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Re: Introduce yourself

Are ya well cause your lookin well. lordspector here lvl 161 warrior in balor and 201 on beta.been playing since a few says after CH was released in Android.Work full time and have 2 kids so don't get to play as much as I'd like to.got a youtube channel based around CH - hit up google and search CelticHeroGamer.

Re: Introduce yourself

Hey, I'm Eithel, Druid lvl 64 on Balor, I'm also playing on ios, my main is Istael, lvl 157.
sadly I can't play a lot so I don't know many people there :/
World : Lugh
Clan: Pegasus
Istael : druid lvl 221
Zeto : rogue lvl 223
Istalrì : mage lvl 213

World: Sulis
Clan: Retribution
Guppy: warrior lvl 220
Hotu: ranger lvl 220
Ryujin: mage lvl 220
Istael: druid lvl 220
Xisuthros: warrior lvl 220

Re: Introduce yourself

How you doing guys,
Im beginner druid on Balor, looking forward to seeing you all out there :)
I have a little experience of CH from iOS servers, and after my old iPod breaking, I am looking forward to an enjoyable time on the android servers.

Baron :)
Android: Balor
Baron Nashor, DPS druid
BarraNashor, Tank Warrior

Former iOS danu player ;)

Re: Introduce yourself

I'm Jedidiah from iOS mage longtime player wanting to xfer here I have a nice mage going on this server I'm usaly an ice mage but sometimes I switch it upmif any of you want to xfer to rhinaon( if that's how you spell it) I'm more than happy to make a deal.

Re: Introduce yourself

PurpleRain wrote:Mage 190 IOS server Crom, 10 characters
Player since August 2011
Android Beta November- April
Forum Guide (love helping)
Android Donn
Android Balor

College student : forensic science major
Past :Spoiled, conceited sarcastic
Present: Independent, still conceited :/

Gamer for Life

what a very very descriptive response. :lol:
Love your spirit.
I ride Kelpies and I swim in Deluge for I am one with Manannán mac Lir.

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