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Re: Get Creative! Design a Zone!

TerrorTeddy wrote:
OsheenPowell wrote:I know im being critical but can someone make a mid lvl like 100-160 zone instead of going straight to end game, we want new zones too ya know lol

I didnt add any lvls to mine, feel free to imagine ;)

My area is 160+ :p

Re: Get Creative! Design a Zone!

Elfylolz wrote:
TerrorTeddy wrote:
OsheenPowell wrote:I know im being critical but can someone make a mid lvl like 100-160 zone instead of going straight to end game, we want new zones too ya know lol

I didnt add any lvls to mine, feel free to imagine ;)

My area is 160+ :p

Good man! ;)
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Re: Get Creative! Design a Zone!

Manannán's Palace

As Manannán stands in his palace, a palace of turquoise and gold walls. surrounding him was none other than Fomoire. The Fomoire are fierce beings from an unknown dark desolate realm. Beginning to inch twards the son of the sea. Manannán draws his sword, on the outside he displays a stern battle hardened demeanor. In his mind he is terrified the Fomoire are monstrous looking creatures with a folly for killing and creating mischief. Out side Manannán's palace lay amongst the beautiful lush plains and the mountainous forests beyond are the kings guards. They lay on an open field lined up waiting for the Fomoire to charge them. At this point the battle between Manannán and the Fomoire inside his court is in full swing, Manannán slashes his sword into the upper shoulder. With a smirk on his face admiring the kill he is startled when the creature didn't die, but began to shake with a magical presence and when the creature stopped moving shooting from the ground were two more fomoire replacing the one who was killed. In a fit of rage Manannán began lashing feverishly at the beasts! But for every one he killed two more were there to replace it! The battle raging outside experiencing the same thing. And as one of the fomoire takes a lunge at Manannán's back he shrieks in sheer agony, accepting his fate the son of the sea kneeled down, waiting to be struck down. His life flashing before his eyes and just as the Fomoire were getting ready to execute Manannán a group of Highlanders barged into the palace halls, one of the highlanders took aim and un sheathed an arrow launching it into the heart of one of the fomoire. And in behind him was a fireball flung twards a group of fomoire rushing twards the high landers. Manannán stood up but quickly dropped to the ground naive to the severity of his wounds. Three more highlanders rush twards him sword and shield in hand the make a triangular formation around the king. The battle raged on for what seemed an eternity. But after countless hours of holding the lines the fomoire began to retreat. And the battle had been won the Highlander's saved countless lives that day.

(Manannán or Manann'S palace is a palace of epic size with gold and turquoise being the main colors and the floors laid in marble the palace is a perfect place for a battle between the fomoire and Manannán, both have lore friendly ties together. the fomoire would be invading the palace and the highlanders in game would have to thwart the attacks and save Manannán from the evil.)

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Re: Get Creative! Design a Zone!

The Fortress of Donn

"A fortress created by the gods to keep Donn locked up so he wouldn't wreck havoc across the isle of Celtic has fallen, and it's up to the Heros of each world to put a stop to him once in for all. At the fortress outskirts, you can see Donns energy coursing throughout the fortress and emitting a dark power, that no hero who has even made it to Gelebron has seen. This new area takes the Hero throughout Donns prison cell, where he has been locked up for generations. The prison for Donn goes deeper and deeper with monsters lurking at every corner, until the hero has to encounter and destroy the god Donn himself, before he takes over the land that each hero has known. New quest lines dedicated to stopping donn from destroying each heros isle, new bosses that were created from monstrous dark energy from the bottom of the prison where Donn sits, and new gear for each hero who has conquered Gelebron and seeks new challenges. 220+ level area and the new level cap will be 260, and the final raid boss is 255, which is Donn himself. Each hero will be able to go through Donns prison cell with more dark energy seering through the cells just like gelebrons tower, and the hero will eventually have to fight Donn himself. The final boss encounter is a bit more tricky than any other boss any hero has encountered, and the boss is like no boss any hero has ever seen in their isle. Thanks for reading!

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Re: Get Creative! Design a Zone!

Kril wrote:
Curry30423 wrote:The Ancient Temple of Fallen Order
Led by Crom's right hand, general Dewain, this area is not only covered by the once great army of crom, but also by mythical beasts to keep heroes out.

Mythical chicken beasts that drop tiered chicken masks to lucky heroes, maybe?

U ruined the surprise :cry:
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Re: Get Creative! Design a Zone!

Warped souls pit!

