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Seed vs SoulsIgnited the Complete Saga

Duh duh duh... Duh duh duh.....
On this episode of Sportscenter i mean CromCenter we debate the battle of the two powerhouses from the eastern Cromference home of the strongest clans in the league.

Before we break down the rosters lets get a look at the Head Coaches

NukeGurl for Seed with an astonishing past couple season. Well you know its going to be a big year when her best player Nukie makes a comeback from an injury.
Her roster is just a powerhouse. After back to back championships they are looking for a three peat with team captain Armo. Armo is an all American and he has a pack a punch attitude to go with it. Armo is one of the most feared players in the league. Honorable mentions are Robin3 and Orangefroggy just a overall strong team.

Head Coach Brew is making a long awaited return as SoulsIgniteds head coach. Well with all the hype he has brought to the table can his team back it up? With all star Mclovin69 i have a feeling they an put up a fight. Its all about what they pack on the bench as well. Strong as they may seem they have a lot of rookies to go against Seed. But TerryFire brings some heat to the Court in this matchup.

Our projections for Captains go as follows




It will be a tough matchup but definite favorites are Sees in this battle.
Keys to victory for Seed
1- Power
2- Knowledge
3- Diversity among classes

Keys to victory for SoulsIgnites
2- Ability
3- Smack Talk/Taunting

All in all you are looking at a very good matchup. One must assume it is going to be a close match and at this point its a coin flip.

The battle itself will count on Seeds well coordinated knowledge. I Seed can stick to what they know bet it will be win for them.

SoulsIgnited must improvise they are underdogs but many people believe they can compete. It will take numbers and strength that they find in them to pull a victory.

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