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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win unique fashion!

Arkhamasylum wrote:To staff, is there any more point doing this challange? Will prizes and everything still be awarded and will this event continue as normal? Ive got an entry on the way was just asking wether there is a point in it anymore.

^This. As there is no more staff who is going to vote for competition lol.
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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win unique fashion!

Ex Warden - Eideard
Level 225
Passive: Chaos Aura, Corrupt Runes (Randomly picks an element and reduces damage by 50%)




Once the beloved husband of Warden Marta, Eldeard sets out on a journey to discover the chaos which has been shaking the land of Dal Riata.


He prepares for his journey


Stumbling along the way, the young Warden never looked back, "I must bring peace to this land once again as the Legendary Fingal himself once did"


During his studies he finds a portal shaped structure which caught his eye, there carved ancient runes which Eldreard himself could not understand.


His journey finally leads him to a portal which flows with exalted energy.....or more.
For the first time Eldread enters through the tunnel like portal, he was never heard from again.
The scouts which have gone out to search for Eldread were only able to bring back his journal.

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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win unique fashion!

Celtic Heroes Fearsome Foe competition entry



Tragodia: level (240)

There were times long ago where parts of the society believed in the dark arts, in this dark time they believed that the god Tragodia would contain all the powers to let them live and thrive, they worshiped this god as she was full of hope and love, then suddenly everyone started to doubt this god... Centuries passed by, the ignorance of her people turned her gold heart to stone. This corrupted her mind set and turned her into the beast you now know, she must be stopped before she spreads her evil spirit across Lir's reach and turn the whole world into pure chaos.

Plus, When the player(s) who defeated the corrupted version of Tragodia are transported to the place where she is now 'pure' she then remembers the reason why her people stopped believing in her. It was all due to Gelebrons dark magic...

Summary + location:

Deep under the pits of hell, lays the source of all this evil. She is Mother Nature herself but is corrupted inside, she is the source of all nightmares, the god of hatred and power. Tragodia is her name. To find this boss you must find the hidden passage in the corrupted gardens and in this secret passage is the path... to hell.

In hell this zone will be filled with monsters ranging from level 210 to 230 I’m not entirely sure what this zone should be like but try to make it full of lava pits that harm you when walked on and mutant beasts such as:

You will be greeted by a mutant soldier named Gorgos this true hearted monster whom was created by Tragodia herself he will tell you the story of her past and then plead the player to stop her. His quotes will repeat the backstory above.

Further into this zone you will be confronted face to face with evil herself, she would have skills that freeze locked on players every minute for 20 seconds, she would have the ability to life steal and counter nearly every attack using riposte, this boss will also have the ability to travel around the room and turn into clones of herself on command confusing every player on whom is the true Tragodia. This will be hard for the developers to do but will become a cool mechanic to add to the style of fighting.

Passive: Half hearted - All character's normal attack will be halved e.g. if a warrior has a total attack of 200 on that boss he or she will only attack with and will do 100 damage.

Her health and attack can be decided up to the developers due to myself being a low level and not knowing much about higher level bosses and their stats.

When killed all players will be transported on command to a zone the same as hell however it will look very "heavenly" with all colours being changed to white gold and blue. After that you will see that there is an npc that looks just like Tragodia but as if all the evil has been taken out of her. When speaking to her she will thank all players and grant them a gift of either 100,000 gold, 500,000 gold and 1,000,000 gold depending on how much damage you did to the boss.


Helm of the devil (helmet) - This piece of armour can transform you into a copy of Tragodia using the skill Godly disguise, this will give the user 100% camouflage and times all stats by 1.5 for 1 minute with a cooldown of 1 minute
Drop chance: 40%

Heart of the devil (jewellery) - This Jewellery will be the rarest of them all by giving the wearer the ability to create a shadow clone of the enemy they are locked onto and attack them however the clone will have half the health and half the stats with a cooldown of 2 minutes
Drop chance:20%

Arms of the devil (primary weapon) - takes up both weapon slots, this weapon will cover the arms of any wearer and make them look like Tragodia's arms, this will give the power to freeze your enemies the cool-down is 1 minute, this weapon would have the same stats as most high level weapons but do fire damage.
Drop chance: 40%

I hope you liked my idea on a fearsome foe!

Username (Player name): LOCKGRID
Class: Rogue
Server: Fingal
Lv: Around 45

Thank you for reading my entry!
(i hope this is good enough to win! ).

P.S - When the boss is killed the cool-down until the boss respawns would be at least a week to avoid breaking every server’s economy through mass gold farming.

Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win unique fashion!


