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Re: Dear Seed

i mean, seed members still seem pissed right? whereas mickjag has moved on... ofc he doesnt have anything to move on FROM, he DID purposefully take the killian so idk why hed ever b pissed rofl
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Re: Dear Seed

Killall wrote:
AggyBrace :3 wrote:lul, its fact...

Go back to arwan ... we don't need a new trouble

ooo wheres arwan :shock: new trouble? lmfao im simply saying that seed is OBVIOUSLY still very pissed...
Just as a friend of a friend is my friend, a friend of my enemy is my enemy.

Re: Dear Seed

Im gonna be honest, and this will probably get me in trouble with some people, but if u have a problem with seed then i think u should just keep it to urself, if u ruin ur reputation trying to take them down then u r an imisile, u wont win

I dont understand y u blocked everyone, most of seed r very nice people, but every clan has their douchbags
Blocking the few involved or people trying to blame u or do whatever sure, but the others r still good people playing the game like u and i

Seed may have alot of control over crom, but from my understanding there is no who can get lock 1st, but who has been waiting longest, sure this may get annoying to have to get in line behind 1 of 2 people (sometimes more), but if u think that u can jump in front and take quest person this time, whats to say someone doesnt do the same to u tomorrow, or the next day?
We have some sort of system here to line up
If 1 person breaks it, then others might, and then chaos starts

This has already had to much time wasted on this minor issue, people should just let the dust settle and get on with their job, the same as all of us, to progress in this game as best u can, and try and be the strongest u possibly can be

Enough said
No more comments by either party please :D :D :) :)
0-8 xD

Re: Dear Seed

^^ no one had posted for 5 days.... It was dead... But you're bringing it up again.... Then finish by saying don't post... Nice
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