 mins to talk to me....

Who the hell are you? You dont even know me. For someone talking about condescending posts and not taking time to get to know anyone and making comments like this, makes you a hypocrite. Im not even on your screwed up server.

LOL :lol:
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Re: Ascension/Kudos clan war

Baison wrote:This requires understanding the word empathy. And re-reading Podatz retirement thread on what a player entering Danu sees as “Unhealthy Competition” It shocks me that Podatz has abandoned his own written text, but if I go on about that, this will end up being a flame thread.

Abandoned? Have you ever seen mean take down a DL boss or any DL boss after an Ascension reset? No, because if we reset it, I will usually leave unless it was reset by Kudos in the first place. There are several toons in Ascension who do the same and the clan is ok with it.

Let me explain my retirement/unretirement. I grew up in Nitro/Honour and thought that Prime was source of evil in Danu, but once I made it to level 150 I started seeing a much different side.
1. I missed several aggys because there was no announcement in CC, or groupme/line call - instead it was just passed around in whispers.

2. I worked hard to get my DL equip only to be offered DL items for sale from unbreak members - who we were supposed to be allied with.

3. I attempted to raise the level of play in Danu - when we didn't get a lock, I would help Prime kill the boss or adds -(Lady and Hyla did this as well). My reward for doing so was to be berated and chastised by unbreak members.

4. I worked hard to try and find a way to gain lock over Prime members with way better gear by using haste lixes on 5 star bosses and re-working my build for a maximum amount of initial damage. My reward was to be berated by unbreak members for being sh*t DPS.

5. I attempted to organize DL bossing raid parties to try and help the clan - you only need 8 good toons to get lock. It worked great the first time - after that nobody showed and Lady, Dewd, and I would spend an entire night staring at 8 Prime members getting all the bosses. Only be to berated later by unbreak for being unfathomable dps or accused of being a Prime spy.

6. I saw known scammers and people who verbally harass/taunt other players being kicked from Prime only to join my clan. I later kicked one of those players for killling our own clannies, only to have him welcomed back with open arms a few hours later.

7. I saw the worst players in the game now in my own clan.

As a result - I left Honour and spent several weeks clanless before being persuaded to give Prime a try. I spent a few days in Prime, but it was too tough of an adjustment for me. I had taken the game too personally and it didn't feel right - note, Prime did everthing they could to make me feel welcome, but I didn't give myself enough time to adjust.

I then spent a couple more weeks clanless, trying to figure out what to do in the game. At the end, it felt pointless to level up or work on my toon when there was nothing for me to do with it besides helping random new players around Danu. Then to top it off, a person I thought was an old friend logged in as Mixxx and tried to convince me that Mixx was back and playing for Honour. Mixx gave me a lot of gear before he left - I gave a lot of Mixx's gear back to the Mixx toon now because it wasn't mine and at least someone would be playing the Mixx toon. That person then turned around and sold Mixx's gear and Mixx's account has now been banned - so Mixx can never come back. At that point, I had enough and left - not because of Prime, but because of some of the toons in Unbreak and Honour.

I spent several months away from the game, but continued to monitor it from afar and talked to several friends on Line including Lady and Hyla. I saw a great treaty made only for it to be ruined by the same toons who were the reason I left Honour. Being away from the game gave me a lot of perspective. After logging in a few times to chat will old friends, I decided to give it another try by taking it a lot less seriously - its just a game after all. Since most of my friends are in Ascension, thats the place I called home.

To be fair, Air was great upon my return and helped return some of my old gear, but if I have to choose between a clan with members that caused me to quit the game and a clan with most of my friends - I'll choose Ascension every day.
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