Gui Loscann (Praying frog)
Gui Loscann was born in the lily ponds of the gardens by the melding of a frog and praying mantis. She is the result of the corruption twisting all living things within it's reach, so much so that even her breath is poison.

1) Tongue Whip - Whips target with her frog tongue and knocks them down. (Could also drag them closer to her perhaps?). Slashing damage. Can be long range since frogs tongues are very long.
2) Leap - Jumps up and knocks everyone within a short range down when she lands, stunning them for a short time. (Doesn't do much damage besides the stun).
3) Slash - Short range high damage slashing hit from her Forelegs.
4) Bite - Poison damage hit from her mandibles. (Short range but she can even turn her head 180 and bite those behind her)
5) Fluster - Creates a shield by flapping her wings furiously that makes all attacks miss for short time while active. Can be negated by shield bash.
6) Hiss - Hisses and a cloud of poison emanates outwards from her abdominal spiracles. It spreads to a long range and lasts for a while before dissipating. Does poison damage over time, but the effect could perhaps be cancelled / resisted by using one of the green potions of purification from the apothecary in gardens.
7) Pheromones - A ward like aura that inflicts magic damage to all that auto attack her. This aura lasts for a short time but can be broken with a powerful magic lure.
8) Calls for help - Calls all plants in the area to defend her.
9) Harvest - This sacrifices all the plants near her and adds their health to her own.



Entry by:
Character: KlTTY (the letter 'i' is really an 'L')
World: Mabon
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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win unique fashion!


Boss ( poison boss )

6 skills

- branches from the ground that hits everyone in the area

- strangle with branches to stop person from moving

- a strike dealing very high damage

- go in growth mode for 5 seconds dealing twice the damage

- an over time damage hit

- releasing bees to cast poison damage to all area and lower the players poison resistance


The boss willl be weak to fire and slash damage


It will drop 3 drops

- essence ( the thing for t9 weapons )
- wooden weapons with cool nature type skills ( rare )
- rings with skills ( damage skills, healing skills etc )
- braces with regens and prot type stats

( essence is gaurenteed )

The boss will requier about 30-40 toons to kill
The boss will be lvl 215 ( something different not just 220 bosses )

It will have 15 trees protecting it ( trees are very weak they dont damage much but they heal the boss alot )

Trees respond time will be 10-20 seconds


Once raged the trees will all respawn if dead.....

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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win unique fashion!

Character name: Jasperodus.
World: Belenus.

I had previously made this suggestion in the Closed Beta forum, so I hope I am allowed to submit it as an entry for this competition.

Dust Devil[*]


An extract from the Encyclopaedia Of Celtic Mythology And Folklore, Page 169 (http://stoa.usp.br/briannaloch/files/2564/13832/The+Encyclopedia+of+Celtic+Mythology+and+Folklore.pdf):

”fairy blast (fairy wind, elfin eddy) Folkloric motif. When TROOPING FAIRIES traveled together, the speed of their passage created a blast of wind discernible even in this world. Sometimes in the summer the traveling fairies could be seen, swirling up dust and straw on even the stillest day. But that dust devil hid the results of FAIRY KIDNAPPING, for as the troop passed, things disappeared from our world. If one threw a left shoe at the whirlwind, anything the fairies were stealing dropped from their hands. Men, women, children, animals, all were known to appear from within a fairy blast subjected to this treatment. Bonnets, knives, and earth from mole- hills could work as a substitute for the shoe, espe- cially if the words “that’s yours, this is mine” were spoken as the object was hurled into the whirl- wind. But if the speaker attempted to trick the fairies out of something rightfully theirs, like one of their astonishing sets of bagpipes, the theft backfired when the human discovered the magical possession dissolved into dust or turned into woodland debris in his hands.
The fairy blast was strong enough to pick up adult humans and carry them long distances. Those who traveled at night were most subject to such kidnapping, as were those who wandered onto or who deliberately disturbed a FAIRY PATH. Tales are legion of people who found themselves far away from their starting point, dropped by the fairy blast in London or New York or an inaccessible region of ice. Occasionally these captives were returned to the place they left, but often they could not recognize the place because the wind had blown their wits away, or they returned so long after their disappearance that all was changed.”

