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Re: Design Fishing Fashion - Win Unique Fashion

No offense but if I were an artist I wouldn't wanna be rewarded for my good ideas with items of their crappy ideas for fashion (highlander).. what kind of sense does this make? If your going to reward them, reward them with their own hard work... not with crap.

Re: Design Fishing Fashion - Win Unique Fashion

I can relate to what your saying, but in all honesty CH hails from scotland and the game is oriented around their landscape and mythology in a lot of aspects. So for an event going on during their anniversary. Highlander is a traditional garment and makes a lot of sense for the developers to use. It's not the most body and form appealing true. but that's not the point it's for fun, a contest to see fan art appreciation.
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Re: Design Fishing Fashion - Win Unique Fashion

Silvermyst and Pim Evan's Designs are two that I would love to see in the game!

Anyway, the winning entries should be added to the game in a vendor similar to the coven one!
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Re: Design Fishing Fashion - Win Unique Fashion

These are all so cool, especially that fish costume o.0?
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