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Re: Fan fiction Competition

A Druid and Dragon-499 words(I think)

I woke up dazed, with pains littering my body; a memory entered my mind of the previous day, the trials of the dragon slayers, of course! The dragon slayers tested all when they turned 16. And today I would receive the results. I decided it might be time to eat, and I resolved to get up. About an hour after, I heard a knock. “Come in.” I said. The healer of the slayers stood in the door. “Follow me.” He said. I stood up and followed. When we stopped, I stood in front of the council. “We have decided on your fate, indeed, you are…different, than most, you seem to have a way with animals, and for that, you have a special fate.” Said the Warrior. “Follow me.” I followed the council into a dark room, full of blue stones. “These,” said the Mage of the council, “are the eggs of the dragon Aggrogath, which we stole from the beast’s hoard. Regenleif has informed us that they are won’t hatch unless a worthy hero stands before them, we believe that may be you.” I stood in awe as the eggs hummed faintly. I walked up to one and touched it gently. The moment I did, a great iciness spread through me. A great light blinded me. When I could see again, a beast of blue color stood in front of me, it looked like Aggrogath. Of course! It was a baby dragon! I stood there staring at the dragon, it burped up a fire burst and smiled.

Three years later…..

I sat upon Glasygalon’s back; we stood at the entrance to Carrowmore Tunnels, where the mother of all dragons rested, Mordris. We walked in to meet our fate. We came to the chamber where the dragon stood. We strode in, and the beast sat up in its hoard of gold. Saw us, stood up and growled. Quick as lighting the beast struck out. But Glasygalon was prepared. She jumped back and avoided the blow. “Take to the skies!” I yelled. Glasygalon leaped into the air and began to flap her wings, but simultaneously, Mordris began to fly, taking up most of the room. We got to action, spewing fire towards the breast of the beast. But the attack was useless, and Mordris returned with her own fire. I fired spells with little effect on the beast. “It’s useless!” I yelled, “Land, I’ll fight this on the ground.” I jumped off the back of my dragon, pulling out the idol and book of a dragon lord as I did so. The dragon glared at me. I called upon the power of nature. Great bonds grew around the dragons legs. I raised the weapons and spoke the words of the great dragon slayer spell. The dragon’s eyes dimmed as the spell struck. The dragon collapsed, and I fell with exhaustion. As I took my last breathe, I looked up, and smiled at the dragon above me.

Good luck too all, I've enjoyed reading all the stories!
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Re: Fan fiction Competition

Humans,you've changed nothing !

It was a simple day just like all the others. No one suspected it to end like this... But i guess you never know what is waiting for you down in carrowmore right ?
In the morning everything was like usual : raids in tribal tunnels, little fights in arena with weaker opponents,fun with clanmates in the tavern - well you know what people with dragonlord stuff,bored of their might do every day dont you ?
Boggans couldn't even do anything against so many dragonlord and and bone weapons (which have actually been taken from boggans themselves). Krem-Nor-Borok and Bor-Ag-Valon have fallen within seconds. Then it was the spiders turn. It died within seconds too, since it was just a minion of the great spider queen Ulrob. Then it was Sreng's turn. Sreng died slower than his allies did ( well no wonder with so much fat and muscles) but eventually he fell down on the ground after a mighty strike of a dragonlord dagger (wielded by Cranshaw as far as i remember, though my memory gets worse and worse over time so cant be sure) . But before he died he shouted the following words : Humans , you've changed nothing ! U will be sent to the grave faster than you think ! Mordris will come for you !
-We'll see about that mate - said i and landed the final hit on the defeated giant,after which he shut his mouth forever.
Then we,the solitaire clan, started searching the cave for gold and ancient artifacts. Suddenly our search was interrupted by an earthquake. A fearsome roar could be heard somewhere from the deep. Everyone felt curious. We went to the place where the sound was coming from. When we entered a huge cave at first we thought tht we were in a dream- it was full of various treasures: magical blades and shields,helmets,chests(wonder what's inside them) and , of course, tons of gold. But then we saw the owner of that great treasure hoard - a huge red dragon who's name was Mordris as far as i understood from Sreng's last words. Of course we tried to kill the dragon , but with no success. Those who didnt have the mighty dragonlord armour died fast (glad i wasnt one of em ). The rest barely escaped. My armour was hot to touch, no wonder those with no dl got set on fire so quick. All the survivors were thinking different things about this failure, but i bet if put all their thoughts together they would sound like this : a great challenge is waiting for us...
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Re: Fan fiction Competition

