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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win unique fashion!

Behold, the spectral reaper. A beast who has roamed the halls of the chaos palace for many centuries. Once these menacing monsters were human, but alas the sweet scent of Crom’s unimaginable power swept through them. Corrupting, shifting and controlling them. Their trapped souls cry out lashing out violent cold blasts*. Dressed In withering sheets and prickly thorns they are the embodiment of fear and gazing at one for too long could be your end*. Their thorns are as sharp as a sword and cut through any hero willing to prove their strength*. Though ghostly. The devilish power of Crom has given them shield like strength to increase their ability to withstand Brutal blows. They float along at slow paces across the halls, stalking the halls. And anyone who crosses their sight will be unwillingly part of a dangerous fight. Their time in this fearful home of the evil god has forced them to create the aura of death. Which boots their attacks against their foes. Anyone unlucky enough to fight one of these beasts for too long will suffer the horrific plague of the unforgiven. Which reduces their inner ability to withstand attack’s* and causing a decay of their soul over a period of time*. It is best not to attack one of these for too long. The consequences... are large. Some of theses creations of death have roamed the land for much longer, gaining corruption and power as they went. These foes are stronger than the others and are known as the villainous Heliox Reapers. These enemies are best taken in groups as their power stretches far more than those of their lesser brothers. Their special skills and effects are increased and also have an added ability. This is the Heliox curse and when this is applied it lowers resistances to cold and causes other reapers in a radius to call to their fallen brother. It is recommended that those who strive to best one of these attempt at luring him away from others, to ensure a clean defeat.

There is also one other creature that roams the palace entrance. The unforsaken walker. This ghostly zombie looking piece of work is some of the unlucky ‘damned’ ones. In Yarak’s and Crom’s spread of Chaos the unlucky few did not succeed in their corruption. Or as it was known as, their ascension. Instead the magic mutated them into undead spectral monsters which believe in nothing but chaos. Their human souls are gone. They wreak havoc with brutal blows * and attempt to inflict heroes with their ‘burning terror’ which is a mild over time blow which deals an average amount of harm but has a rare chance to confuse the hero’s mind, interrupting skills! luckily a special potionmaster who resides near the gate has created the ‘blessing of the starlight ocean’ which neglects the evil effects of burning terror

Aside from these horrific and terrifying monsters. There is one who stands above all. Almost matching Crom himself. His name. Yarak the tempestuous.
A hidden warrior by the name of Calara has requested that you put a stop to Yarak, as his power is growing and soon he will be strong enough alongside his army to destroy the bonds that tie Crom away from the world. You and a band of others must defeat Yarak. Your reward you ask? The lost jewellery and weaponry that Yarak himself and his followers used in their old life.

Lore of Yarak. You must wonder.. as you know the origin of the foul reapers and beasts, who is Yarak the tempestuous. He was a cantankerous fighter from many many centuries ago. He fought valiantly and gained the title of stormbreaker. Which was incredibly honourable. Though there was a dark thought in his mind. One that touched Crom. On a quiet day Yarak snuck away. Finding a spiritual creation of Crom. who turned on him. Corrupted Yarak into a monster. With this newfound power Yarak made his entire legion into a wave of chaos*. Anyone else followed in fear. With a mighty sweep he generated violent sonic destruction* everywhere he walked. But as the world was being destroyed, the gods began to rise. A war begin where Yarak and Crom lost. Crom and Yarak were caged. Their army followed by the force of the gods. It’s known Yarak still calls upon his army* and generates an aura of undying within them which boosts their strength. Proving difficult in large numbers.

Can you best Yarak and his legion in order to save Dal Riata ? Or will you fall and join him.

—NaturesFrost 121 Druid Belenus

Stars represent buffs / debuffs / skills / abilities

Spectral + Heliox Skills/buffs/abilities

Shriek of death : Mob blasts out an AoE of cold damage in a small radius, evasion chance is quite low, does mediocre damage.
Deaths Thorn : Strikes out a single target piercing damage hit, has a medium chance of missing depending on evasions. Does mediocre / high damage
Plague Of The Unforgiven: Reduces armour by x amount (depends for 1 and 2*) and gives small DoT cold effect.
Aura of Death: After Half Health, Boosts attack for 15-20s (its like a rage but its not strong) only small boost
Horrifying glare: If casted the hero is frozen in place for 5 seconds or until next attack (it is possible that spectral reaper begins to cast a skill after glare)
(Heliox have stronger and renamed versions) (in order of spoken above)
Roar of chaos
Spicule Strike
Sinners Stare
<Heliox does not have Plague or Aura Instead:>
Heliox Curse: Lowers cold Resistance by X amount and calls for help to other reapers in small/medium radius

