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Here's my story of the server Balor

I haven't been playing that much lately because this server can really burn people out. I've been kinda thinking about what all has gone on all this time that I've played this server and it's just the same thing over and over. I've been considered the noob of the server, one of the favorites on the server, the drama starter of the server, and the least favorite of the server. I've found that when you take a long break from the game and come back you become really popular for a while. I've seen chests sell for 5k each and chests sold for 25k

I hope this post doesn't get hit with no name and shame stuff because if the names get taken out then it will really take away from the story.

Here we go

So I have 4000 hours on my main toon OmeX a lvl 220 rogue. In the beginning of my experience with this server I really had fun but I was such a noob. I started only a few months after this server was released so there wasn't many high lvls at all and even warden armor was hard to acquire. I took my time and lvled slowly or not at all, it took me from July 2014-May 2015 to even hit lvl 120. I joined the clan EXODUS which was the main clan on the server and was there for a while but after I got warden armor I left and helped create a clan called TheForgotten. It only lasted a couple months but I got my zodiac and some frozen peices in that time. I was the clan bank so once one general scammed another general out of their 70% polor wings and the clan started breaking up, I got to keep the items in the bank. It was only rems and tabs but it was a lot for me.

I ran clanless basically the whole ostara event of 2015. I stayed up late in the castle and talked to Micheal and Micheal XXX until 3 am multiple times. I held tavern parties bringing in from 10-20 people a few nights a week. Those were the good and easy days of Balor. I absolutely hated lvling because it just wasn't fun to me, I played the game to have fun not mindlessly hit mobs for a little bit of xp compared to what I needed per lvl. I think by the end of the Ostara event I was around 135-140 and still clanless.
The clan Aequilibrium had just formed and were known as the small endgame clan that could kill things with a single group that the rest of the server couldn't do with multiple groups.

The ostara event went away for a week before Beltane came out (Back when OTM was on point (even though we didn't get our summer event until mid August))
One guy named Histo sold his account to a funny black guy from taranis, he had recently been kicked out of the newly formed Aequilibrium and was tired of clans so he just made a clan for killing people in the arena for fun. Within about 20 minutes of making the clan he had gotten about 18 people to join, me being one of them. All 18 of us ran into the arena and ran in circles when one of our noobs decided to kill someone on their gladiator. Within a minute 3 lvl 200s (very high lvl for the time) showed up, they were Minoru, Den, and Princess Unicorn. It was a freaking massacre. We all died in a minute, But we kept coming back. For that week with no event, every night there would be 15-30 people in the arena every night.

After that week I decided to leave the clan and join the clan Jarls of Ragnarok. It was a relatively small clan who had maybe 6-7 maximum on at a time. My rep was pretty trash after that so I found myself giving like 75k on Balor for some stuff on the server of Gwidion. I went over there and fell in love with all the stuff ios had. Sleds, Clouds, Carpets, Brooms, serpent staffs, dragon staffs, growth charms, shrink charms, and all the old catacomb charms. It was amazing. I stayed there for a while and made a ton of lvl 50 alts for castle sitting and pvp.

Meanwhile on Balor, the clan Aequilibrium killed Mordris for the first server kill.

After a while I got tired of it all and by the time Christmas rolled around I had quit playing both android and iOS to go play ESO. I played ESO solely until about February.

When I came back to Balor fully in late February my rep was fixed and I came back to all the clans on the server (other than Aequilibrium) working together to kill Mordris and lock battle Aeq at dl bosses. (Full EDL sets weren't fathomable at the time for any clan besides Aeq). I was convinced by a friend that I played ESO with that the rising clan Bloodlust was an amazing clan. So when I got kicked out of the clan Jarls because I said that I had friends in Aeq, I went over to Bloodlust who was lead by Larellian Shone.

This is where the story becomes interesting.

I was around lvl 150 at the time and was pushed harder by Bloodlust to lvl faster. We were a small clan of maybe 10 active lvl 150+ members. We were in United who rolled on drops for everything so it took 6 months to finish a single dl set. By the time I was lvl 175 and could do at least Hrung with United Bloodlust was the only clans showing up to dl bosses and keeping times. Aeq was becoming very inactive because of the bs that United said about them and the constant pressure of having to log for everything to stay on top. And Bl was good enough to solo 6* dl bosses.

