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Re: Fan fiction Competition

The Epic Journey

One day I found myself on a warm soft beach and I looked around. I saw this rather strange man in front of me. I talked to him for a while and thats when my journey began. I fought a lot of different things such as wolves and crookbacks. I saw this HUGE wolf in front of me. I used my stealth to sneak up to it. Then I made one strike with my knife and it looked at me like I was meat. It charged at me and I tried to run but I died in the process. I woke up again thinking that my life was over but instead I find myself beside this glowing pointy stone. I traversed across this world with my ancient bow that made me dead broke. Some people asked me to join their clan. I said yes. Some clan members said there was a EASY boss in Lirs Reach. We got all geared up every single one of us and we walked to this huge boss. We were a very good group of people. We THOUGHT we had this but this big huge boss took all the hope we had. Taking us out one by one... We wanted to give up, but we never did because CELTIC HEROES NEVER GIVE UP... until they see a big dragon.

Re: Fan fiction Competition

The fallen king (Tales of Mike based on a true story)

Once upon a time, there was a warrior created by the Gods.The Gods gave this warrior a shield, armors and a sword and named him Mike. The warrior was born on the beach of Herne and was lost, He had no clue why he was sent there by the Gods. He kept walking and walking until he found a castle. Inside the castle, there were many like him. They all did not know why the Gods sent them to this place called herne and gave them tons of quest.

After years of doing all these quests and gaining experience, Mike gained many followers and decided to create a clan called RISE.But he was still in a clan called defiance, defiance did not allow him to create his own clan unless he promise the clan to pay tax and that the clan he create is under the control and power of defiance.So Mike had to obey and promised that his clan will be under the control and power of defiance. Mike waged war with a clan called the angelzofdeath . The angelzofdeath was the most corrupted clan full of thieves,murderers and pure evil. He swore to destroy the clan that murdered many of his people, especially he swore to avenge the death of his friend mageman33 who was killed by traxex the general of angelzofdeath .

After years of war, His empire successfully destroyed the evil clan and became a peaceful nation and gained its independence from the slavery of defiance. At first he did not want to break the promise, but his second in command (Godoffear) told him that he should not be controlled by others and RISE should be its own kingdom and Mike as king. The people agreed, and so Mikee was reborn as a king. The kingdom of defiance anger grew rapidly forcing king Mike to be an outsider of herne. Defiance took his people one by one,whispering the people of RISE to leave RISE and join defiance and promising wealth. RISE shrank day by day as the people left the clan because of the greed for better fortune.

After defiance went too far of abusing Mike and his beloved empire, His second in command (Godoffear) asked the great clan of infection to aid them from the people of defiance who were brainwashing the people of RISE. King Mike did not agree to general Godoffear because he wanted a peaceful nation and continue using politics to keep the peace. But after years and years, King Mike went crazy after seeing many of his elite men leaving. One day, King Mike ran away from his own kingdom without notice. General Godoffear became king and was furious about Mike, Mike made a plan so that the people can stay with him forever. The plan was for everyone in RISE to join the rich kingdom of infection and after absorbing the wealth of infection, then reunite as RISE again.

This caused a civil war of RISE, destroyed its own kind because of disagreement. In the end many of the people joined the clan infection and the ones that can not join, they joined defiance or made their own clan and never return again to the fallen kingdom of RISE. King Mike has fallen and never seen again.

Part 2 (Additional story) the Revenge of the king

After years of the disappearance of the fallen King, people wonder what happened to the fallen king. The fallen king hides in shadows using another identity. His heart is burning with the taste of revenge, he wanted to destroy the kingdom of infection. The kingdom of defiance was destroyed by infection but some of the people managed to escape and became rebels. The new defiance was called clan Regime. King Mike saw an opportunity to destroy the clan infection, he gathered all the loyal men who followed him until the very end to create a new clan called Equalists. He wanted to make the world herne equal and end clan infection's monopoly,Infection monopolized the world.

King Mike wanted to make clan Regime powerful so that he can destroy the kingdom of infection and die peacefully. He used his clan Equalists as a support to help regime to regain its strength. He gave hope and hold the lines for the return of regime. After sometime now, Regime gained its power under the command of timmyturner. The fallen king Mike's mission is now complete, he can now retire peacefully seeing infection being suffer from civil war wanting them to feel what it feels like, the pain and suffering from civil war.