3-4* Ranking
Unforsaken walker buffs/abilities/skills

Harbringer Blast: strikes a foe with a medium damage crushing blow.
Burning Terror: Very mild DoT but includes about a 12% chance to interrupt a skill cast, works about 1/10 faster than a tic and lasts 15 seconds

fighting the Debuff: these will drop an item known as "fabricated chaos" which your newfound friend Sirius the potion master can transform into a protection from burning terror

Ranks at a 1-2* (possibly a few 3*)
Yarak skills/buffs/abilities and a debuff against him that is unmentioned in the lore

Wave of chaos: every so often yarak will release a wave of high chaos damage, (this is to promote the use of chaos res and healing others in the raid!) semi-chance to evade that of course scales with evasions
Stormbreaker Swipe: releases a crushing swipe to the players infront (key word) in a small radius (melee auto attack range)
Legions call: this ability cannot be interrupted, Yarak channels his chaos for 2 seconds and summons all adds in the medium vicinity of his raid location.
to combat this you would want to remove all adds and control their spawns, Heliox curse does NOT call Yarak.
Chained Protection: Yarak calls upon the magical chains that once bound him to protect him from X amount of damage for x amount of seconds. This shield can be broken, if broken before the time limit, Yarak is inflicted with 'Severed Wound' which reduces his armour and defence
Poisoned Chaos: Yarak stayed true to the ideology of the gardens, and has combined his Chaotic power with the devilish poison produced by Bloodthorn. This strike is of medium range and becomes weaker the less health Yarak has (the strength of it has nothing to do with if bloodthorn is up or not)
Connected as One: Yarak gives off an buff to adds in the area that improves their armour / defence and slightly their attack, once Yarak is reduced to half health or when he enrages, this boost is removed.

Enrage: All of Yaraks abilities increase massively, he regularly calls adds to target locations. This raid is not meant to be killed during enrage

Timer: x amount of minutes, possible 30-45 testing, and lessened once players can kill faster

Rank: Raid Tier 6* with no place holders

Location: preferably in a large opening and Heliox + Spectral roam there

Designed for about: 35 toons

around 15-20 on main boss with the other 15-20 (depends which is more efficient) spread on add clear

Picture representing the Ideal look for Spectral and Heliox reapers (Heliox will look more empowered ):


Possibly look for Yarak : (can be mage like or warrior I’ve yet to decide )


Possible look for unforsaken walker :


Guess I made the entire zone
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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win unique fashion!

Firstly: Good luck to all that enter!!!!!
'Corrupted Guardians:
Once, these noble souls patrolled the glorious halls of Rath Parras, protecting them and guarding them from the cruel intentions of Crom. Yet now, they have succumbed to dark sorcery of the death god himself, their very life forces corrupted and twisted into something dark: something wrong.
What once was the last bastion against his oppressive arcana became Crom's gateway to the gardens beyond, his pathway to corruption.
The corridors of Rath Parras have fallen silent, silent save for the faint clinking of decaying swords against rotting flesh, silent save for the mumbled wails of the perished souls, silent save for the darkness roiling within.
To enter these corrupted halls would not be an act of bravery, no matter what the legends say; to enter these halls would be a death sentence, for the Guardians see all, the Guardians know all.
What fools will attempt to infiltrate the sacred halls, only to fall prey to the rusted swords of the once loyal Guardians?
Which misguided hero will be the one to unleash the dark lord upon the mortal plains once more?
Which true savoir will be the one to slay a God?'


Skills Include:
Wrath of Gods - The Guardian calls upon the power of its creators to blast its opponent, deals magic dmg
Crom's Influence - Watching through the eyes of the Guardian, Crom himself laughs at the foolish hero's attempts at besting his warriors, and sends tendrils of his dark powers through to the Guardian's sword. Deals poison dmg on impacr and a slashing DoT for 10 seconds.
Reviving Drain - Though the Guardians rarely choose to use this power, upon feeling their life force is low, a Guardian may invoke the dark magics in order to replace their health with their opponents, draining the life from those who dare to cross them for their own gain.
Character: Issartri
World: Arawn

Thank you :)
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Issartri - Ranger - Arawn - 80+
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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win unique fashion!