The Dust Devil, once attacked, will apply a howling winds buff, and will then randomly meander among it’s attackers inflicting a melee range area of effect of slashing damage.
It is impervious to taunt, bolas or roots.
Resistant to physical damage (slash, pierce, crush, etc).
Vulnerable to elemental damage (fire, ice, lightening, explosive arrow, etc).
During the encounter it will randomly lift up an attacker(s), entrapping them helpless within it’s vortex, for a period (20 or 30 seconds), then drop or hurl them on to a nearby creature (as opposied to calling on nearby creatures to help attack).
The entrapped player(s) (being inert heavy objects) now add an element of crush damage to the Dust Devil’s area of effect.
A trapped player may be released by a Druid casting Rescue on them, or they can be released by hurling old boots at the Dust Devil (finally a use for those boots we get from fishing).
The Dust Devil, once vanquished, drops items that it has snatched from other creatures in the region.

I believe that OTM may already have a suitable animated graphic in the form of one of the swirling sandstorms that High Warlord Auraxis calls down.

[*]P.S. Other variants exist in the real world, e.g. Fire Devil and Water Devil.
P.S.S. If I win, then: Chest 38”, waist 32”, inside leg 32” (dress on the left).
Always remember that you are unique, just like everyone else.

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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win unique fashion!

My Celtic Heroes Character:

Story: Once over in dal Rita, upon her visit to the earth during Samhain the young goddess of dreams Caer Ibormeith caught sight of a newborn abandoned in the depths of a mighty forest. As a goddess she knew taking in the child was insane but the thoughts of leaving the child here in the gloom of the forest was beyond her. As time was closing and dawn was awaiting the goddess had to make a decision. As dawn was on the verge the goddess rushed to the nearest village, knowing her human form was about to come to a conclusion. With her last minutes in human charm she weaved a talisman of godly essence and hastily forced it around the child’s neck. When the child was discovered near a temple, the only thing present was a tiny golden necklace gently tied around his neck. The boy was named Alzahr by the people.

The talisman allowed the goddess to send over dreams to Alzahr and every year, no longer in human appearance. On the Celtic day on the time of Samhain, both of them used to meet over at the spot the goddess discovered the newborn Alzahr at. The goddess adored the boy and granted him wisdom and teachings. Every year the goddess and the boy used to meet, and with every dream the young man gained more and more wisdom, and became more and more charming and perfect. One day, when she thought he was ready and with the concent of the gods, the goddess granted the boy perhaps a special gift.

The goddess had, through the force of ancient magic and power of nature provided by the gods made Alzahr a master of dreams, sealing all the unearthly magic in his golden necklace from their first meeting. His job was reading dreams of the people of dal Rita and providing them with dreams of victory and great glory in rough times, blessing the heroes with sweet and sugary ones whilst sending on nightmares and spirits of evil onto cowards and thieves. Whilst the village was asleep, Alzahr was wide awake weaving dreams. That is how the name was granted to him: to Gods and men he became known as Alzahr the Dreamweaver.

However, Alzahr as seeing the dreams of Kings and almighty champions and heroes became envious of their goods, their kingdoms and their glory. A seed of jealousy was planted in his eyes. For decades the plant of envy expanded and corrupted his mind.

Without the knowledge of the gods, Alzahr used dreams as pathways to access knowledge of the heroes he was serving. He stole the lexicons of imprinted and sealed wisdom from minds of great people and blackmailed them, in threats of public exposure. The Dreamweaver had kept his stolen records and learned many spells and attributes known only to masters and enchanters. He knew the next step of the enemy, whatever it was. In that way, Alzahr had gained more money and riches than any mortal, but the plant of greed was just growing faster and faster, taking over his mind and feeding off his envy.

Alzahr had now envied the gods, and wanted to level out as one. Caer Ibormeith, upon finding out the thoughts of her disciple compiled a plan. The next time they met in the forest in the season of Samhain, the goddess had told Alzahr that by eating fruits from the planted tree an individual would be met by a power of the forest god and transform him into a divine being. Without hesitation Alzahr took a bite off the tiny tree with purple fruits. As soon as the juice of the rich fruit slid down his throat, Alzahr fell to the ground senseless. The goddess had untied his amulet and cast a curse on the amulet. The amulet was now as brittle as Chinese vase and turned into stone. The once powerful amulet crumbled in the hands of the goddess, falling into pieces.

As a traitor, and a once trusted disciple Caer Ibormeith thought death was not enough to punish sins of a man lifting arms on a god, she with the power of the Gods beyond her sealed Alzahr beyond the gates and in the Corrupted Gardens, where life was worse than death. Alzahr’s kingdom was destroyed and his army had ceased to exist. He was forever forgotten by the Gods, as he was forced into the void of silence and could never communicate with mortals or gods again.

As he awoke in the Gardens and upon finding out what the Gods had done to him Alzahr was in fury. He did not carry the power to weave dreams, and thought that he would have to spend an eternity in pain, but then a sudden idea sparked.

