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Re: Your New Best Friend: Design A Pet Contest

Well technically this would be a mount, but since mounts are basically pets you can ride I think this counts lol.

It’s one of the most forgotten mobs in the game as they are so far out of the way and there’s only like 4-5 of them in existence, but yet they are imo the coolest mobs in the game. I’ve always wanted to be able to ride one of these things, ever since I first ran into them all those years ago. I’m talking about none other than the fire horses that sit untouched in the lava pits of the OW.


How to obtain
I’d like to move away from the whole token/play fiasco with this mount. Instead I want it to be something anyone can obtain without worrying about gold or buying plat. You must farm these horses in order to get the mount. These horses would have a small chance of dropping an item (ex would be something like a pyro orb), which could then be used to summon in one of these horses. Once you use the item, you would have your very own fire horse.

Since there would be no stupid tokens, things would be a little different when upgrading this mount. As soon as you have obtained the mount you would gain the ability for it just like any other pet/mount. Instead of handing in weird tokens and having your pet/mount magically be upgraded, you would have to upgrade your mount by leveling up the ability. There would also be a level requirement for each upgrade. You can obtain the mount at level 140 (since the mobs are I believe 135-140), and every 10 levels you would be able to upgrade your mount once more given you have the ability maxed for that level. You would need 1500 ability for the first upgrade at 150, 1600 at 160, all the way to 2200 at 220. There would be an upgrade button on the mount description that would become clickable once you have met the requirements for an upgrade

You will be able to choose the stats when you first obtain the mount to your liking. That way you can have it fit whatever build you are going for. The stats would be 100 of two different stats (100 foc/vit for example), 150 of defense or attack, and then 200 of two different types of evasion. This can only be done when you first get the mount so once you choose your stats there is no going back. The stats would get higher and higher each time you upgrade, going all the way to 220. The mount would start at 80%, and increase by 5% each time it’s upgraded. So at 220 your mount will be at 120% speed

Since this is a fire horse, I think it would be proper if you got a passive fire cloak buff while riding it, doing small but noticeable damage everytime something attacked you. The skill would be a fire stomp skill, which would deal both fire and crushing damage to the selected mob, it would also have a chance at burning the target cause a DoT to take effect for 10 seconds. This mount would also give you the fire walk buff that frozen armor gives you.

I already think the design of these horses are already good enough, but I think it would be awesome if VR added some flame effect or something to them to really give them that wow factor. Like make the hair on the horse fire and make it glow more like the Phoenixs

This ancient breed of horse have long been wandering the lava fields of the other world. Distant relatives of the Kelpies that reside in the swamps, these horses found their way to the lava fields where they adapted and evolved to withstand the intense heat. This mount boosts your speed by (% speed) and gives the skill (skill name) which crushes your opponents with intense force and heat. While riding this mount you are immune to the effects of the lava field and are given a cloak which deals damage to attacking opponents.
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Re: Your New Best Friend: Design A Pet Contest

I was just about to propose this exact same monkey chef idea after my wife told me I cook like a monkey. But Hammy got there before me and it seems I can't even cook as good as a confused monkey.

Sgt slotter wrote:
pewpewpew wrote:This entry comes from a brother sister cross worlds fingal danu Hammy Harmon collaboration!

We thought about what the game was lacking so far and that’s when we came up with a cooking pet and you may ask “what’s the point in a cooking pet?” Well more mastery is the point so peoples can get their bara’s asap. Because I don’t know about you but they take FOREVER to cook.

So what looks best in a little chefs outfit you ask? Monkeys. Yes. Monkeys.

So what does it do?
Cooking proficiency, say by a thousand?
Cooking mastery, say by a thousand?
XP per cook, SAY BY A THOUSAND?!!!? Wait.. that one doesn’t make sense.

30 seconds of guaranteed exquisite cooks with a cool down of something like 2 hours.

Artwork was drawn by us below to show what it could look like with apron and without (sauuccccyyyyyyy)



All rewards to Hammy on fingal.

EDIT: My mum said it’s a great idea therefore it should win by default.

I hereby withdraw my not yet and now never to ve submitted idea because this is clearly the winner :D

Re: Your New Best Friend: Design A Pet Contest

My pet would be the bringing back of Luther's Head. But make it harder to kill him.

The magical head tells weird jokes from time to time... but more importantly...
It has a WORMHOLE ability. A button pops up on the screen every three hours, when pressed the button teleports you through the wormhole to any random boss that is up. Anything from Rockbelly to Unox if you have the maps. Or even Havgar.