Heroes...you have vanquished all the threats of dal riata, however...have you ever wondered how it could have been...a massive gapeing hole has emerged in heroes landing a rip in both time and space that only the worthy seem to be able to see into...the ghost of a warden protects this hole and claims it is the portal to a parralel land where the celtic heroes became corrupted by chaos...the lust for power overcame them and they strayed from the path...in this land the warden warns the greatest foes we will face will at first glance appear to be like your fellow heroes..the rogues, rangers, mages and druids all equiped with the weaponry and armour of the unholy beasts that you have fought...mordris, hrungir, efnstein, gelebron were no match for these men and women it is safe to say they are no longer your allies...

The zone will feature mobs that look like endgame players that have a chaos aura as they have been influenced by chaos, the zone will be similar to that of lirs reach and the aky will be dark with a blood moon like on that samhain event and constant rain will fall, the sight of divinity shakes these mobs at there cores. The mobs levels will range from 220 to 240 as true power hungry endgame players seek these levels. The adventurer will have no choice but to put down these twisted people however the power of divinity will be needed more than ever here and those ill equiped must pray to the gods they can convince the merchant of the land to sell wears that will greatly increase there strengths, in this parallel land you must seek out piranus in farcag castle dungeon where he is being kept prisoner by these mobs that have taken over the castle and slain lord maclir..he has knowledge of a way to bathe your equipment with the light of the divine and knows of a technique to reverse chaoses grasp temporarily to turn the mobs on eachother but such a task will not be easy the seeker of this power must not forget the land they came from..the seeker of this power must be careful not to lose there minds in the parralel universe littered with the corpses of all remaining good men and women as one of few bearers of divinity left you must fight to reclaim this land!...in the land where chaos has already won...

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Re: Get Creative! Design a Zone!

Chaotic Battlegrounds
Dearmad Valley was once home to the sovereign city of Beannaithe and secret ritual site for the disciples of Balor. With the recent revival of Balor, Dearmad Valley has sourced all of Dal Riata with chaos and corruption. An encampment now remains on the outskirts of Beannaithe's ruins. It is now up to a team of heroes to lead in the frontline against Balor's chaotic spawns.

The area/zone is dark and hazy. It takes place in a wide valley with many broken down walls and columns. Spears and flags erect from the ground. To the west is an encampment with the required non-player characters and vendors. The remaining area to the east is abundant with close-packed wondering mobs and mini bosses. There is a slight general incline toward the east.

Area/Zone Mechanics
A debuff and DoT are inflicted on all players that do not have a group member within close proximity. Idols are disabled.

Balor's Presence: Chaos resistance is reduced to 0

Overwhelming Terror: Chaos damage is continually inflicted

Mobs and [Mini] Bosses
All mobs and bosses in this area are chaos and vary from 2* to 5*. They drop 'Chaotic Essence' which are no-trade tokens that are rewarded to all players present at the kill and can be spent at the corresponding vendor. These drops are common but not guaranteed unless dropped by a 5*. There are a variety of mobs for each difficulty but only one of each difficulty will be described below.

Terror Spawn (240-245) **: These are melee mobs. They are eyes similar to what is found in Forbidden Halls but larger. They have relatively low health, low defense, moderate evasion, moderate resistances, and moderate damage.

Disciple of Balor (240-250) ***: These are caster mobs. They are mages corrupted from chaos, thus having glowing red eyes. They have moderate health, low defense, high evasions, moderate resistances, low damage, and heavy chaos/elemental damage AOE spells

Arcane Vanquisher (240-250) ****: These are melee mobs that can only be hurt by divine damage. They are large beastly looking ghosts. Their auto attack does slashing, magic, and chaos damage. They have a moderate amount of health, low defense, low evasion, no resistance, and high damage.

Commander <insert name> (250) *****: These are some of Balor's war commanders. There are 3 in the area/zone; a sword wielder, a bow wielder, and a wand wielder. They all have high health, low defense, moderate evasion, moderate to high resistance, high damage, and all cast multiple area of effect debuff and damage skills.

Nil is the only vendor in this area. He will trade various divine/chaos merchandise for a high number of 'Chaotic Essence' dropped by the mobs in the area. The cost of these items range from low tens for consumables to thousands for jewelry, fashion, and possibly armour/weapons.

Beannaithe's Hero: This is the initializing quest for a divine damage based skill tome (similar to poison weapon). Players are to complete a weekly kill-count quest to acquire all 8-10 pages. Once acquired and handed in, the players receives the non-tradable skill tome.

For Beannaithe: A weekly kill-count quest will reward players with a random page to a new skill tome. This is meant to be a grind

Targeted Players
This is meant to be a group-reinforcing area/zone for max level players. It's fun horizontal content meant to provide optional yet useful rewards for bossing.