All my life they told me I'd do great things. It's hard to see a future when you can hardly afford the food on the plate in front of you. I worked where they would give me work, but it wasn't enough. I couldn't pay the taxes, so they lit my house.
They saw me as garbage and treated me no better. I couldn't put up with it any longer. I stole gold from a noble's home. He was flesh and blood and so were the people, but for some reason he saw himself above us. He ate like a cow when a few blocks away there were shacks full of starving people.
I was staring at the wall at a local pub. Across from me, I overheard a man talking. He said," let's leave this dying city. I've heard stories of a land full of adventure and opportunity. Tomorrow i am setting sail. Even if the stories are fairy tale, it can't be any worse than here."
I walked over and offered everything i had in exchange for ferry. You asked about my adventures? this is a story of how i came to be here, however I will tell no tales of my adventures. If i did, you wouldn't believe me. I can hardly believe them myself. Though, I will tell you this. Everyone who said I'd amount to something was right. One day when i am gone, glasses will be raised in memory. when my name is spoken, hats will be removed. They will write songs about me. I will be remembered as a Celtic Hero.
Good job celtic heroes!

Re: Fan fiction Competition

<498 words>
The Rise of Fingal
He was dying.
That was no surprise. Everyone died eventually. But this was not the way he had imagined it. The coming blackness, the numbing pain, the feeling of finality. But, as his strength was exhausted by his constant healing of all the mages, rogues, warriors, rangers, even some druids like him, he felt satisfaction. How many had he saved? The great battle between Humans and Boggans was nearing a close. He watched as the battle raged on. Oblivious to the dying man. But, as he watched, a druid, his name Elder Brommer, Came close. In between the pain, the darkness, this druid slipped a small item in his hand. He felt the inscriptions, the delicacy of the enchanted silver. It was an Idol ar aiséirí, a Resurrection Idol. He clasped it and spoke the words all heroes were taught in training. Suddenly, The Idol disintegrated in his hand. A feeling of unspeakable energy came about him. He rose from the pool of blood around him, and a cry of fury ripped itself from his lungs. He charged into battle, ignorant of his health and energy, oblivious to the pain coming from Boggan sorcery, with only one mission. He must slay the grand chieftain. He slew hundreds of Boggans with his might staff, hundreds more with his lightning, vines, and poisonous insects
But one man is not enough
The Boggans were dying, but so were men. He, in his fury, forgot his duty. As a druid, he must heal. He cast a frantic look over his allies. Many were nullified. He made the decision. He sprinted over to a group of injured mages. Speaking the enchantment under his breath, he cast his powerful Natures Breath upon them. They looked up, joy on their countenance. “Thank you” a woman said her blond hair sticky with blood.
He nodded in acknowledgement, and continued.
Time felt as though it had stopped. Oh, the battle continued, but it felt slow, even stagnant at times. He was almost always out of energy. Even with his powerful regeneration rings, he still could not always heal. Even the Boggans looked tired. But that soon changed. A powerful war horn echoed throughout the tunnels, reaching every man or beast. The Chieftain had arrived.
Riding a Boggan Warbeast, the chieftain wore the armor scraps of all who he killed. A wave of fresh fury shot through the druid. From a fold in his robe, he pulled a small vial of the rare speed elixir. He took a sip. A massive amount of pure energy coursed through him. He felt as though he could run faster than a faerie. He ran at full sprint. Boggans flashed by. He approached the chieftain. The chieftain loomed over him. The greatest Boggan raised his club he began a war cry, but it stuck in the chieftains throat. The hilt of a staff sticking out of its stomach.
The druid's name was shouted across the battlefield

<End of story>

Thanks for reading this far! I am Himenletsgo from Sulis. The Lycans rock. Goats. An one more thing. I made this up. Fingal is a lot better than this.


