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Selling Lux / Rare Items for Arawn Gold / Items / Plat Items

I'm looking to sell these items for equivalent value or close to that in Arawn items, gold or plat items. DM or reply here if you are interested. Thanks

Heroic Gloves of Haste
Heroic Amulet of Rejuvenation
Revenant Bracelet of of Revitalisation
Golden Shrink Charm
Golden Growth Charm
Galars Ironbark/Shrivewood/Stonebark Rings
Revenant Ring of Energisation
Mystic Batclaw Charm
Red HunterTop/Gloves/Leggings/Boots (w/ red coven hat)

I have a lot more items in my inventory that I may sell seeing as I want to play on Arawn now, just gotta see how this goes first
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