The tale of the fallen king shall move on and his legacy shall continue. ONE DAY HE SHALL RISE AGAIN.
Have fun by God's will

Re: Fan fiction Competition

I Know right curry xD he left and made fun of rise even though it was his and made a stupid and ridiculous stupid clan .-. Mike don't try changing things
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World: Herne

Re: Fan fiction Competition

Mikeetari wrote:The fallen king (Tales of Mike based on a true story)

King Mike went crazy after seeing many of his elite men leaving. One day, King Mike ran away from his own kingdom without notice. General Godoffear became king and was furious about Mike, Mike made a plan so that the people can stay with him forever. The plan was for everyone in RISE to join the rich kingdom of infection and after absorbing the wealth of infection, then reunite as RISE again.

The tale of the fallen king shall move on and his legacy shall continue. ONE DAY HE SHALL RISE AGAIN.

I did not change things, look. It says Mike went crazy and left his clan. He made a plan so that the people would stay with him forever. He only wished for loyalty.
Have fun by God's will

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The serene breeze of the wind at sunset caressed Adelon as he offered Mursalavic some ale.Suprisingly,Adelon was quite tall and oafish like a Highlander,and yet he was one of the best thieves in Dal Riata.Mursalavic on the other hand,was short and stout, but he was one of the most feared and praised warriors who ever lived."I'm not sure if we're going to be fast enough"Adelon muttered,twiddling with the object that was the kingdoms only hope.."The Firbolgs won't be able to even blink when we swiftly pierce their hearts" said Mursalavic through a hefty swig of ale.The night was beautiful,almost mesmerizing.Awed,the two heroes enjoyed their last moments in Highshore Village,for they were sure to perish."It's time" Adelon said,standing up and eyeing the castle.The Darkfell Picts destroyed everything in the land and claimed it as their own,leaving nothing but starving dogs.Until the Firbolg came.The Firbolg destroyed the Picts,leaving not a trace of the demonic race.Mad with power,the Firbolgs fought for the honor of chief.Almost all of them died,leaving the 5 survivors plenty of spoils from Quigley,the holder of the most powerful items known to man.But there was one ethereal, immortal merchant wandering the land,looking for a hero.When he found Adelon and his companion,he did not hesitate to gift them the only item that could defeat the menacing creatures.The Frostfang.All of the darkness and misery flashed through our hero's minds as they stormed the castle.Caught off guard,the Firbolg were stunned as Mursalavic lunged and plummeted the Frostfang deep into one of their hearts.The Firbolg screamed in agony,and withered into nothing.In a
powerful sweeping blow Mursalavic was cleaved in half,dropping the frostfang within the monsters grasp.In fury,Adelon charged from his hiding spot and threw a smoke bomb.Coughing and disoriented the monsters saw nothing but the glow of ice as their being disintegrated to nothing.The smoke cleared and the remaining Firbolg was none other than the chieftain himself.Adelon gazed at him with piercing eyes and cast fast reflexes while the Firbolg charged.Adelon leaped into the air and savagely destroyed the foul being in a matter of seconds.Adelon paused.He heard many footsteps.Thinking fast,Adelon played dead.The voices of none other than the elite warriors of the Otherworld brought joy to his exhausted body.With what little strength he had,he called out for the warriors and did the most unexpected thing.He smiled.For he knew,a new age was coming.An age of hope.

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The start of a heroic journey
A flash of light and I remember the row of disturbingly gigantic fangs about to swallow me... but then my eyes fly open and I sit up in my small rowboat and look around and think ‘’I can’t remember anything’’! Then I spot a man limping towards me with dazzling armor, he walked straight up to me and said ‘’are you the hero we have been waiting for these many years’’? I pondered his question and then answered ‘’I do not know who I am, where I am from, or if I am the hero that you wish me to be, but I do wish to be that hero. Firstly, who are you and where am I?” The man boomed ‘’my name is Brennan and this land is Dal Riata’’.’’ We were invaded by grotesque monsters such as pics, dragons, evil eyes, assasins, skeletons and many more dark and power full creatures led by Queen Mordis The Great Dragon’’. I told him I was prepared to be taught all he knew.