Death row was the biggest clan in United at the time with the majority of the dl and the few EDL sets. They were fine with us until one of us beat them in a roll for a drop that they wanted. After that, they said that they didn't need bl so they should lose drops to them so they kicked us out of United. We talked to the other clans in United asking what to do and none of them responded because they were too scared of getting kicked out themselves.

The only thing we knew to do was to ask Aequilibrium to form an alliance with us so we could get revenge on United for screwing us and the rest of the server over. We only had about 30 people that were high enough to boss but we somehow whooped Uniteds 100+ people at everything we lock battled at. United found that without Bloodlust, nobody was keeping times so they just stopped showing up at bosses. Then after a while the members of DeathRow got tired of the game and went inactive leaving United unable to even kill Mordris.

The alliance got 25-30 mords in a row and got the server first Necros and Proteus. We got about 10-15 of each of them over the summer while the inactive scraps of United just watched as the people they kicked out of their alliance trampled over them in everything. By the end of the summer of 2016 I was lvl 215 and had farmed my EDL with the alliance. Aeq wanted Bloodlust to merge with them because they were losing activity again because they were bored with the game. We denied because by then we had seen aeqs real side and they were getting very toxic people. They got to be so toxic that we left the alliance because they were hurting our own activity because of their toxicity.

When we said we were leaving and that we wanted to split the drops in the bank 3 ways between Bloodlust Aeq and Sin then the leader of Aeq got on the bank and changed the password. The leader of Sin, Zena Alexis, got close to the leader of Aeq, got the bank password from him and stole the bank from all of us. With all of the drops he took, he geared his inactive clan with gear that I spent most of my summer earning for our alliance. It was very... Bad. He publicly "Made Up" with Aeq by giving them the scraps that he didn't give to his clan.

On the other hand Bloodlust was doing great. We soloed Necro multiple times and eventually killed proteus base and prime clan only. We got 3 rondels for our lockers in a few months because we showed up with a full group to every sreng and Snor for months.

The members of Death row and the other old clans of United came back to full activity around this time and let Aeq and Sin join them. So we had about 40 of us vs 200+ of them and we still won. In the alliance and now in bloodlust we decide on drops based on the needs of the people who request them and stuff like that. United on the other hand rolled on drops and set their sights on necro. After 5 failed attempts United finally killed necro.

The person who stole all of our alliance bank started griefing us using calm (since OTM still won't make it a group only ability) we got very mad and started calling him by his real name that he told us in the alliance days. He freaked out and griefed us more in retaliation which made us call him that even more. He griefed us one time that we got so mad that one of our members told him that he could beat him up in real life. Zena Alexis started telling everyone that it was a death threat and tried to find us irl so he could sue us irl. He even tried bribing OTM to give up our up addresses wo he could find us. (He's crazy Ik)

Now Aequilibrium has become the new Death Row and started kicking clans like Adige and Genocide out of United for contesting their ways. Everything repeats itself.

Well with all of this bs that this server has given Bloodlust for trying to kill stuff on our own we have gotten very sick and burnt out on the game. And it's all due to the vicious cycle that this game gives

There's so much more I could add to this but I've already spent an hour on this and am quite tired of typing. Have a good day.
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Re: Here's my story of the server Balor

Update. United inplemented the old alliance system to united and Divine glory left. Since then united has had almost all raid bosses.

Geno and adige left they didnt get kicked.

A small group of bloodlust has left the clan and formed a neutral clan called Triad?

Besides that was a nice read.
(I seen your video too, half the images were me. Hope im getting paid for those :p)

Re: Here's my story of the server Balor

you speak the truth. While i wasn't a in a prominent role in United, I and other of my friends sat and watched te drama unfold. I also used to be in Jarls of Ragnarok but the leader went paranoid and started kicked everyone out. I saw what Aeq was doing to others and I was also a victim. I've loved balor in the ostara event as well, since thats when I started the game, bt after the start of 2017, things went dark and quickly. I am now a free roaming lvl 113 druid. Sometimes the castle is empty. Not really as fun as thegame used to be when I cant even lvl because all the good monsters are gone, and if you aren't in a clan, forget abut good items. But its all good. I might join divine glory. Ive been inactive for a while, but now after they merged the servers I want to experience the ios sides. Of course balor is #1. I like your post, it really shows the reality of the situation in balor. I hope other servers aren't like this :D

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