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Re: Get Creative! Design a Zone!

-Efnisien was a prince of Gwent (said in mv)
-Land was divided in 2, Gwent and Ercing
-Airmid (able to bring back the dead (much like a necromancer!))
-Questing Beast: (Hybrid Animal) Head of a snake, body of a leopard, backside of a lion, hooves of a deer.

Level: 200-225
Bosses: Airmid The Corrupted (220) 6*, Necromancer's Soul (210) 6*
Placeholders: Questing Beast (220) 6*, Cursed Hallow (210) 5*
Mobs: Corrupted Animals (200-210), Undead Villagers (210-215), Other (215-225)
Drops/Quest: Thought it would be cool for a weapon quest (much like the ring quest in arcane).

The land of Gwent was once a very prosperous and lovely land. Airmid had a sacred fountain from wish flowed water that could bring back the dead. She gave a cauldron of such water to the royal family of Gwent. The young prince (now known as Efnisien) sought to corrupt the water to his will so that all revived would server him alone. Airmid was upset by these turn of events and sought out the young prince to reclaim the water and put a stop to his evil doings. Upon his arrival in a secluded Grove a black crow flew over the trees, The Morrigan... Thus she was doomed to fail and ran to her fountain... But the Morrigan was one step ahead corrupting her fountain. Later the prince returned to his castle bringing an army of walking dead with him. The remaining royal family and nearby subjects who hadn't pledged their loyalty to Efnisien fled east across the river Usk, creating Ercing and erecting a magical barrier sealing themselves from the world.

Through time was Airmid eventually corrupted, thus corrupting the land itself.
All that one finds in Gwent is death....

Very basic sketch:
gold boss

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Re: Get Creative! Design a Zone!

The Tomb of Manannan:

A terrible earthquake rises from the depths of the sea to shake the lands of of Dal Riata. In its wake a massive shard of blue crystal has risen from the edge of the waters, and set within, a crudely carved door marked with the runes of Crom and minions.

Enter at your own peril heroes, as you seek to explore the tomb of Manannan! The long dead Guardian of the Otherworld.

Twisting tunnels carved by the claws of unknown horrors lead you downward amongst the great pillars of crystal. You come to meet a series of chambers, filled with the statues of the forgotten dead, and the massive chained limbs of beings unknown. Thick pools of acrid water cover the floor, slowing any movement, becoming worse as their levels rise.

Be wary in this place hero, for you are not alone. As you struggle through the waters, a dark enchantment brings the statues around you to life, engulfing them in a black mist of magic and hatred. The blackened bones of the dead rise from the water, twisting themselves into hideous amalgamations of beasts and men.

You must fight your way through hoards of these creatures, breaking the chains that bind the dismembered limbs of a dead God. And once all of the pieces are freed, you must face the Lord of the Otherworld himself.

[Eight rooms formed in a circle around one central room, four containing arms, two contains legs, one containing a chest, and the final a head. Each piece takes the form of a six star boss, with a unique ability and two five star guardians. Each piece drops a part of the key needed to enter the central tomb, and a weapon, armor, or jewelry fragment. Once each piece is collected and presented at the door the tomb will open and Manannan will be summoned. Macannan will be the six star amalgamation of the previously defeated limbs, possessing each of their special abilities. When defeated, he will drop four weapon, armor or jewelry, or pet fragments. The fragments can be taken to a shop keeper to purchase a powerful new item).

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Re: Get Creative! Design a Zone!

"Underworld of lirs reach"


Deep under the soil, where no sound can escape, not even the cries of fallen heroes, lies a deep secret hidden away from dal rita for many centuries...

"It was rumoured that many heroes who ventured out on their conquest to lirs reach never returned.. yet no trace of them could be found. No bones, no footprints.. just nothing. Many citizens of farcrag castle reported these heroes going missing and no matter how hard Lord mclir and his soldiers tried they could not find them. Everyone just assumed that they had got lost in the fog and somehow wandered into the water by the dock to be consumed by the deadly water. But that wasn't it. Something else was going on. After many years all hope was lost for these missing heroes until now.. For their true reason why they were gone was uncovered.."