Foe: Alator the Exiled, Level: 220 (or 225). Designed for 35-45 players. Rage Timer: 20min

Alator the Exiled was once a highly respected god of war who fought alongside the heroes of Dal Riata against the forces of Crom. He slayed hundreds of thousands of Crom’s minions and believed himself worthy of taking on Crom by himself. Against the advice of his fellow gods and his heroic comrades, Alator ventured by himself into the palace within the Corrupted Gardens, the last place Crom was heard from. No one knows what happened to Alator within the palace walls but when he came out, he was beaten and became corrupted by Crom’s influence. After healing from his wounds, Alator became fixated on forbidden dark magic and slayed the heroes that served under him for their power. Upon discovering the horrors Alator had done, the gods and heroes of Dal Riata joined forces to slay Alator but were only able to put him into a deep slumber. It is said that until now Alator has remained slumbered, imprisoned by the gods within the very walls that had corrupted him and locked the gates of the Corrupted Gardens to prevent his evil from returning...until now. Brave, yet foolish, heroes have since entered the Corrupted Gardens and have stirred Alator’s slumber. Brave heroes will have to enter the palace of the Corrupted Gardens before Alator the Exiled becomes too powerful and break the bonds that keep him from destroying Dal Riata. Heroes have fought from dragons to wizards but are they ready to best a god?

Palace: The palace will be dungeon-like and players will have to fight their way as a group to get to Alator’s chambers. Once they arrive there, his chambers will be large (slightly bigger than the arena) and once the players enter the area and the fight begins, no other player may enter the area.

Adds: 4 Guardians of Alator, once tasked with the duty of fighting for Dal Riata, have been corrupted like their master. Each guardian will have a special aoe debuff as long as they are alive. 1) Armor Debuff 2) Defense Debuff 3) Damage to Alator Debuff 4) Haste Debuff. Will respawn every 3-5min

Damage type: As a god of war, Alator is equipped with many types of weapons that he will switch to at different health thresholds. For example at 100% health he will utilize a hammer, at 75% he will switch to a spear, at 50% a sword, 25% a dagger etc. This will create an interesting dynamic for druids and wards

Skills: Now it gets fun
Basic Skills:
Protector’s Shield: (Every 3min) Alator blocks all incoming physical damage for 5 seconds. Cannot be interrupted. (This puts more emphasis on dps Mage and Druids)

Raining Arrows: A volley of fiery arrows hits all around Alator dealing initial damage and fire dot damage. Initial Damage is increased the lower Alator's health goes down

Unique Aoe Damage Skill: Since Alator switches weapons at different health thresholds, he will deal crush pierce and slash aoe damage accordingly with unique effects: Alator pummels his hammer to the ground, stunning all near him for 3seconds (warriors and rogues), Alator throws a volley of spears at the cowards that dare try and fight him from afar (hits rangers mages and druids), Alator charges up his sword and instant kills a single target (the tank), Alator uses his dagger and greatly increases his damage speed for 5 seconds.

Special Skills:
Fury of Alator: At every 20% Health Threshold, Alator will send back ALL damage back to the damage dealer for 3 seconds. From Physical melees to Firebolts, it will be sent back to the caster and Alator will be invulnerable for this time.

Corrupted Army: at 10% health Alator will possess a random group and they will fight for him (will basically be meleeing everyone else. Just use the code for regular mobs). They must be killed before continuing the fight with Alator. Lock group is immune to this skill

Just thought I'd create a boss that's not hard as long as you're organized and introduce a few mechanics that I thought could be fun with the different health thresholds offering different strategies to beat Alator rather than just potting and idolling through the same fight over and over lol. Below is an image I found with what I'd imagine Alator to look like, maybe with red instead of blue on his eyes and armor and various weapons on his back (as he is a war god)


Tritor on Belenus
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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win unique fashion!

