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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

My mount design is a dragon headed bat.

This mount design is in the style of the samhain event. It represents the samhain fears. As you can see here is the original design for this mount on the lower picture.

Next I designed the mount in colour and this is what it turned out like
(The top picture)

the mount has a 5% proc to stun the enemy for 10 seconds and drain up to 1000 HP.
The rarer the mount gets the colour of the wings would change. For example the rarest would be white.
Thank you for reading this :)
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The design finished
IMG_20140811_223701.jpg (92.98 KiB) Viewed 3175 times
Original idea
IMG_20140812_090818.jpg (21.82 KiB) Viewed 3175 times
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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

Hi i am david i would find cool something like a dragon which flys and you can ist one and some times it shoots fire that would be cool and it would be cool if it add a skill
This can be head of it
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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

Hello, I've been at a family reunion for the past few weeks, and therefore have been unable to draw.. However I've been thinking about cool mount designs :) I'll try to describe here, and upload a picture later when I can!! I haven't looked through all the entries.. So please tell me if this is duplicated.

Event: Samhain
The idea is for this mount to be a ghost/ghoul that is ridable. The ghost's shape is similar conceptually to the icon for Shroud of Spirits. The ghost is parallel to flat ground, and you ride on top of it in one of two statures (I was undecided on which would be best): The position of the Sultan Carpets and Cloud mounts, or a sort of forward-rotated position (so the hero is lying on their belly) with their arms reached forward to "grasp" the ghost (a position that may be useful in future mounts).

I was thinking that this mount would be good in chests, as since ghosts are typically invisible te camo boosts usually coming from chest-mounts would be ideal. Also, there can be lots of cool color/effect variations to this mount!

My apologies for such a hastily-written entry without a photo.. I return in 2 days and can submit a drawing then :))
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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

Name: spirit Drifter
Description: In ancient times this staff was once wielded by a member of the Red Hand. It increases movement speed by___ and increases armour by ___ and grants the user with ___ health regeneration.
Two handed
Slot: main hand
Piercing damage: 15
Poison damage: 50
Attack speed: 2900
Weight: 20

For my design I chose to draw a Samhain themed mount because I was always most exited for the halloween events. These drawings took me longer than it should have so i how it was worth it! :D

Here's a little paragraph explaining the mount and what the red hand is.

The red hand is a cult that was planning to use dark magic to to rule over the lands, their leader was an evil man called Arval and he had generals and other such ranks in his empire. Arval was also the creator of the spirit drifter mounts. These mounts were powered by the very essences of souls. In ancient times before Arval could even begin conquering brave heroes from long ago had stopped him but not permanently. They had trapped Arval and his army in a prison you can not escape. Down side is that during Samhain the undead gain power and so does Arval, which then could let them break out of the inescapable prison.
I wish my drawing could have looked more fancy but I'm not an artist
image.jpg (102.34 KiB) Viewed 3164 times

Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

So far many creative and awesome ideas but majority focus on mounts. My idea will tend to armour / mount hybrid which when it equip, it can be equip in body slot as armour. When it equip to main hand, it will turn to a mount and of course I'm assuming the new engine will make it look perfect.

I've borrow concept arts on characters from CH to elaborate my design and hope you all like it :)

For item spec, it will change due to different states as well, such as:

Armour Mode:
add def +500
add skill: Aura of Shadow Dragon that gives an aura to protect and attack enermies for 200 damage
add vit 200

Mount Mode:
100% speed
10 piece
200 poison damage
skill: Shadow Dragon's Breath that gives a 500 DOT poison damage per tick last for 60 sec

Armour Mode:

Mount Mode:
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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

The elder morrigana staff

This staff was forged in evil magic in the tomb of the dutswither catacombs, where the evil morrigan, ruler over the lands lurked.
In This staff lies a prophecy glowing in red wonderous patterns of light.
Only the bearer of this mystical staff will know its true purpose

The staff is surrounded by octopus legs keeping all good out of the evil prophecy

This staff can range from 80-100% the more powerfull the speed the more the prophecy is unwritten....

Has a proc chance to whisper the magical spells within the prophecy and make the object you are attacking to be blinded by its evilness causing it not being able to attack you for 10seconds

The more rarer the speed the prophecy becomes a lighter colour so you can read more and more and more until you truly know its purpose.... Then one day you will know why you was sent upon the beach to travel the lands and defeat monsters
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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

Ancient Celts used carriages as a means of transport.
The Blackstone members in the Otherworld have discovered a way to train kelpies to pull their newly designed war machines... Complete with defensive spikes on the wheels which hold sigils for speed and power, the Blackstone call upon Crom Cruach to intensify the effects of the speed, power and family sigils built into the carriage. The Blackstone are now one step closer to perfecting a carriage for their invasion from the Otherworld into Dal Riata. While slow and cumbersome, this powerful carriage makes up for that in power. It was stolen from the Blackstone general, Shorgen.
Attack speed: 2000
Pierce dmg: 20
Crush dmg: 20
Cold/water dmg: 15
Lvl req: 120
Speed: 60%
Adds a riposte/cloak of fire like skill that deals up to 150 dmg per hit
Proc: Trample. Order the kelpies to Trample the enemies ahead. Does up to 500 dmg per mob in a small 1m area
Proc chance: 20%
Regen: 5 hp per tick, 10 energy per tick
Camo : -15% (yes - it attracts mobs to you. Look at it. It's the opposite of stealthy

This is the second highest tier. The highest would have 80% speed and be dropped from the Chieftain Blackstone instead of the General. It would get buffs in all areas except camo - which would decrease to -30%.
Unlike the other mount designs, I have taken it to the next level by creating a model of my design.

Here is the near-complete carriage with my design plans:
Model carriage beside plans
IMG_201408126446.jpg (64.57 KiB) Viewed 3250 times

Here's photos of the final carriage:
IMG_2014081225528.jpg (27.29 KiB) Viewed 3250 times

IMG_201408126696.jpg (35.65 KiB) Viewed 3252 times

Picture of how it's ridden in next post.
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