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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

Hey I Insane here,
I wrote a mail too but idk if you get it cuz last comp i didnt get anything ^^
Since I am bad in drawing and most things that are connected with arts, i looked for a new way to join the competition. Because I am not bad in anything connected with computers i tryed the 3D modelling freeware Blender and learned it in 3 days. After hours of training and asking questions in forums I managed to create something that looks like my idea (not very good still ^^) I hope my work and time spend on learning and modelling wont be for nothing :)
here is my mount idea:
Histroical background: The main idea is that the player is sitting cross-legged on a Tombstone with a Triskele(celtic symbol for way of life) on it. The cross-legged sitting is a symbol for the old druids meditating and praying to the gods. The God who forged this mount is Cissonius the god of traders and travellers and old north-celtic god. The Tombstone is a symbol of death that comes with the connach and the triskele the symbol of hope for every member of DálRiata.

Data for the Mount:
This unique spiritual tombstone was crafted by the mighty god Cissonius who is the god of traveller and secures the curageous warriors on their way of life.
Slot: main hand
Damage: 3 slash
Slash damage: 60
Defense: 400
Health: 400
Weight: 5

Order of colour in shop

my other files are too big for more info pls pm :)

greetings from germany its 12:58 GMT+1 nearly missed end!
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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

How the carriage is ridden: (being pulled by kelpies)
Note that I drew the symbol for speed on the wheels just on this photo in a pic drawing app. When I reduced the picture quality to put them all on the forums it made it quite hard to see the symbol that was already there. If you look carefully in my post above you'll see it though.
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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

Owls, long feared and revered in celtic mythology, thought to symbolize death and the otherworld, sent to usher souls below. Now their spirits have been brought under dominion, harnessed by some mighty power, creating mighty mounts for the celtic heroes.

Could have some sort of piercing proc skill.

Not very good description, as this was sketched and written in a last minute panic in my hotel room. But you get the idea. :)

Will post pic in next post... Won't let me with this one.

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