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Re: Get Creative! Design a Zone!

Character - Anexander
World - Morrigan

The mountain keep of Gwydion the Trickster

Zone designed for end game - 215+

Concept of zone is a test for heroes from Gwydion, not combatting a monstrous and ancient evil. Different hero skills required to pass tests. Cooperation of all the classes and their skills is the goal for the players.

Entrance off of Lirs Reach at the base of a mountain.
Ramp style zone, from entrance ramp goes up to top of the mountain, Gwydions hall. The path is light and airy, would circle sometimes outside the mountain showing off a view of Lirs below. The path up would have guardians of Gwydion players must fight levels 215-220. The path would also contain traps and tricks. Such as:

- a tile room where you step on wrong tile you get a very deadly DOT effect on you. Filled with mobs the when they hit players move them back, hitting the tiles with DOT :)
- mobs that boop players off the mountain, sending them back to entrance
- trap spots, for explosions, mob spawning, etc that can be avoided using skills Hide, Camouflage and Conceal
- crystals that heal mobs ( like gele crystals ) but can be deactivated with DOT skills.
- some mobs immune different types of damage (fire, cold magic), only damaged by DOT skills, only damaged by fire, cold or magic, etc.

All leading up to Gwydions Hall for his final test, the Avatar of Gwydion. A test where a combination of skill and power will be needed to defeat the Avatar.

The zone wouldn't really be big, due to the booping, people running from zone line constantly. And meant to be fun.
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Re: Get Creative! Design a Zone!

"Town of Frozen Time"

As you explore the depths of the Otherworld, a new portal opens after the dragon cult's rituals are complete, fearing the worst coming out of the portal, you rush quickly into it, not knowing what to expect.

Once in, the portal falls apart, there is a ley stone, but it is not shining like all the other stones accross Dal Riata. You see a town ahead, with a bridge that is in the middle of collapsing, but for some odd reason, the debris in the air, and the bridge parts that are collapsing are frozen in the air, as if time was not moving. As you carefully cross the bridge into the village, there are monsters everywhere, also frozen in time. Ogres and mini dragons over populate the village, with a few humans hiding in fear, but no one is moving. You feel as if the village was in the middle of some raid, when something happened to freeze time. As you look off in the distance, you see a tiny ogre and dragon, but thats miles away, so the size of these beasts must be huge up close. The oddest part of the town is that everything is black and white, along with eveything frozen in time.

As you wonder more and more about how this town has been frozen, you see a temple, and venture inside, and come down to a basement, and see a fragment that is beaming with a white light. When you pull it out of its small pillar, coloring starts to slowly form around the area where the stone was pulled. You step back, and as the coloring comes back to the leaves on the ground, they start to move, you run out to the center of the village, and the lights radius slowly expands to the first ogre, and when he is fully unravled, he starts walking and moving around, as if it was not aware of the time he was frozen.

As you make your way to the leystone to mark it on your map, the name comes up as something only heard about in stories as a kid, one of the most dangerous areas, riddled with deadly beasts, so dangerous the gods had to freeze time and seal the town away from the rest of the world. As you shiver from the fear of thinking you released these beasts from their prison, you hear a load and terrifying roar, and see the ogre and dragon starting to move in the distance.

Re: Get Creative! Design a Zone!

Finding a new continent
The fishermen of lir have found a person sailing on some driftwood from the far continent of [I dont know what to name it. Maybe something like Gaelo or Forris] with the request for the to send their strongest warriors to their land to fight off The evil nether kings and their plans for world domination. He tells us that he is a grand wizard that managed to remove the curse placed on the continent of lir allowing passage way in and out of it in hope to find help.To go to the new continent you must be above lvl 200 to accept the quest and pay 1.5 million gold to travel there. In this new continent there will be lvl 215 and upwards (maybe up to lvl 500 or something) you can defeat the 36 nether kings and their nether god to go earn a new skill (class based) from the grand mage and a new pet from that continents king. After you defeat the nether god you can travel to the nether world in which the nether god you fought was the weakest existence. You can only enter or exit the nether world when you kill one of the nether gods anf recieve a nether key (one time use item). The nether world is an endless world full of many extremely powerful and old beings you can eitther interact with or fight with based on your allegiance. Allegiance is based on your actions in the nether world. If you kill many beings in it you become an enemy of all of its citizens if you act oeacfully with the residents you will be given the chance to become a nether[insert class] which fight for and protects the nether world. This make you hostile with the human kingdoms and you will be attacked when you enter cities.
Hopefully i didnt add too much stuff as i cut out alot of my ideas :lol: .
Thanks for reading.
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