Every now and then the wormhole fails and dumps you in the cold sea, this depletes your health fast till you go to the Tavern and buy a glass of malt wine from the barkeep's promiscuous wife. The wine takes 20 seconds to kill off your shivers. The wine may make you do other things as well... but let's not talk about that here.


Re: Your New Best Friend: Design A Pet Contest

THE BASILISK (baby version)

This fearless serpent came from the far far far mythical forest to Dal riata to help the mighty heroes of this land in their adventures in wild.
The most common type and lowest lvl: 15+ dex and strenth/28+ attack/25+ weakening attack evasion
Venemous strike-It bite the enemy with it poisoned fangs causing him (x) poison damage it also lower the target chance to avoid skills and melee hits by (x) for 30 seconds due to the venom running in it veins
*for price i would say 2 pet tokens for the lowest type and lvl.......4 pet token for second type.......8 pet token for third type.......16 pet token for fourth
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Re: Your New Best Friend: Design A Pet Contest

I would choose a wyrm like snappy in fingals cave camp

Description- the wyrm is a symbol of power throughout dal riata, hailing from the caves on the far stretch of land, this wyrm is always ready to help a *class* like you!

Stat- focus

Skill- boost burn! All damage skills do extra damage for a short period of time- better pet lvl (tiny-huge) effects the efectiveness--- rarer pet effects cooldown

Wounding attack evasion

Moth net quest for snappy should unlock taming ability

Common: green wyrm
Uncommon:red wyrm
Rare: yellow wyrm
Best: black wyrm

Have it need wyrm eggs- attainable as rare item from wyverns, wyrms, dragons, and also through 250 Drake claws! Buy in plat for 150 plat

Snappy- I wouldn't change look at all
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Re: Your New Best Friend: Design A Pet Contest

Goblin Gambler (6)

(A companion who will bring luck.)
Slot: Companion
Strength: 120
Dexterity: 120
Focus: 120
Vitality: 120
Gives Skill: "Dice"
(Skill: Chace to reset the skills countdown.)
Infinite uses
Treasure Hunter: 1000
Scholar: 1000
+30% Experience
+30% Abilities
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Re: Your New Best Friend: Design A Pet Contest

moonlight fox


This my design of pet would be awesome to see it in the game, moonlight fox is adorable creature with shimmering/radiant horn and nice colors ._.

For white fox ( rarest)
Strength : 16
Attack : 29
Physical attack: 29
Skill: eclipse

" this tiny white moonlight fox is the rarest. it works hard to aid you, granting it's bonuses and the skill ' eclipse' "

Eclipse skill will greatly increase your damage and all your evasion for 15 seconds
I named the skill eclipse cause it moonlight fox hehe :P so eclipse would fit it


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Re: Your New Best Friend: Design A Pet Contest

All are amazing.... but I need the monkey :geek:
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Re: Your New Best Friend: Design A Pet Contest

Shrike wrote:Premium pets currently exist for casters (Phoenix) and DPS players (Dragon.) It’s time that tanks got their due!

The Mythical Griffin Pet will give meat shields added bonuses to their defense and armor while granting a skill that will help shield their party from incoming damage.

What could be more intimidating than a great, beaked, winged, clawed behemoth joining you in battle against the greatest in the realm?

“The Giant Golden Griffin Cub works hard to aid you, granting its bonuses and the skill “Wings of Fury” which reflects much of the damage coming to your group back on your opponents for 15 seconds.”

Slot: Companion
Dexterity: 120
Vitality: 120
Strength: 120
Focus: 120
Gives Skill: Wings of Fury
Infinite Uses
Defense: 1000
Armor: 1000

Level Requirement 200


EDIT to add - art not my own. I can't even draw a straight line with a ruler.

Phoenix is a tank pet

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Re: Your New Best Friend: Design A Pet Contest

Legacyte wrote:

Name: Falak

Background: arabian mythical creature, mentioned in the one thousand and one nights.

Description: a powerful serpent that lives under the realm of fire, and it is said that its so hrungy, if it wasnt for the fear of God, it would have ate all creatures already.

Extra feature: never dying pet ( no food )

Stats when maxed : 75 heat dmg
Fire resistance: 500
Movement evasions 750

Skill: heated power- increase heat damage for the player to 500 for 15 seconds

- legacyte on lugh

* would be amazing to see anything arabian added to the game, would be a dope adition, id love to see maybe charms, historical weapons, pets or mounts maybe a battle camel, or the zulfiqar sword, mideval arabian armour or even zones etc.

Did you draw that picture?
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