How it was discovered:

On one foggy, rainy day where winds were so strong, a lonely, lost rogue stumbled into lirs reach. He trampled through the land, blinded by the fog and rain, trying to look for cover. He stumbled across an old looking tavern, relieved he abruptly ran towards the door. He knocked franticly, praying to be let in. Whilst he was waiting for the Tavern keeper to unlock the door a bright, glowing light caught his eye. Soon after the inquisitive rogue heard a high pitched noise, at first he thought it was just the whistling wind.. but it was a scream. Feeling intrigued the rogue once again set out into the rain towards the glowing light. Sometime later he arrived to where the light was beaming from. At this point, luckily, the fog had cleared allowing the rogue to see clearly what was in front of him. He instantly knew was it was- the famous stone circle of lirs reach. However, the stones were not how he knew them.. for they were radiantly glowing. It occurred to him that whilst he was standing there, isolated, the soil had slowly started to glow and beam... as if it was alive. The rogue, now feeling anxious, decided he should leave... but before he even took one step the soil consumed him whole. Leaving behind no trace.. no bones.. no footprints.

Normally the soil would reform to normal to look like nothing strange had happened, yet, this time, it left a gaping whole, filling the whole area of the stone circle. And this was how the underworld of lirs reach was uncovered.

Underworld description and monsters:

This area contains mobs ranging from level 170-220. It also contains a raid boss called ùir.

Ùir description:

ùir is a creature of the underworld and forms himself from the creatures living in the soil. From close inspection his whole body is crawling with spiders, worms and even bones of the fallen heroes. He extracts the venom from the insects and uses it to attack his victims. Also, because he is also made from soil, he releases an attack which slowly suffocates his victims by absorbing them into him.

Underworld description:

The underworld lies underneath lirs reach and is accessible via the stone circle, where the magic within the stones open an entrance. This magic is what gave the soil life. It is very dark and gloomy and suffers from immense earthquakes, so heroes have to be careful of falling rocks. Heroes also have to be careful of walking through vines as all life under there is alive.. and will try to kill you.

The area itself is very claustrophobic and the walls are made from soil. There are three ley stones as this area is quite large to accommodate a raid boss and levelling areas. The area spans the whole area of the underworld of lirs reach. So on their journey heroes will encounter the rotting, now alive, remains of heroes as they pass under the catacombs. They will also encounter a nest full of spiders, who resided to the underworld after the urchaid halloween event.

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Underworld of lirs reach concept art
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Uir concept art
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Re: Get Creative! Design a Zone!

Character name silent L world fingal now to the good stuff :D faewynd ty

Airmid's grove: airmid the god of medicinal plants and healing had a grove full of plants that were meant to heal these plants were pure and this soil was never meant to be stepped on by mortal feet airmid attempted to hide her grove from mortals but she had not met the highlanders her grove had been lost since ages past but now a highlander found it but it is no longer the peaceful and beautiful grove it was intended to be the highlanders mortal body awakened forces set in the grove to protect it that only understand one thing eliminate outside threats.
The mobs inside the grove would be a mixture of plant people and the grove itself would be shaped as a maze with mobs that are green men looking that sort of look like humans the grove would supply mobs up to level 225 including a new end game raid boss (guardian of the grove) as well as her summoner airmid's disciple who would have a respawn time of 7 minutes he wouldn't drop anything except gold to each group member as he is only meant to summon guardian of the grove and act as a healer towards her, airmid's disciple would not only heal but he would also attack any foes unwise enough to dare attack the disciple of the goddess airmid there would also be 5* mobs called airmids spawn that would surround the area of guardian of the grove and rush to his aid when he is attacked if not felled first this would cause a strategic approach to the end game boss but also satisfy all our end game players who have been awaiting a new end game boss. There would also be another raid boss lvl 200 this boss would be name julep she would be a green dragon that spews the untraditional white flames not red or yellow she would have smaller green dragons and green men around her as her protectors they would protect each other the surrounding mobs would range from level 190-205 julep is fighting to protect her young (eggs) behind her these will be unable to be grabbed like the gold in mordy pit .For the mobs in this area 160-180(green mobs) the mobs would be labeled 1* grove dwellers 2* grove druids and infantry 3* grove mage and archer/ranger 4* guardians spawn these would be a mix of warriors type mobs and rogue type (with daggers or spears) the mobs 181-210 would be brown men 1* grovewood newcomers 2* grovewood sentinels 3* grovewood natives and 4* grovewood assassins 211-225 (red mobs) would consist of 1* shades of the grove 2* grove knights 3* grove casters 4* soldiers if the grove.
Most of the area is hostile but their are 4 areas in the maze that are safe and free of mobs (leystones) one is a dwelling of peaceful grove people another is an area that is too dark for the mobs to go to as they need sunlight (lit by torches) another free area would be the tomb of airmid this is where any shops/vendors would be and the 4th spot would be at the start of the grove it would be called the village of beginnings and it would have all the npcs who warn of danger never before seen or heard of ahead in the maze
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Re: Get Creative! Design a Zone!

