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Today I was scammed of my only piece of lux. And I can gaurenteed that OTM will DO NOTHING ABOUT THIS. If any are familiar of the term, "in it for the long haul" that's how I was scammed. And that's something OTM WILL BOT ACT UPON. I have almost no gold to buy another, and can't scam back, because OTM WILL BACK THE SCAMMER when I try to take back what is actually mine. And also what happened was he tried to SELL MY AMMY that I grinded for weeks to get!!!! I am not going to be able to grind fast enough to get another since OTM will let this go, and there's no way I'm going to get next events terrible lux! I need my ammy back, I can't do anything in game without it. I NEED WHAT HAS BEEN STOLEN FROM ME. (On crom look for FriendToAll lvl 131 warrior. He is the scammer) and if this dosent get fixed, not only will I never spend another dime on this game, but I'm sure others will stop paying too because of how in the past you have backed the scammers who cry out when the victims want justice!! People don't want to pay their money they earned to get awesome weapons and lux only to get it stolen and then be banned!! THIS HAS TO BE FIXED. YOU CANT AFFORD NOT TO. THIS IS UNACCAPTABLE OTM!!!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
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Are you being sarcastic or? It's your falut if you get scammed. There are numerous measures put in place to prevent from getting scammed. Theres a second trade confirm window saying your stuff will not be returned by OTM if you get scammed the OTM polices clearly state all trades are final and that both parties in the trade are responsible for the trade. It also states do not lend your items out expecting to get them returned or give out items with the promise of payment at a later time. OTM try their best to prevent scamming it's no help whining at them saying you won't spend another dime on the game. They don't back scammers, if you have been scammed report your scammer and if your claim is just then your scammer will be put through the OTM disciplinary procedure. You could also tell the rest of Crom about your scammer to prevent further scamming taking place. Do not whine, do not demand, do not rant, it is not helpful and will not get anything done.
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