Alzahr would use all his lexicons and learning stolen from the mighty masters to evolve into a mage himself, using alchemy to create and practice lethal powers in the depths of the void, living with the one wish - to once break the seal of the Gardens and unleash the dark spirits of the Corrupted Gardens onto the people of dal Rita, prove himself as the highest God, and spilling blood of revenge over the green, fertile land created by the lords that once exiled him.

During his time in the gardens of horror, Alzahr had merged exceeding armour for they dying souls of Corrupted Gardens and enslaved them. The creatures he created would bear the use of powerful and withering spells cast by none other than their master. These creatures are known as the Zinnlax and are as a evil and malnourished as their master.

The terrifying sorcerer is now trying to recreate the talisman granted to him by a goddess long ago in order to break the bridge between the two worlds. You must stop him! Protect dal Rita from the threat of his dark magic.


Alzahr the Dreamweaver



Alzahr is a Druid in class

Has 3/ 5* adds which I’ll tell you about shortly.


* Thorns of Revitalisation (Natures Touch) Heals 50k hp / cast 30%> hp CAN be interrupted
* *Alzahr starts to bind a ravenous curse* Storm of Chaos (Natures Storm) 7.5k AEOs around top 3 aggro players
* There will be obelisks floating above Alzahr. There are 4 of them and each one bears an ability. *The obelisks light up with the glow of destiny* A random obelisk glows and a power is chosen based on what it is. Either: A power buff to adds (Frenzy) / A hp regen to adds (Natures embrace) / A Shield to adds (Energy Shield) or a shield doing damage to attackers autos (Fire Shield)
* *Alzahr unleashes a fury of rage, stealing life from the surrounding mortals* Fury of Rage (Lifesteal) 2500 Dmg Steal from surroundings
* The aura around Alzahr also gives you a weakness towards chaos and magic damage
* Deathly Vines (Natures Breath) Heals his guardians as well as moving their abilities to their next tier. Cast every 45 seconds and is unbashable.

There are 4 obelisks (monoliths) floating above Alzahr (purely for visuals). Every time the obelisks will cast their skill, they will circle around Alzahr and the skill that the monoliths would cast would light up the corresponding monolith 10 seconds before the activation of the skill allowing players to move into the right positions before the skill will cast and the adds will recieve a powerup. *The monoliths cannot be bashed or frozen, they are for visuals only, but they act as a part of the boss mechanics*

His Three 5* Adds:

Name: Zinnlax Vasfeltus -
Function: Vasfeltus grants his master a shield, which shall only perish after his death, granted in connection with him and the monoliths. His shield gets more powerful with every heal he receives from his master, so make sure to kill him before Alzahr gets out of control!

Name: Zinnlax Drocar- Drocar, a mighty Druid himself will heal his master. His healing will progress over time and you must stop him before his healing reaches peak.

Name: Zinnlax Grovrok- a ruthless berserker of the Zinnlax. He buffs the damage of his master greatly by his fierce war cry summoning the evil power from the forces of the monoliths.

These adds will each be different from each other and surround Alzahr in a way of an equilateral triangle, each need to be killed for their effects to stop, but each have a strategy to themselves and are weak to different elements.

Vasfeltus: Strong AEOs attacks/very weak autos, weak to elemental damage
Drocar: Area around boss deals damage to all melee in contact, very vulnerable to divine dmg
Grovrok: Heavy autos, weaknesses are slashing and poison dmg

Alzahr himself is weak to slashing and crushing dmg, and is immune to divine dmg. With that being said, Alzahr himself is a relatively easy boss by himself, but the area beneath where he is standing casually (underneath the monoliths) regenerates his health. He has decently strong autos, which are not deadly by themselves but with the buffs from Grovrok can turn deadly.

What is the strategy?! That’s your part. You heroes have to find out for yourselves, as our horde has failed multiple times over our attempts, although from as far as we know, you must not let Alzahr return to his resting spot. The monoliths grant him a divine ability there... you must avoid it at all costs. Now, you shall be gone on your way hero. Recover me two rituals of ... , if I could read them right I shall grant you knowledge to the scribing written on it, which might unlock a hidden power. Alzahr is known to have written down ancient knowledges he had stolen from masters long ago on stone for his rituals. Although the stones still exist they are now scattered around and I have a suspicion Alzahr himself is carrying the missing parts of the shards himself. Bring it to me hero and the reward will follow.


^ Zinnlax Warrior

arkhamasylum , Taranis
Name: arkhamasylum 220 Rogue

World: Taranis

Clan: Revival

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