drag0nrider27 wrote:Eastern Continent:
Far to the east a team of explorers and close friends find a land. A land thats covered in a think once lushious forest , now devoid of anything living. Above the forest towers the mighty keep of Airmid, within resting the fountain of life. The fountain is said to bring dead souls back to the world from whence they came.

But something has changed....
Long ago the land was prosporous, healthy, taken care of thanks to the fountains water that stareaned of the island in waterfalls...
The heroes have reason to suspect croms evil finger in it all....
Many belive that efnisien the necromancer sent his minions to poison the water thus corrupting the sorounding land...
can u help save the fountain?
Can u return Airimds precious land?

If you think you can head to the pier in lirs reach and find yourself a ship!

Sorry for any grammtical mistakes... i dont usualy write storys XD

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You and I chose the same god rip @muldar if stories aren't similar is this ok?

Re: Get Creative! Design a Zone!

The Unholy Risen Land of the Morrígan

After you enter the Fianna camp, Chieftain Diarmuid will tell you a story. It is a story about a dark and murky place, about exiles, and about a dangerous Goddess ruling that land. These are his words, told as a story to scare the kids, and to educate the Heroes:

"Legends say, that a true Fianna can summon a portal, so immense, it shall lead to a dark and corrupted world. This world, where no human dares set foot, is where the three sisters of The Morrígan seat on their thrones, made out of the bones of fallen Heroes. It is a swamp, created from the terrors from the human brain.
The terrain is swampy. The sky is a dark green. No sun or moon ever rises here. Mist banks flow over the murky waters, in which enormous lizard-like creatures dwell. One open place houses a small Fianna Village, but beware. These are not the Fianna from the Carrowmore Tunnels. These Fianna were exiled by their ancestors, for worshipping the Morrígan. They despise any human, and will be vile against those who dare to set foot on their lands. These Fianna are true warriors, fighting for their lives against the monstrous creatures living in these swampy lands.
The creatures dwelling in the dark are dangerous. Only experienced Heroes should set foot here, and even then it shall be dangerous for those who dare. It is said that the Dullahan dwells here, the headless horseman riding his flame-eyed horse. Whenever he stops riding, one man shall die.
The Sluagh are the roamers of the swamp. They are sinners, doomed to be a dwelling shadow forever. They come in flocks, flying between the corrupted trees. They swarm men, and the Fianna have lost many to these ruthless killers.

In a tower, deep down in the swamp, the Morrígan seat on their thrones. They rule the lands with an iron fist, destroying many who dare to step in their paths. The tower is guarded by Caorthannach, the devil's mother. This demon spits poisonous fire and shall kill anything that moves.
The hardest task for a Hero comes in the form of the tower. It is a moving Labyrinth, every trying to deceive unwanted visitors. Once the Hero has found itself a way through it, he shall have to take on the Morrígan sisters. They shall rise as one, fight as one, and kill as one. To destroy her, one shall have to kill all three of the sisters when they are weak, because the Morrígan in her merged form is a Goddess and cannot be destroyed.

It is an everlasting quest to free these lands from the Morrígan and make it their own, for the exiled Fianna. Help them succeed, and they might become an ally, willing to trade rare items for your duties. Defeat the Morrígan, and free this land from corruption!"

Map sketch (made on my ipad its a bit meh :))


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Re: Get Creative! Design a Zone!