In-Game Name: Tanker Baby
World: Lir

My idea of how the palace would work is an area similar to a tower floor, with a gate leading to Crom's chamber, hopefully this'll provide some context for how I explain these mobs and would apply them in-game. :D

Mob 1
Name: Guardian of the Gate (Corny name, I know.)
Difficulty: Level 220 6* Raid Boss
Recommended Raid Size: 2-3 Full Groups, depending on gear
Recommended Gear: DPS and Support will be fine with full Dragonlord. Tank will need full Exalted Dragonlord to survive some of the Guardian's strongest attacks.
Backstory: The "Guardian of the Gate" was against Crom's ideas and his motives, thus leading him to make an irrational move and attacking Crom. This caused him to be beat up by Crom's apprentices and thrown out into the wild to perish. He was able to survive these dire conditions, though, and made settlement with Clan Maclir. He was trained by the highest ranking soldiers and was inspired by the fighting techniques of the guards in Gelebron's Tower, driving him to become an excellent fighter. He became a master of elements and of spears. After years and years of training, he made return to the palace. Though not permitted to enter Crom's chamber after the incident, he was named the Guardian of the Gate. He now guards the gate, helping heroes prove their worth and preparing them for the worst to come - Crom. Heroes are required to defeat the Guardian of the Gate before they may pass into Crom's chamber, where they will have the battle against Crom, once and for all.
Cry for Help: If the 5* squires aren't already engaged in a battle, Guardian will cry for help and they will engage with the group that initiated the fight.
Chaotic Blow: A Chaos damage attack, requires at least Exalted Dragonlord to survive. Single target attack.
Chaotic Sweep: Lesser version of chaotic blow, only requires Dragonlord to survive though. AoE attack.
Piercing Wound: Inflicts a DoT on the target, dealing piercing damage.
Crom's Blessing: Increases own resistance against divine damage for a very short duration.
Caster's Curse: Increases own resistance against poison, fire, ice, and nature attacks for a very short duration.
Soldier's Curse: Increases own resistance against crush, pierce, and slash attacks for a very short duration.
Dust Storm: Decreases attack of players within an area. AoE debuff.
Resuscitate: Guardian starts a 15-second cast which will resuscitate any dead squires. Triggers every 10 minutes and/or at 5% health.
Rejuvenate: Once the Guardian is at low health (10% maybe), it will cast a HoT on itself lasting 15 seconds and become invulnerable for 5 seconds. One time cast.
Final Stand: Once the Guardian is at 5% health, or 30 minutes into the raid, it will cast a self-buff increasing its damage and armor until it is dead. It will also start casting of Resuscitate again, regardless of it was already casted within a 10 minute window. Damage boost does not apply to skills.
I haven't really gone into thought about this part of the mob, but perhaps he could drop 3-5 of powerful jewelry or weapons. Or even potions to help resist some of Crom's most powerful attacks.

Mobs 2 - 3
Names: Guardian's Squire
Difficulty: Level 220 5* Mini Boss
Backstory: These squires were previously members of Crom's council, and thrown out for nearly the same reason the Guardian was. The Guardian found them taking shelter under an overhang by the palace, and decided to train them to become strong. They work for the Guardian now, to help him fend off any heroes that are not worthy of stepping into the dark chamber of Crom.
Recommended Group Size: 1 half/full group per squire
Recommended Gear: DPS, Support, and Tanks will be fine with Dragonlord, but would be better if Tanks had full Exalted Dragonlord.
Skills: Basically lesser skills of the Guardian. Does not cast Rejuvenate or Final Stand.
Battle Cry: Small damage/armor boost to itself.
Healing Touch: Lesser effect of Rejuvenate. A light heal applied to Guardian (much less than what Rejuvenate would give).
Drops: 1 lesser drop (lower stats than item drops from Guardian)
Other information: Will only spawn once unless brought back to life via Resuscitate. If not already engaged in combat with another group, they will attack the group that initiated the battle when Guardian performs Cry for Help skill.

Have groups assigned to taking down the 5* Squires. A tank may be required per Squire. While these group(s) are killing the Squires, the lock group will go in and start the fight against the Guardian. It is crucial to time shield bashes, especially on Resuscitate, since the effects can be devastating. AoE attacks can be avoided by standing behind the Guardian and attacking from there, while the tank stays out front and takes the hits. If the Guardian is not dead within 30 minutes, it will cast Final Stand, regardless of if it is at 5% health or not. If the raid continues for 1 hour at once, Final Stand will occur yet again, but with even stronger effects.