Re: Fan fiction Competition the invasion

[quote="Ke$hakool"]I was a child when the darkness came over dal rail. rumors spread like wildfire that great evil was rising. The day of the raid, a army of two thousand stormed our beachs of Dal Riata ravaging everything; as if infecting and destroying all in its path. I was lucky,at this time I had been selling my wears within the castle, then the sky turned grey. like a ghost,the smoke danced through the clear blue skies, and within minutes the sun was blocked out, soot falling upon everything, like a blanket.struck with panic the people began running in all directions, castle guards directing people to safety, knowing that many of them would perish. i was only 12 at the time no mother or father around I didn't know what to do but cry on the soot covered castle floor and then, a soft touch fell upon my shoulder, and a voice as soothing as summer wind said to me"rise my dear we must go now"; and as I looked up at her the sun broke though shattering the smoke, blinding me all I could see was her oceanic blue eyes and I knew I was in the protection of a Mage.we left the castle only to see the village was ablaze and the people in chains my family in chains;everyone injured as crimson blood fell from all parts of there body. Passing out my vision blurred and all I heard was the shouting from the villainous minions of the once great magician Gelebron. what once was just a legend became real no longer a scary story told to children to get them to sleep. now realizing everything about Gelebron was real. then i awoke from the darkness in my mind with a druid who's hands glowed white, with eyes of gold staring down at me in sadness as I arose i looked around and i stared up at the ceiling which was not solid... but water; snapping back into reality, the terror set in and as far as I knew: everyone in Dal Riata was dead and with the Mage who saved me staring intently at me as if I were to fade back into the darkness,forcing me to put the pain in my stomach aside, I looked at her and said with utter importance, to train me in the way of mages so that I may one day avenge my people and bring back light to the land of Dal Riata . I knew it would be hard seeing how I was not born with the blood of a Mage, but a heroes journey to greatness is always hard but the rewards of friendship and the impact you have on the people around you, is the greatest reward anyone could receive. I say this to the remaining people of Dal Riata in hopes that they find courage to rise up against this force and bring back hope for future generations. This is not the end it's only the beginning.[/Dal ral?]

Re: Fan fiction Competition


Esquilax collapsed on the ground, utterly exhausted. He curled up into a ball, gasping in pain, waiting for the overwhelming sensation that was searing his body to abate. When he finally recovered, he half-crawled half-walked under the shade of an old and gnarled oak and leaned against its thick and cool trunk.
It was a hot and drowsy day, full of the smell of bracken. Perched on their trees, birds were singing, proclaiming summer's arrival while amongst the hollies and the hawthorn bushes, rabbits ran, scattering through the flora. The sky was of a deep blue, deprived of its billowing mass of clouds and the sun shone with such vehemence it would have shamed summer afternoons.
The young boy closed his eyes and he was slowly transported back to the events of the past two days. His village Hishore had been attacked by Darkfell Picts, minions of Crom Cruach – a sadistic and power-hungry tyrant bent on enslaving all of Lir’s reach. The aftermath of the battle had been devastating for although they had won the battle, the ground had still been soaked with the blood of both parties. The wounded had been carried away to the healing tents, where they had been attended to by the village's druid Wulver the Healer, aided by Esquilax.
The boy, who was apprenticed to the druid, had developed a small reputation for herblore. When he went into town, he was called on to minister to minor injuries and sicknesses. It was at an early age, while exploring the Cadarn forest – high up in the Northern Peninsula - that he had stumbled upon a very rare flower, the Erris, thought to have gone extinct during Crom Cruach’s reign. Aided by Wulver, Esquilax had learned how to turn the flower into a magical healing paste that had required the drying of the flowers under a full moon. He always carried the paste in a jar that he carefully conserved in his backpack in case of an emergency. But the colossal amount of wounded soldiers had depleted his reserves and he had been urgently sent into the Cadarn to gather a sack-full of the flower. The full moon was tomorrow night, the life of Brennan the Mighty, Lir’s Reach’s strongest and most experienced guard depended on him for his wounds had festered faster than the others and he had still to worry about the returning journey. The determined young boy had run all of yesterday and this morning, resting only once and finally, exhausted from the trek, could carry on no longer.
Esquilax snapped out of his reverie, and slowly got up. He had little to go yet his body was screaming to stop - falling into the arms of Morpheus was very enticing. A gentle breeze swept through the trees brushing lightly against his face and he instantly felt better for it was here in the Cadarn Forest, under the watchful gaze of the trees that he truly felt at home.