Brennan taught me how to fight and kill the dark creatures. He taught me a great move with my dagger named Rend which would slowly weaken my opponent for a small amount of time sort of like poison. Brennan said ‘’good luck hero and stay safe my friend you will do well’’ and with that he sent me to the castle to find King Maclir. On the way to The King I had to fight terrible foes such as wolves, tar barrels and the brethren of darkfell pics, the flambringer! Finally I reached The King, who taught me more extraordinary moves; such as a way to hide from monsters and then destroy them with a powerful combo. Eventually The King taught me all he knew and told me to carry on my journey to Crookback.

When I reached the humongous yet horrifying cave there was a woman outside. I went up to her and explained that the king had sent me. She studied me then muttered’’ if you wish to learn my moves you must prove to me that you are worthy by killing the goblin creatures’’. I soon learned the move and then ran the hoard of monsters from Crookback. It happened like this for a while, mysterious men & women would give me quests to complete and then teach me a move to help me in my journey. Then one day, I came across the strangest man of all.
The man was standing in a great canyon carrying a spear. He announced ‘’if you wish to pass into the land of darkness and battle in the great war also known as Shaelmont, you must kill the guards’’. When I attempted to kill one of the guards, I found that he was much harder than the others I had faced. I then realized that Shaelmont is not a walk in the park but a whole new world filled with extreme dangers.
World: Danu
Named: Thebeast1221
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My level may not be that high but I have played for a long time on many accounts so if you need help PM me:)
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Re: Fan fiction Competition

A trip to glory world

I never thought it would end like this.
No wife.
No kids.
Nothing to live for.
I must survive for my clan!
Quickly as i could, I castes a restoration potion, and used shield wall, desperately trying to survive this fight.
Oh,no! Necromancy used his aoe, our best dps is dead!
But oh, what is this? A lvl 150 has just used sol on him! I was mean to this little guy... And he just saved us the fight! He quickly started healing everyone, and we were back on track! Oh, no! My combonation lixr has expired! I have no more!i quickly fumble through my backpack? And realize all of my lixrs are in the bank! I had saved room for the drops! I quickly bought another combonation Lix, aware that I might cost us the battle! Then, i glimpse hope in a special rogue. He runs in, dominating all the adds, and,more importantly, the boss! Then, now, a Mage has come in! She attacks gracefully, aware her low armor might kill her in the middle of all the adds,and, we finally kill the boss, all the while I was mean to everyone here. I told them they were simply too noobish to help out... But maybe... Am I the noob?.... No...I can't be...I have been mean to everyone I know, and they were still nice to me... Celtic heroes is perfect without me... But they need me... And I need them! The real glory isn't dominating necro for the first time... It's hanging out with my friends,clannies,hosting tournaments...it's just a game...but it brings joy to many people...I have no honor in grinding,solo camping, all that. The only honor... The only glory is bringing joy to people, helping, hanging out,

The best glory is not battle glory, yet joy. I have truly found glory world.
Lilpinkypie: "why do you care about leveling? Just have fun"

Credits:writer/thinker:loco cola
The glimpse of hope:smelly under
The level 150druid:regeinleif, for his helpfulness,and courage of helping others, without reward, and just bein a hell of a friend til the end
The Mage:airees
Told from the eyes of TerminNater,a true tank
Dedicated to my old worlds: danu, and attains, and the clan I was once in,nitro, which has a higher honor now as honour!

Re: Fan fiction Competition


As celtic hero i wanted to show
Who to be and what to know
In a short poem, like heroes befo'

A mage with age can serve you well.
Able to counter any spell
Will you choose a special with fire? Or ice?
A mage with both is just as nice

A druid is fluid
They give health from nature
It is their pleasure
Every clan needs one
They are a treasure


if you are shy or just damn sneaky
A rogues for you cos they're freaky
They can do the coolest things
Being a celtic hero brings

A. Ranger has a ranged attack
Not in the middle, they can stand back.
They got loads of skills to take the flack.
Take no damage if kiting is on track.

Well, Cronus, gastor, polgrot or enteron
These bosses help you get your armour on.
Give you more skills and improve your magic
Do as a group or it will be tragic

Some stuff needs to be done each day
Gives potions, good xp and gold pay
Then you can buy and sell along the way

In the castle duels can be done
You can choose, but lose if you run.
The arena is meaner but can be fun,
More so when you know each one.

Celtic heroes have giveaways and prizes.
Celtic fashion in hero sizes

So this is the start of a story
Of a celtic hero fighting for glory.

With clans to be formed and freinds to be made
Enemies to engage and waterfalls to wade
Pirates to pillage and chests to trade
The End ..is a hard word to.....say'd!

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