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Buying 300 chests / transfering gold

Wtb chests on Taranis, paying cash on Balor.

aka...Transferring Cash from Balor to taranis

BALOR character: Ritualist
TARANIS character : fr3gryf

If you want gold on Balor...I'm willing to buy chests 40kea...as long as you get the chests on Taranis
So if you are willing to buy some chests (whatever the event ... IDC) from shop...I'll gladly buy!

I have 12 million gold to transfer...so 300 chests max in total
We use a Balorian middleman, (or you can go first...if you want ofc)

Pm me on band, or forum (fr3gryf)

I'm a guide, clic my sig to pm me!!

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