To be continued...

- The protagonist’s name Esquilax is dedicated to OTM employee Esquilax – a big thank you to this hard work with the Android Beta.
- Wulver the Healer is a reference to OTM Wulver.
- And as always, a big thanks to OTM for not only hosting this competition but for creating such a enjoyable game. Enjoy !
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Re: Fan fiction Competition

It's been a long time since i first stepped on that beach. I was very inexperienced then, as I was a new ranger who didn't know much about the land and styles of fighting. I met Brennan, and he set me off on my journey. The wolves, outlaws, skeletons, and other enemies of lir were easy, compared to what came from the Connaught. Slowly i progressed, killing them each one at a time, but they were countless, as soon as one died, another would take his place. I soon discovered a path through the rock which led to another land, this one seemed cursed. The animals behaved oddly, and there was a new threat; faries. I was overwhelmed by them at first, but then i killed one. I was overjoyed, but seen learned of a bigger threat; Crom Cruach( sry bout spelling). He, supposedly was a very different type of enemy, a god. Fighting him would have been fruitless and wasteful, so delaying him was the only thing to do. After learning from some druids that i needed to collect disks to weaken him, i set off for them, only to find that the enemies that carried the disks were too powerful for me. Luckily for me, I was invited to join a clan and, with the clan, took down all of the enemies. As I gave the druids the disks for safekeeping, they gave me armour, which was better than my older one. When i put it on, I felt stronger and better able to fight. Those druids then told me of an even stronger armour, for which I had to collect pieces of stars. The enemies that held those pieces were even more overwhelming compared to the bosses that held the disks but the clan took them down too. After getting the new armour, i started to fight ghosts. They were hard, but I overcame them. One day, i stumbled apon a group of men and women. They told me of an even more powerfull armour, which was frozen to protect from lava burns. The clan was a little short on man power for those bosses that dropped the items needed for the frozen armour, but we managed to kill each one and I got the frozen armour. This armour was great. Now I could fight dragons and fire horses and easily beat them. One day. An earthquake shook Lir, and an underground sewer system was discovered, along with a pirate cove and a land filled with the Fianna, a warrior race. The Fianna held an even more powerful armour, which they would trade for items. These items were found, after a lot of searching, to be on extremely powerful bosses. These bosses were taken down by 2 clans, ours was one. The other clan was stronger than us, but couldn't kill the bosses either. After weeks of fighting, i finally got the items for the Dragonlord armour. This armour both strengthened and rejuvenated me. The clan's next objectives are Mordris, Efnisien, and Ganarak. These enemies are the most powerful out of all the other enemies. But they wont last long under the onslaught of our clan.

( This isnt part of the story but my in game name is Kodiakill in Belenus. Lvl 60 rogue)
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Re: Fan fiction Competition

The Protection of Beltane.

As I struck down a golem with one last strike of my candycane, given to me during the cold clutches of Yule, I breathed a sigh of relief. "Finally!" I said, as I used the rest of my willpower to teleport to Highshore Village. When I finally got there, I glanced around, looking for one of the elusive fairies. One darted by, and I ran towards it, willing my strike of lightning to work.