Here is a graph with a rough layout of how the raid could be done. Feel free to make changes as you please.


I didn't say so in the image but the black cones are the AoE zones. AoE effects would trigger after 5 minutes to give the raid sufficient time to organize and position themselves to avoid being effected by the debuffs and skills.


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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win unique fashion!

Character Name: jonlionhart
World: Epona

SARIMAO the killer sandworm


Sarimao is the pet of Cursed Queen. Cursed Queen is the wife of King Corrupt. Theres a place inside the palace where Sarimao play and enjoy diving under the sand.

Skills of Sarimao
The killer sandworm can kill at a distance by spraying a venom at its prey or creating a sandstorm that can blind its target.
Touching the worm will cause almost instant death and tremendous pain.

RASMUS the corrupt King


Rasmus is the husband of Cursed Queen and the most Corrupt King. He is the leader of the Reavers.

Skills of King Rasmus
The King can summon undead endlessly that will help him in battle. He can use his axe with devastating attack that will tremble the ground and
can create earthquake. Attacking the King will cause terror and tremendous pain.

OIDCHE the Cursed Queen


Oidche is the wife of King corrupt and the leader of the Liches.

Skills of Queen Oidche
The cursed Queen can summons minions that walk towards her and heal her when they reach her. She can use energy shield to protect her and will recharge if she got hit. The Queen can summons four copies of herself when she loses a quarter of her life.
Attacking the Queen will cursed and cause tremendous pain.

This is my entry in this competition...
Hope you like it!!!
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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win unique fashion!


Boss name: Hydra

AOE: (triple trouble) a move where it slams all 3 heads on the floor doing 15,000 damage in total, each head does 5k damage when it does this move.

Attack: (power scratch) the hydra does a powerful scratch dealing 3000 damage to the player it is targeting

AOE: (element attack) one head breaths a poison gas to the players around it, the second head breaths a fiery flame to the players around it, and the third head breaths an icy cold mist to the players around it, each dealing 250 damage per tick for 10 seconds

My character name is : IpRoLeGeNdZz
Server: epona

Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win unique fashion!

Name: Mindreader
Server: Lugh

Corrupted Hydra: I promise I had a draft of this going before I saw other Hydra post (I had a lot to get down :D)

Theogynus the Harbinger
The Hydra precede the dragons in their origins, being formed before the elements themselves before devolving into their more containable cousins. These creatures predate even the oldest known empires, precursors even to races now extinct. However, this is no frail remnant of his kind, slinking into a dormant cave to await squabbling fools on disillusioned quests of glory and riches; this is the mightiest, most chaotic, most devastating predator that ever drew breath. This Hydra knew no limits, wreaking havoc upon the whole of nature, limited only by the frailty of his foes.
But there was one who saw this resource of fettered, but uncontrolled power; Crom, even from the depths of his dungeon, was able to weave his influence through the fabric of nature itself, bewitching the mightiest of creatures. Theogynus, so named by his ill-contained master, no longer stalks the land preying upon lesser beings; where once was indiscriminate brutality, there now is calculated force; chaos upon chaos, turning triumph to cunning, hunger to need, wandering to haunting. Theogynus, corrupted beyond natural bounds, now exists as a trophy of Crom's victories, a manifestation of insidious power, the very embodiment of chaos, hastening Crom's return in his every action. The pair have been at work at the enchantments containing chaos, Crom working from within, Theogynus from the outside, probing, forcing, tearing rents into the restraints and reality itself.
Even now, Theogynus prowls amid the growing fissures in Crom's prison, a herald of the day when his master shall be uncaged and they can finally vanquish the few remaining heroes of light driving with them the last vestige of hope into oblivion, the cradle and grave of all chaos.


