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If anyone is looking for a transfer to Arawn…

Spastic, a level 180 rogue on Arawn, wants to transfer to Crom. His level 5 alt name on Crom is InSearch and he has multimillion wealth on Arawn.

So for all you SI people getting killed in the arena, here is your chance to transfer out.

Also note that I will gladly buy certain boss drops if you are transferring, so please contact me about that. I can pay in gold.

Please note that I am not volunteering to be middlewoman, nor will I take blame for anything that goes wrong during the transfer. I am simply posting an advertisement on his behalf, and also offering to buy boss drops.

Re: If anyone is looking for a transfer to Arawn…

Mclovin69 wrote:After getting beat up in arena we ended up locking full 170 and a few other 4 stars that seemed to lift our spirits. By the looks of it no one is leaving :)

Gratz but if you left like azz you may have a chance at killing Mord or something for once... By the looks of it you may get Hrung in update 6. :roll:

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Re: If anyone is looking for a transfer to Arawn…

Mclovin69 wrote:
NUKEGURL wrote:By few other u mean spider and kron?

Those. But also multiple 170s and full 160 today. Also my favorite one when seed wiped at full 170 and then we locked :)

Totally off topic now - seed had 1 ranger and 3 rogues i beleive. They had no chance at killing sreng even with no competition for lock
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