I grunted with the effort of running and casting, but the fairy finally died, spazzing out as tendrils of electricity sent it to the ground. I looted it and smiled, thinking maybe the evil doers wouldnt fully ruin Beltane, but I had thought so to soon. As I fully stood, all the while realizing that I had traveled near the Southern Pass, I was knocked down by a harsh blow.

"Gah! What-?" I glanced around, all the meanwhile sending out a telepathic message to my clan, "Aged 100 bringer of Evil has awoken!" They arrived, and a harsh battle ensued. It was one of the four brothers, given the powers of Evil itself. We dodged, casted, and fought hard, until a hand of Death, died. I was handed a piece of his jewelery, and as I slipped it on, I said,

"We will not allow Beltane to be ruined."

(I realize mine is not the best, but I wanted to try! :D)

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Re: Fan fiction Competition

Based on a true story...
Away from homeidk how many words lol im too lazy to count XD
Once upon a time, I was a little mage, by the age of 15, after I learnt the basics of mage battle, I decided to step out of Farcrag castle, I thought i was ready to take on the world, but I was wrong...

I asked Eustace the scout about the places I can go to, and he kept talking about the compass, I ignored him and asked him again about the places I can go to, he told me that theres a village named Highshore village to the east...

As I went there, I found a small pack of wolves and I decided to hide near the bushes, somehow a brown rabbit saw me hiding and he was staring at me, I tried to scare him off, and the wolves saw me and they chased me, I hid near Broon the mage, and he called a huge storm of fire and wiped them all out! How amazing! He taught me a few things, including how to make a huge shield of energy, I thanked him then I saw a blacksmith, he didn't tell me his name, but instead he gave me some armor and weapons...

I stepped out Highshore and I found a weird creature, in the shape of a horse, a flaming dark horse, called Nightmare...
I ran away and he chased me into the village, then i remembered what Broon taught me, I used my energy shield spell and cloak of fire, then the Nightmare broke my shield with one hit, then out of nowhere, when I was near death, huge icicles fell from the sky, killing the Nightmare, I didn't know from where that came from, then I continued my journey to explore Lir's reach...

I saw a pack of orange looking wolves, they chased me, I ran as fast as I can, soon then I bumped into their leader...DoomClaw, he tried to eat me alive, then from no where, smoke came, blinding Doomclaw, luckily I was closing my eyes...then a rogue came in and in a blink of an eye, he chopped off Doomclaw's head.

I ran away because I thought he would kill me next, I was wrong...instead, he gave me a tome named...Firestorm!
I studied it under a tree for several hours, I tested it on wolves, and while I was sleeping, an arrow was on top of my head, I
Quickly woke up, it was...Flintblade Bandits!

They were a lot, then I used firestorm, I thought i killed them all, but from the ashes of the dead bandits, he came...Harry flint!
I tried using firebolt...he blocked it, I tried using energy shield, he pierced through it, suddenly, he ran to me, I had a little dagger, I stabbed him...my dagger got inside him, he swung his sword against me and I crouched then I took my dagger out of him and stabbed his face...

And then I decided to go back home, and never step out of farcrag castle again,
The End...
Alternate ending(doesn't count):
I decided to climb up the cliff, then I slipped, from nowhere, a huge skeleton hand picked me up...
I was scared and ran away, I saw someone, I wanted to talk to him, but he had pointy ears, a big nose and green skin, he took out an dagger and tried to stab me, then an arrow got in his stomach, and he died, I thanked the ranger that helped me, but she didn't tell me her name, I wanted to go into the cave nearby, but that ranger warned me, I stepped back, and returned to farcrag castle...

(Btw, the nightmare part...when I saw him i went to castle courtyard and I was saying: 'I SAW A NIGHTMARE!!' Lol...)
But when I reached crookback, i realized it was behind the castle -______-
Ok, so you better not tell me its more than 500 words XD
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Re: Fan fiction Competition

My story: once upon a time, there was a rogue named curry. He wore full white sunbound fashion and a spooky white hunter top. He was op. He was, is, and will be awesome. THE END! Hope u liked it._.
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