Starts with 1 head, every time one gets killed another 2 grow until it has a total of 5 (then they can actually die) (body dies with final head). or we could go more traditional and start with 5 and go to 9...
I'm envisioning each head is a separate entity that can attack and be targeted. Multiple heads can target a single hero else you'd be running 5 tanks lol.
There are many different Hydra heads that can grow/regrow; no two active heads can be the same, but if one is killed, that type can regrow (otherwise random exceptions: Ancient Hydra, Undead Hydra)

Basic skills for all heads:
Bite: Does massive pierce damage to a single hero
Corrupting roar: AoE debuff, lowers heroes attack and defense
Clutching jaws: 25k damage shield, freezes 1 hero, stealing life over time, (While jaws are occupied, Bite damage on other heroes becomes crush damage and is reduced by 35% /Bite damage on trapped hero increased by 200%) (while one hero is caught in jaws, another hero cannot be caught by same head) (dispelled when shield is broken or hero dies) ("tooth" special skills can only be used on trapped heroes) (Long cooldown)
Noxious blood: upon death of a head, small AoE radius knocking back heroes, and slowing attack speed by 15% for 5s

Head Types:
Ember Hydra: (Dark red, with yellow/orange highlights/effects)
Ignite: narrow AoE cone that sets heroes on fire, dealing fire damage over time
Flaming corruption: Fire cloak deals damage when hit (while active, healed by fire (like Lavalord)), dispells ice-debuffs on all heads (freeze, ice lure etc.)
Flametooth: massive fire damage to single hero, sets ground 1m around hero on fire for 10s

Frost Hydra: (Blue, with white highlights/effects)
Blizzard: medium AoE radius that slows heroes attack/movement speed and deals ice damage over time
Freezing corruption: Shield that (rather than granting invulnerability or damaging attackers) freezes heroes when hit by them, (while active, healed by ice), dispells fire-debuffs on all heads (fire lure, etc.)
Icetooth: massive ice damage to a single hero,

Arcane Hydra:(Black with purple highlights/effects)
Vortex: large AoE radius that pulls heroes closer, dealing magic damage (proportional to how close they are) over time
Dark Corruption: Shield that blinds hero on hit (3s of unable to see or target anything), (while active, healed by magic), dispells magic-debuffs on all heads (magic lure, etc.)
Warptooth: instantly pulls a hero close, dealing massive magic damage

Venom Hydra (Dark green with light green effect (kinda like the new fash fart-effect))
Acid spray: wide AoE cone that poisons heroes (small damage over time, but long lasting)
Toxic Corruption: Shield that on hit gives heroes debuff lowering damage by 20%. Heroes that die with debuff active resurrect on max curse.
Venomtooth: deals massive poison damage to a single hero, giving debuff; if any other hero attempts to buffs the effected hero, they also get damaged/receive debuff

Ancient Hydra (Always first head, does not regrow) (Gold, no effect)
Awakening: large AoE radius that reduces movement speed to 5% (not attack speed though) for 15s, deals significant crush, slash and pierce damage to all heroes in area (only used on first hit; does not use again)
Scarred scales: reflects 50% of incoming crush/slash/pirece damage
Hammertooth: deals massive crush/slash/pierce damage to single hero

Undead Hydra (Spawns last/rage*) (Silver with black effect)
Resurrection: respawns all adds (not other heads, and only the immediate adds; you can't pull other mobs into this effect)
Corrupt Regeneration: heals all heads over time, dispelled only upon death of undead hydra
Corrupted bite: dispells all buffs on a single hero, prevents that hero from being buffed (of buffing) for 30s. If a hero dies with debuff, they resurrect with max curse. (skill cooldown halves every use)

*If rage, Undead Hydra will spawn, but will not count to the total of five heads, and can spawn again if it is already active;
rage on last head (Undead) so ANOTHER Undead head spawns;
OR if rage before the last head, Undead head will spawn AND if they still make it to the last head, it will still spawn an Undead head.

Edits: Clarity/punctuation
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Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win unique fashion!

Something that's always sounded interesting to me is a mord difficulty level boss in a pvp area, it would be a very interesting change and it would spin the games idea of bosses on its head, as it would require not only a defencive but offensive strategy (for example we would need people to defend our tank from a rival clan if we locked). I'd also recommend designing it like prot where it has a 20 min window, so that there is almost always a rival clan fighting for it. I'd love to see a boss like that

Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win unique fashion!

Stormleaf the Fearsome
Enter the next layer of the corrupted gardens to fight this fearsome foe,
Lvl 220 6, with 2 220 5 adds,
Auto attack damage: Salt
Salt bomb, casts every 10 sec a 5star add is alive, 15k salt to everyone in the area. Unresistable except from tier 16 offhands which add 200 resist
Replenish, to stop players from zerging this 10m hp boss. After 10mins it will have a 2m heal per tick.
Requires 60 tier 8 offhand players, or 8 tier 10 tier 16 offhand players.
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