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I haven't listed everything so can pm or mail me Ingame if there's anything specific you're looking for.
Ign: Blzzrd 224 rogue

Sacred auroral set (hat, glove, top are effect) sold
Shaman set (full spiritbound) sold
Glenmor set (hat is replaced with wig) sold
Sunlit set sold
Wildwood set (hat is around, pants are radiant) sold
Highlander set (gloves and boots are effect)
Demonheart set
Frostguard top sold
Oni (glove, pants, boots) sold
Jester ( all except hat) sold

Black: I don't own many black
Demonheart set

Frostguard set (hat is snowbound) sold
Demonheart set (also have unleashed pants and gloves)
Jester (regular top and boots, festive hat and boots) sold

Glenmor set (stardust glove and boots, hat replaced with sparkly wig)
Demonheart set
Jester set
Spidersilk ( excluding mask, around pieces, ensorcelled pants)

Ardmair (excluding mask) sold
Demonheart set
Frostguard set (top can be snowbound) sold
Unleashed demonheart (excluding mask)

Demonheart set
Spidersilk (excluding mask)

Oni set
Demonheart set
Glenmor set
Effect rodair set

Orange, pink, red too many so hmu ingame
Blzzrd 225+ Rogue
Aethra 180+ Rogue
Shivah 220+ Mage
Siege 150+ Warrior

Ascension of Danu

- Yet to lose a Mordris at the Dragon Carnage event
- looking to join Elementals so I can learn how to wipe gele
- looking to join Nuada so i can merge with Sulis

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