Warden's Gates (location: blackstone cabal)
(Continuation for otherworld storyline after the 3 wraiths)

Story : Inside this door was built a peaceful and very well gaurded restplace for the wardens that have been stranded in the Otherworld, the gates were sealed that only Wardens could have access to open it, noone opens the door from the inside, but at one moment, Crom had been enraged and irritated by how this gate was very sealed , and so he casted a spell that could destroy it, and once he had destroyed the seal, he quickly opened the gates and sent in his blackstone cabal to destroy the remaining wardens that are stranded inside
Once they are all dead, crom had turned the dead into one of Otherworld's Wraiths , Shut the door of the wardens and turned it into a darkened door of chaos, and made the remaining dead wardens into the Dark Gaurdians of the Wardens Gates , which is now the Door of Chaos

And as you continue to Help the spirit of the wardens, you set foot on another journey, vanquishing blackstones, and make your way inside the Door of Chaos and swear to help free the Wardens' spirits from Crom's Chaos and send it to the heavens

Area Contains : NPC for quest Extension/Information
Other NPCs
Blackstone Cabal members that are Far worse than the ones outside the door

Frosted Healing
Lir (Android)
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Re: Get Creative! Design a Zone!

Siom wrote:Seems like u got some ideas from me xD but your welcome

Not rly. I posted 1 min after u but i was writing this about half and hour in my notebook on phone :) i just read titles when i started writing and it was only few areas named: Isle of ...

And u wrote about 1 cave im thinking about area huge like carrow with smaller area inside of it, i thought of different mobs and even boss ... not just gold boggans

Btw. Still working on describing boss :) will upgrade my post soon

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Re: Get Creative! Design a Zone!

Battlefields of Gaul

The roman war machine has reached the borders of the celts homeland. Roman Caesar has heard of the gold and jewels abundant in the celtic lands and has come to seize it for the glory of rome.
The zone is a wasteland of a battlefield, with gold mine tunnels crisscrossing underneath the areas to travel. Above ground enemy romans have lined up in phalanx formations to await celtic warriors. In the middle is Caeser, catapults, siege engines, and other monstrous war machines protect him. But he himself is no pushover, you dont rise to power in a bloodthirsty empire without being able to handle a sword and shield.
To whom does Caeser leave his treasure.... to the strongest.

I see this whole area being pvp, maybe with mining option in the tunnels. No rage timer on the boss, and groups will have to fight eachother as well as against the romans. 3 drops to the winning group, and one drop to whoever does the most damage to Caeser, regardless if in lock group or not.

For mobs above ground, I see groups of roman troops who move together and when shields are raised together are only vulnerable from the back. Large elephants with archers on their backs and catapults that have ranged attacks.
In the tunnels, pockets of gold ore to be mined and low level rock mobs to stop you from mining.
The whole zone is pvp, and open to all levels, with above ground being targeted more for high levels 200+, but the rock mobs underneath low level so even noobs can mine gold for profit. And roman ballista positioned at key spots, but only players below level 100 can use them, and they are strong enough to take out the high levels (evens the playing field a bit).

But Caeser is a world boss, no camping or timing, a horn and shout goes out to the whole server, Roman invasion!

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Re: Get Creative! Design a Zone!

Holy smokers! The bar is set so high! I'm gna lower it for all the non English speaking, non authors that yal scared away.

Far away in a realm of otherworld a large sealed gate has suddenly opened up. Looking up from the ground it doesn't look like much... But the inside holds a mighty castle. A castle divided in 2. One side of the castle is upheld by king Valdemar. The once great and loved king has gone mad from greed and jealousy . Spends his days on the throne polishing his scepter. curses everyone and anything trying to enter his vicious castle and sends his guards on anyone that tries to come near him and he's treasures.
On the other side of the castle, a fair queen has her fine establishment. Bitter and cranky. Angry with a slice of crazy. Patrolling her side of the castle with her chambermaids by her side. Doesn't mind the visit by a friendly traveler. But will not hesitate to use her magic on anyone that that interfere with the peace.
A breathtaking view over the once so great but now cursed otherworld leaves even the most dreadful warrior in awe.

Stay cool

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