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Re: New Year! New You! Competition!

New Year Resolution-
To better myself and everyone around me, and get that tattoo I've always wanted!

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Re: New Year! New You! Competition!

The past year my father died, leaving me my disabled mother to take care of as well as continue talking care of my son as a single mother, as his grandfather is truly the only father he has had. My new years' resolution is to be the woman he wanted me to be, to finish college and become a writer and artist while helping my mother straighten her life and problems out while we show my five year old all the love of art and knowledge learning has to offer. Happy New Year!

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Re: New Year! New You! Competition!

My resolution is to make a clan that helps introduce new players to the game and help them by giving them some weapons, armour, gold, etc. clan is Name Rebirth if u want to hep out.

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Re: New Year! New You! Competition!

My new years resolution is to get better marks in french and my Celtic Heroes resolution (because I have one for ch too) is to complete dl, start edl and also try to get to lvl 200. Better get started! And a happy new year to all!

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Re: New Year! New You! Competition!

My real life goal is to eat healthier and exercise more. I'm new to the game so my game goal is to learn as much as i can and to level :)

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